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I noticed this more than a year ago, but didn't worry about it. Still not worried - haha, but thought I'd mention it.

DcUpdater v1.32.01 reports "version on the web" as 1.01.01, when in fact the web site says 1.02.01 at https://www.donation.../lucid-dream-inducer

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Foreign Language Paste
« on: January 09, 2018, 01:31 AM »
Can you please update the program to support Unicode (foreign languages)?

Is the source code available? Maybe I could look at it.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I will try your suggestions, perhaps tomorrow. It's getting late here.

However, I've attached a quick screen capture of an example... 

(See "Selection Capture Options" tab),

Yes, I had seen that before writing, thanks.

I will also try your screen recorder. But, that seems a lot more steps, when now I can just capture a portion of the screen, save and attach to an email.

Perhaps I don't have enough experience with your program yet. But, in all the other screen capture programs that I use, it's impossible to capture the drop down menus, which disappear automatically when program focus changes to another program.

OK... I've just tried, and I don't see a way to capture the menu with your program either. (Pull down "File" menu on Firefox/Chrome/... and then start a screen capture manually (not automatically).

Also, positioning of the mouse so that it "points" to the exact sub-menu item that I want to emphasize when sending a quick "how to" to friends, etc. sometimes can take more than 5 seconds. For example, how to get the "Share Link" on a dropbox file, by right clicking on the file, then moving mouse over to "Dropbox", and then to the correct submenu... I have a large right click menu! (attached).

My other program "PrtScr" has a 5 second delay, so I'm familiar with how much I can "set up" within 5 seconds!  haha. Sometimes it isn't quite enough time, depending upon the complexity of mouse movements needed.

Screen movies would be overkill in all of these situations.

I suppose I could always do a full screen PrtScr key and then edit, but that seems to be MORE work, not less.

Shareware Discounts for Members / Re: Cleaning up this section
« on: March 27, 2013, 05:08 AM »
Would it be possible to automate the cleanup?  Perhaps a way to associate an "expiration date" with the thread, and then perhaps have it automatically move to the "Expired Offers" subsection?

I'd also like to see the thread titles changed to have **EXPIRED** added to them, or a way to see the expiration date at a glance without opening. (I'm lazy :-[)

I'm very used to having a right click menu option to select from 3 different time delays for a screen capture. (0,5,30).

I'd like to ask if this is already possible (to have multiple time delays). Having additional "quick settings" in the "Capture Options" submenu would also be OK, although I confess I prefer a one click option  :-[

Because I'm running 1920x108 on a 15.5" display, I have a little trouble seeing the red dashed lines when capturing a screen segment. Is there a way to make these dashed lines much thicker? I've looked at all the options, and I didn't see a way to change the thickness. I did see a couple places where the color could be changed. Apologies if I've missed an option setting.

Screenshot Captor / Error Message box hidden behind options window
« on: March 27, 2013, 03:55 AM »
When I opened the options window, it was centered and unmovable on my screen. (Win 7 64bit, 1920x1080 laptop, current version 4)

I was going through the options, and wanted to move the default screenshot folder. I mistakenly chose one of "link" version of "My Pictures" instead of the actual My Pictures folder. That caused an error dialog to come up. I could see just a sliver of it's right edge under the main options window. Fortunately, I was able to click a piece of the "red X" and close it. It was also not movable, and of course, it doesn't show up as a separate window on the task bar, so there was no way I found to move it.

Although not a "full time" editor, Firefox with firebug does give real time editing of HTML and viewing. Good for small and quick sanity checks.

Stylizer ( is focused on CSS, but it does have real time preview of changes, and is a good adjunct. It has both a free and paid version.

Topstyle 4 ( isn't actually free, but the trial doesn't expire, and I find I keep trying it out for little things. It does do live (with adjustable delay) previews. It also has a feature to split out a style-sheet from existing HTML pages, etc.

Have you tried out Netbeans or Eclipse? They're both quite a bit more than just an "html editor" but they are free :)  I haven't tried either of these specifically for web development yet. Looking at the plug-ins available, Netbeans has a "Web Preview" plug-in.

(I'm  not affiliated with any of the above)

Also, have you already checked out ?

Well, many OCR programs will do that for example, and you'd end up owning a useful program also.

I use ReadIris Pro, which automatically will downres tiffs, etc. Then, just resave as a new multi-page tiff. Takes about 2 seconds total (or less) for 50 pages on version 12. Version 11 also does it, but just a little slower.

I'd like to see an option to collect statistics for some time period (perhaps a day or a week) and then a second program that showed me what programs were run, etc. Would want to categorize them by system, user, special, user defined categories, etc. (That would be the job of the second program, IMO).

Even collecting the statistics should (IMO) be a separate program. If using named pipes or other defined channels, then I could put that collection program on a different computer, in fact.

So, perhaps in total two OR three programs, to keep the actual process tamer as lean as possible. :)

Living Room / Re: Help needed with NVidia upgrade
« on: June 06, 2008, 09:19 PM »

AFAIK, they just modify the INF files to include more machines in the allowable install file. They also seem to have an active forum to help people.

Living Room / Re: Help needed with NVidia upgrade
« on: June 06, 2008, 08:00 AM »
Create a system restore point before updating drivers. That's much easier for rollbacks, etc.

You didn't mention laptop vendor, etc. so your solution may vary. For example, for Lenovo, they block direct updates from Nvidia. There are ways around this that I've found (see link below), but I had no compelling reason to implement.

