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FARR Plugins and Aliases / Need easier way to get plugins
« on: June 08, 2008, 12:32 AM »
I really miss the days when most plugins came with the FARR2 alpha. There at least needs to be an easier way to get all the major ones.

Right now, I have to manually download the DcUpdater, click Recheck, and then Right click on every single plugin that I want to install.

If nothing else, at least add a simple way to download/install all plugins listed there in one click.

Also, FARR2 likes to be annoying with "Welcome to FARR" blue boxes in the bottom right of the screen. At least make them go away quicker.

Finally, I'm making these critiques because I generally find FARR to be the best thing around, but I have to set up a lot of PCs, so these speed bumps in the way of getting things running smoothly effect me often. Thanks!

Very exciting times for people who love to install applications easily with the power of FARRv2 and GetIt.
The newly released Appupdater is now supported by GetIt. http://www.nabber.or...projects/appupdater/

Not only does that mean that the list of applications you can easily install is growing drastically, this new application-getter also has the exciting feature of checking all your installed programs for updates, and upgrades them for you!

Of course, FARRv2 users have easy access to this feature, just by typing "installupgrade". With FARRv2 now being public (yay - finally!), there's no excuse not to make your life that much easier.

>0.37 (December 22, 2007)
-Now supports Appupdater!
-Added support for Appupdater in misc locations
-Added parameter: upgrade (upgrades with all engines that support it, which is currently only Appupdater)
-Parameter 'update' can be used instead of typing 'updatedb' now, same functionality
[FARRv2 Alias]
-Added 'installupgrade' command, to call 'upgrade'

>0.36 (September 18, 2007)
-Now Open Source (under GPLv3; source included in src/ folder)!

As always, download here:


Is this possible right now? If not, please somebody implement this.

Not only does AppSnap work fully now, but the Repository Manager is also ready!

>0.20 (September 7, 2007)
-Now supports injecting any number of 3rd party repositories into AppSnap
-No longer leaves GetIt window open after opening the AppGetter
(Repository Manager)
-First release (still lacks ability to change Repository order, use .txt file directly for now)
-Always runs GUI after install now, unless it was ran silently (no annoying msg box question)
-Comes with Puchisoft's 3rd party repository for AppSnap

So go on an start hosting your own repositories! Or just enjoy the ones others made for your convenience. ;)


For now, this is something I came up with. Since I don't just have this issue (Running a Limited User Account, but running some programs as Admin, and in turn having those Admin programs spawn other programs that shouldn't have Admin rights as Admin) with just FARR, but I also with Xplorer2, I am looking into a solution like so:

Note that this is probably overkill for most right now, and this is not to say that having FARR have this sort of Rights Management build in wouldn't be much nicer.
Also, this only works when you start Programs directly (clicking an EXE, or having FARR or anyone else run the EXE, as opposed to shell opening an MP3 and having WinAmp open that way).

I associated ".EXE" with a batch file. You may not have realized this was possible, but it's just like associating a ".MP3" with Winamp.exe. You can associate ".EXE" with some program, which then becomes responsible for launching what you want to launch.
You might think you'd get into an infinite loop, but Windows knows better. heh

Right then, so now whenever I start a program via ANYTHING, it opens with my little batch file.

Earlier I recommended DropMyRights, but that was designed for if you are running as an Admin by default, and want to downgrade. My scenario is that I am running as a Limited User, I upgraded my access, and now I want to downgrade it again.
I will now recommend CPAU ( ).

So when my batch file is called upon to start a program, it looks at a WHITELIST of programs that need admin rights. If something isn't in the list, it will just be started by the current (limited) user.

The only thing else that I need is a shell context menu that is "Run as Admin". Sure, it's build into WinXP, but I don't feel like typing in my password so much.

This is clearly an optional feature, since most users haven't been able to make the switch to running as a User with Limited Rights (rather than Admin rights).

I understand that FARR needs Admin rights, to do all the cool stuff that it can.
However, for those of us who are trying to run most programs without Admin rights, it'd be nice to have a feature to not pass those admin rights onto other programs.

I can think of two ways to implement this ability:

Have FARR directly be able to boot programs as Admin or Limited
-Have a setting to change what the default rights are. (Give Admin Rights, or give Limited Rights)
-Then simply add Exception rules, which can be changed by FARR's right click menu
So you can type "Notepad" to find Notepad, right click on that to bring up FARR's menu, and click "Always Run this with Admin rights" or "Always Run this with Limited rights".
Of course, if you have never clicked either of those two, Notepad would always run with the rights that you told FARR to use by default.

