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Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR help needed!
« on: November 25, 2013, 11:10 PM »
Many thanks for your help, verszippo!
Did what you suggested and it works for me!!
And Mouser I agree with what you said - helping one another other is great and
according to me, it's what makes your forum one of the best.
Best regards

Find And Run Robot / FARR help needed!
« on: November 23, 2013, 01:10 AM »
Not sure if this has been discussed here but here's my problem:

I use a portable FARR that's on a USB Flash drive on my company's computer at work.
When I run the app, I have 9 items that I frequently use, listed in FARR's window.
These are files that I searched for and that's on my flash drive.

I then bring the flash drive and use it on my home computer.
In addition to the portable FARR that's on my flash drive, I also the full version of FARR installed on my C drive.
This is so that I can use FARR, when my flash drive is on the computer at work.

When I try to run FARR using the hot key Ctrl+Space bar, it shows me only five items in the window
that I searched for when using my home computer and not the nine items that show up on my work computer.
How do I get the same search items that show up on FARR window at my work computer, to show up on FARR window on my home computer?
Do I need to copy a file from my flash drive on to my home computer's FARR app on my C drive?

i hope I am making sense!
Grateful for help from the forum.

Installing FARR from Safe Mode, solved my problem!

Yes, Mouser, initially all the searches that I do using FARR are there.
No problem if I restart the PC.
It's only when I shut down my PC and then start it up again, I am having this issue.
I am trying to find out as to why this is happening, but in the meanwhile do you think
trying out a previous version of FARR would help, just to see if this problem is still there?
If yes, where I can I download a previous version from?

Hi Mouser!

I'm using the current version of FARR on my newly assembled PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
All my search history comes up when I invoke FARR. I restart the PC and all my search history is still there.
But if I shutdown my PC and then start it up all but one or two items in the search history show up
and the rest disappear!
 I un-installed and then re-installed FARR, but the problem continues.
Not sure what is going on and so would appreciate some help!
Thanks in anticipation.

You are right, ewemoa!
The first link in your post does not work.
The last link, however, works.
I found that after posting my message!  :)


The flash movie of Screenshot Captor stops after a minute or so into the movie.
I tried this out on the latest Opera Browser (Version 11.11) and also IE 7.
Anyone else having this problem? Thanks!

I have installed the latest DC updater (sep 7th, 2010) and seems to be running fine.

I also get the same window that bob99 has posted - "Newer installed" under the status column for Find and Run Robot.

I don't think it is a glitch, but wonder why it doesn't say 'up to date' if it is indeed up to date, which in my case it is.

So should I install the new update that you released on 9/7 or wait till this is sorted out, Mouser?

Seems to be working fine, Mouser!
In any event, you'll be the first to know if it isn't  :)
Thanks again.

Hi Mouser!

Thanks for following this up.
I've installed the new Beta DC Updater and will let you know it works after
watching it's performance for some time.

Here's the path of the bookmarks in my PC:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Opera\Opera\bookmarks.adr

Hope this helps someone with the same kind of problem I had.

Thanks again!


Problem solved, Lanux128 !!

Many, many thanks for your help.

Nod5 - Thanks for your reply as well. Will make a note of this for future reference.

This forum rocks!!   :-*

Best wishes


I'm lost and have no idea how to proceed!

The instructions in the link provided by you is not clear.
It says to look for the bookmarks here:

Opera 10 RC (Release Candidate) bookmarks:

  ~/Library/Preferences/Opera Preferences/bookmarks.adr

Opera 10 beta bookmarks:

  ~/Library/Preferences/Opera Preferences 10/bookmarks.adr

Opera 9 bookmarks:

  ~/Library/Preferences/Opera Preferences/Bookmarks

Sorry for being dense, but how do I do that?
Do I copy the link somewhere and find the location/path and then copy and paste it in the "custom bookmark file locations" section of FARRFox?
Would appreciate if someone could guide me, step by step, as I am still a newbie


All the three check boxes in advanced options section of FARRFox have been checked, but am still having issues
bringing up search results from Opera's bookmarks.
As mentioned , I have no problems now with Firefox and IE bookmarks.
Thanks again, Lanux128

Thanks, Lanux128!
The plugin now fetches Firefox bookmarks.

How about Opera bookmarks? Is there a work around for this too?

Also, how do I configure FARR to fetch bookmarks from different browsers that is installed on my PC?
Lets' say I have bookmarks 1 thru 10 on Firefox, 11 thru 20 on Opera and 21 thru 30 on Internet Explorer.
Will FARR fetch bookmark no. 18 from Opera if I type Bookmark no. 18 in the search field?



Am using the latest FARR v 2.87.03
Running Windows XP Pro + SP3
Browsers - Opera v10.53, Firefox v 3.63 and IE 7
Problem - FARRFox plugin searches and shows results of IE bookmarks only
and not the other two browser bookmarks.

Is there any setting to be done in the preferences?
Grateful for any help!

Hi Mouser!

Thanks for your immediate response!
I have disabled the auto update from within FARR as advised
As for your question,the PC does not hibernate or go into a standby mode.
However, at times it does go to the screen saver mode when I have not touched the computer for about ten minutes.
Best wishes


For the past few days, without any warning, I frequently get an error message that says
" DcUpdater tool has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience".
Please tell Microsoft about this problem etc.
This happens even when I am not invoking FARR which is running quietly in the system tray.

Then when I try to "check for updates now" from the FARR window, I see that I have no updates for FARR
but for DcUpdater, I see that it is trying to retrieve the latest updates, and then I get this error message again.
I close the error message and simultaneously, FARR window also closes, but is still seen running in the system tray.
After trying two more times, I learn that there are no updates without the error message appearing.

I am using Windows XP Pro with SP3 and use Opera browser v.10.10 which is the latest stable version.
Would appreciate any help in resolving this issue. Thanks!

I just tried out Techsmith's Jing Project - Just one word - S U P E R B!
It will, in my opinion, blow competition away for it's simplicity, ease of use and
the advantage of hosting the finished file without having to worry about file size etc.
It is available for both Windows and Macs.
Check it out at

Looks great!  :up:
I'll check this out. Thanks, lanux 128


Hi Mouser!

Glad to inform you that I find the latest version v2.00.108 to be very stable and
have not had any problems so far. Touch wood!  :)

JeffC - By the way, what is this Calculator you are referring to? A separate program
or is it a feature in FARR that I haven't discovered? :)



A mentioned in my earlier posts, I was having problems on the PC at home with v2.00.82
However, I still run this version on my PC at work, successfully till date.

Now on my PC at home, I am running v2.00.97 for the last three days.
There have been no problems so far.

Will keep you posted of developments, if any.


Thanks, Jesse.
Please check your email.


Hi 'mouser'!

The break key does not bring up FARR, tho as mentioned, the Task Manager shows it to be running.
If I launch FARR from Start/Programs/FindandRunRobot, then the Task Manager shows two instances of FARR
to be running, but still the FARR icon does not appear in the tray nor does FARR open it's search window.

Then, as 'justice' adviced, I have to kill the process in the Task Manager, rename the FindandRun Robot folder in the Program folder,
and only then, install the program once again. Once the program is installed, I delete the renamed FindandRunRobot folder.
Thanks and regards

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