However, I once talked with a level 2 support person (someone who actually treated me like an intelligent software developer). He pointed out that one reason for blocking generic driver updates is that manufacturers add in extra stuff. In this case (Lenovo) they add (he said) stuff for their softkey support, etc.

But, he went on to say that usually, if you download and reinstall the softkey support module (I'm using this as an example), then it somehow restores the softkeys, but with the new video drivers. So, go figure.

The point here is that there's a good chance you can upgrade the driver, and then reinstall something for sound, etc. The trick is just that you need to reinstall the current driver, so that it is the "last one", etc.

For NVidia, there is a specific 3rd party forum site that provides work around .lNF files to allow installing the drivers on a lot of laptops, etc. They might also be able to specifically help you with your driver update.

Let us know how it goes if you are successful.  Also, to say again, I didn't update my video driver this way, so take what I say with a grain of salt!

think it's important they should go through a "tools evaluation" phase

In that case, perhaps this should also be a discussion of your requirements, and, more importantly, "how will you know when you've picked the right tool"...

BTW, igrafx FlowCharter is another candidate.

How about having your team up here go through the selection process "live" (i.e. an open discussion)?  It would be interesting  :two:

Living Room / Online Illustrated Manuscripts Gallery
« on: April 16, 2008, 05:09 AM »
The British Library has an online "Turning the Pages" gallery of illustrated books, etc

Here's a sampling from the page above:

  • SKETCHES BY LEONARDO (from his personal notebook)
  • THE ORIGINAL ALICE Written and illustrated by Lewis Carroll 
  • MOZART'S MUSICAL DIARY With 75 audio excerpts 

Much simpler is to make a spreadsheet, and print out a sheet every day or two, and then just mark off on that. You "could" put the numbers back in each night, etc.

That would mean you could easily do it with only one hand, and it would be MUCH larger, and able to have multiple columns to record counts. PDA screen is small, and you'd have to scroll with more than 15-20 students. I've programmed several progams similar to that for Palm, for inventory, etc. Paper is really more functional for this type of thing.

Just my .02

Also, keep in mind that Vista has handwriting support built in already. I use mine for language study, so I got the Ultimate version, which also has the MUI (Multi User Interface) language packs available for free. Since I have actually used those, it balances out the extra cost. You can also buy individual language packs (if you have a less expensive version of Vista).

So, I just bought a regular laptop, and am going to get a USB tablet.

BTW, I already have a motion tablet pc (separate keyboard), and while it's useful as a tablet, I found that I wasn't using it like that much of the time. I think for me, this will be a more optimum solution. Most of them are too large to just wander around with in hand, etc.

So, if your dad wants to use in a meeting, just set up the laptop off to the side a bit (that's acceptable these days), and plug in a tablet for notetaking, etc.

However, if you're doing this at a school setting, perhaps a full tablet would be a better use. But, then, that's getting a larger percentage of time with that form factor. I think that's key to what's needed.

Living Room / Re: Wanted: Electronic/Searchable Holy Books
« on: January 09, 2008, 10:50 AM »
Would it be appropriate to ask if anyone knows of bilingual free electronic ones other than those listed on ?

I'm interested in Simplified Chinese / English  (would want them to correspond when possible to aid in language learning).

Also interested in Sanskrit / English

Living Room / Re: Wanted: Electronic/Searchable Holy Books
« on: January 09, 2008, 10:43 AM »
You could also try  There's a similar site for other religions, I believe.  There's a lot of poorly reasoned "counter" arguments, but some of it is reasonable.

OK... The bonus section is at 10 meters, and goes out the window. At that point, it's quite high in the air, and goes a ways.

67.088 meters, which was still ranked about 41201.  I wonder what the farthest is?

General Software Discussion / How far can you throw a paper airplane
« on: December 31, 2007, 09:10 PM »

After 5 minutes, I got 9.919meters

There's a bonus section way off to the right...

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Multi-Edit on Sale until Dec. 17
« on: December 11, 2007, 06:00 AM »
I've been using Multi-Edit since version 5, many years ago. Its original strength (IMO) was its support for Dbase and Clipper programming, as well as a few others.

It has an extensive macro language, and the macro source comes with.

I own the current version, but a few months after upgrading, I discovered that it doesn't support unicode. So, if you try to edit items with, for example, Chinese characters, you get garbage. I wrote to them about this, and they said they had no plans to ever add support for Unicode. Since I now work on a lot of items in China, and other places, this means I only use it infrequently these days.

I don't recomment getting it, because many free editors will do much the same, although perhaps the free ones don't match the breadth of languages supported.

First of all, if your screen saver "hides" the pictures, often that means they meant to do it. Check the license agreement to see if you're violating copyright.

Most of the automatic screensavers I've used write a temporary bmp file with the current image, which can be copied and renamed quite easily. Some put the file in non-obvious places but windows search can find them if you search by date, etc.

What types of pictures do you like. More than likely, there are many hundreds of really free ones already available elsewhere on the web.

I have both Alchoholsoft 120 and Farstone ( VirtualDrive. Farstone (looking at the web site) also has a RAM disk available.

My version is quite old (running on a 4 year old tablet pc), so I don't know if they do 64bit or not.

Skrommel's Software / Re: HideDesk requests ..
« on: November 01, 2007, 05:39 PM »
I might also add that there's a link to a download at http://forums.majorg...wthread.php?t=105973

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