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  • Thursday December 3, 2020, 8:51 am
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I'm actually very unhappy with this. 

I was a subscriber of Fred Langa's newsletter for a VERY long time (since 1996!);  when he went pay, I paid. 

When it went Windows Secrets, I paid;  and I was not thrilled with the "gruel" (thanks for the word, dude!), either.  So I stopped paying. 

When I stumbled on Gizmo's letter, I found it so useful I paid for it, for the last three years in fact. 

Then this happened, and at the moment, WS doesn't even acknowledge that I'm a paying Gizmo subscriber, and I never got the paid-member link.  I guess the WS crew don't think I count. (shrug)

I'm thinking I'll give them a chance and subscribe, but my gut says that it'll be a waste of money, that the good stuff that was Gizmo (and Langa) will largely be sublimated by the marchitizing crap they seem to prefer to push, instead of real information.  At least Gizmo was balanced and did stuff for both the Windows side and Linux side, and didn't pander the the Wintel hegemony.

At least we have DC and Neowin/TechSpot...:rolleyes:

I've used both Photoshop and the GIMP a few times in the past, and I found them both pretty difficult to use, especially PS.  the GIMP at least is free and compact, and later versions get easier and easier to use.  Of course, any software is like that, you have to get up the learning curve to get to a point where it's useful. 

But, for what it's worth, the GIMP is an excellent program.  Thumbs Up. :Thmbsup:

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