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At work I am currently using SweptAway ( found at lifehacker ), a program that automatically minimizes all windows that are not used for a specific time eg. 5mins.
I find your app quite interesting in that it uses the system tray and it's on demand. I will be using it at home since my distractions are far less and since it uses a unique shortcut ( I use a flood of shortcuts and this one is definitely not taken..). Good job on a great idea and a solid build ( no obvious hick ups, works as advertised).

The "-only:files|folder" feature is the one I am expecting the most. Can't wait to try it.. I guess that if an easy to use gui comes later on, a feature is most likely to happen.

I've recompiled the ahk script with Autohotkey Version and all is back to normal ( no AVG complaints  ).

I should mention that since using version 0.3 AVG Free antivirus reports folder-rss.exe as having a trojan in it, to be more specific it reports "Trojan horse Generic4.IRO". I did a full system scan just to make sure and I think it's pretty safe to say that it's a false positive but in any case I think you should look into it..

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: Synch Folders NOT files
« on: May 11, 2007, 05:55 PM »
If only I knew this a couple of years ago..
I've had to create a set of batch scripts that one would copy folder names on a text file and then have another one read it  as parameters for a "for every - in - do" mkdir command. argghhhh.. Oh, well now I know, thanks Skrommel for the tip..

A few hours later I realize that feedreader actually does most of the stuff I suggested earlier on the Rss reader endpoint.
I have created a smartfeed that displays only news with certain extensions and voila, I get only the video and audio podcasts on a news folder.
I guess sometimes I am looking at the finger instead of the moon that it's pointing to.. 

Version alpha-3 works like a charm , now on to some more feature suggestions if I may..
- Exclude folder names from the compiled rss feed
- Either monitor specific file types or exclude file types ( I am using it on a downloads folder and all sorts of stuff ends up there and I was thinking of the possibility of monitoring only podcasts (.mp3) for example ..)
- possibility of posting feed on ftp server ( this is just lazy thinking since I complete this process through a simple batch script, but I guess more lazy or less savvy users might find this useful )
- Having the subfolder name where the changed file resides on the message text ( under the modified date )

I think I should stop now..
Your app is amazing, it's one of those "how come no-one thought of this before". It also gives me this warm fuzzy feeling of posting my own rss feed, for something useful too. Keep up the great work and thanks again..

What a brilliant idea F-rss is..
One small suggestion though. I believe there should be a way to suppress the message boxes since scheduling the task and having the xml file sent automatically on an ftp server is only stopped by them. So for a full unattended run consider giving a -nomsg option.
Thanks again for this great app.. 

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