Allow people to use a bootloader
-Programs like DropMyRights exist ( ) that let you open programs with dropped rights via CommandLine.
-Combining that with a user-made batch file of white-listed Admin programs, and the default behavior of dropping rights, just allow people to tell FARR to always use the bootloader whenever FARR launches anything.
-I'm not sure how well this works when Shell Executing things (ex. you launch an .mp3), but I think it's do-able

Small update! Nothing too crazy, but you may want to update if you are bothered by the bugs that were fixed.
For new users, the install process is a little nicer too now. (A few less clicks)

>0.11 (August 15, 2007)
-(getengines) Friendlier "You don't have AppSnap" dialog
-(getengines) Hides progress bar in front of MsgBox now, when not finding AppSnap
-Not always in "silent" mode now
-Fixed some (all?) non-closing bugs
-(First Run) Updates DB itself on first run

Same place to download it:
Article: http://gloriouscompu...nstall-applications/

Still hoping to add a repository manager once AppSnap is fixed. An auto-updater for GetIt itself is also in the works.
No worries, it will only run/check when you YOU call "Update the Repositories/Databases" in some way. There shall be nothing that runs all the time, like InstallShield (ugg).

Find And Run Robot / Re: Ode to FARRv2
« on: August 16, 2007, 04:35 PM »
this is going to be first on the list  :Thmbsup:

Wohoow! ^_^

Find And Run Robot / Ode to FARRv2
« on: August 16, 2007, 01:07 AM »
I've been using FARRv2 for a few weeks now, and I've really liked it.

To try and spread the word, I've written an article on why I prefer FARR on my Glorious Computing blog:

Pictures are better than words, so here you go:

I told you guys I was working on something fun you might enjoy. ;)

See the website for details, but basically GetIt is a simple interface to a variety of Windows-based application-getters like Win-Get and AppSnap.

Note that this is not a plugin. It is useful to lots of people, not just FARR users (although I made it with you guys in mind). What you see above is an alias (perhaps the first program to install an alias into your Installed Aliases folder).

This is the first forum I am announcing it on, so let me know what you think. :)

Known Major Bug: AppSnap is broken right now. The author is fixing it. Try to use Win-Get mostly for now (you can disable AppSnap in your preference.txt), but you can still use AppSnap via its own GUI.

PS: Remember to update your application repositories once in a while:

FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: ExternalSearch
« on: August 08, 2007, 02:19 AM »
Great idea... I was looking for something like this... but it's still too complicated.

With this, you still have to be a C++ coder to use the "external Search" functionality, the very thing I was hoping to avoid but not writing my own plugin in the first place.

What I really need is a way to do this:

Something that pre-loads a text file list. So a "list.txt" that looks like so:
It also would let people define the command/alias that invokes it, so let's say I chose "simp".
The users type "simp e", and it obviously shows in the thus-far results:
The user wanted "Homer", which is the first thing now, so he hits Enter.

At this point, the plugin would call "something.exe" with the parameter "Homer", and be done.

The person using your plugin to make their own "External search" could thereby easily make the "something.exe" in any language they wanted (Yay for not needing to use C++), and that program could do whatever was appropriate. Or they could just call some Batch files this way. Imagine the awesome possibilities of having "Suggested" parameters.

So just let people define:
1) The list's path: "list.txt" by default
2) The list's format: (Just a list), or maybe (a list with Icon path and Description, seperated with tokens). Ex:
3) Path of the program/batch file to run, and where to put the user-chosen parameter (perhaps allow "something.bat -AddToFavorites $$1" where $$1 is the sole parameter [like Homer] or what-not)

Having an extension like this would be INCREDIBLY USEFUL for any number of things, and the best part for its users: NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED.  :Thmbsup:

EDIT: After reading the "Request plugins for FARRv2" thread, it seems about 4 or so other people asked for things very similar to what I'm describing here, and Mouser already said something of the sort would be in the FARRv3 or so.

For now, I think I can pull off what I want using using the build-in "dosearch" alias helper.

Bug with Uninstaller plugin (which I love, btw): When you uninstall something, it is not removed from the list.
It would be really nice if the list of installed programs refreshed on its own after you uninstall something... or at least remove that particular program.
I know, the program is not removed from the registry list until after the particular Uninstaller is done doing its thing, and it's hard to say when that is... but it's not that hard.
Worst case you could Launch the uninstaller with another helper program, which would ExecWait the Uninstaller, and once closed, refresh the list.
That would give proper results no matter if the Uninstaller was canceled or succeeded.

Other than that, great work!

PS: Still wish there was Fuzzy Search like Launchy has so I can find "noetpad", but no biggy. ;)

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