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I just tried v2.05.01 under of BrowserTraySwitch under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (RTM), and it failed miserably!

First ominous sign was that no icon appeared on the desktop at the end of installation.

Then when I left-double-clicked on the tray icon it didn't launch the default browser, but instead opened its BrowserFiles sub-folder.

And when I left-clicked on the system tray icon it opened the same folder (BrowserFiles), and only when I closed this window did the tray icon  context menu appear -- but it was situated on the Windows Desktop near to where that window closed rather then next to the tray icon.

Pity, it would be rather useful.
Cheers, Tony Austin.

General Software Discussion / Re: Realtime Screencasting Software
« on: January 22, 2008, 07:18 PM »
There's also IBM's Lotus Sametime Unyte, which has a free version plus a paid version that's quite inexpensive (starting at around US $30 per year, which is less than some of the others charge per month). It might not be quite not what you want, but take a look anyhow. It integrates very nicely with Skype, for sending out session invitations (as well of course as voice and chat). See for information. Also see for IBM's press release of August 2007, when they acquired the original developers WebDialogs. I've recently signed up for the $30 option plus a new broadband cable plan having 1 Mbps upload, and find that Lotus Sametime Unyte performs quite well at this upload speed. (None of these products  seem to work very well at 256 Kbps or even 512 Kbps upload speed.) ... Cheers, Tony Austin.

General Software Discussion / Re: General Context Menu Editor?
« on: June 19, 2007, 03:35 AM »
Also have a look at AB Extension Pack:

I use Avant Browser (AB) for most of my browsing, and find it much more flexible than IE6 or IE7. I alternate between AB and Firefox, occasionally using IE7 when I really have to for functionality reasons.

While nominally built for Avant Browser ( ), I find that it works as a general-purpose context menu editor for Windows.

Cheers, Tony Austin.

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