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^^^ hay Mouser, I might have to get you to come over the house..... last night I had a HUGE rat leap off the counter in the kitchen and just miss me as it dashed towards a crack beneath one of the kitchen cupboards. It dashes when I entered the room flicking the light in..... scared the living you kno what outta me!  :o :o   I nearly screamed out loud!!   :-[

Holy hell that freaked me out!   got the trusty Crossman 760 pump bb gin out and at the ready!!  Score to date:  KH 5  Ratz 0    :Thmbsup:    I'm a pretty good shot!  Once my sister was comning inside to drop some stuff off and as we entered the front door I heard something scurry... I told her wait by the door. Came back with the BB gun and a maglite flash lite. Had her shine the lite in its face *(made it freeze) and pumped it 3 times and nailed it right in the head!  Sis screamed and rat took off trailing blood !!  Found it in the bathroom and popped it again.  haha

Sis is still impressed by that LOLz    too funny she tells everyone like I bagged a trophy buck or something  lmao

My house is backed up against the mountain so when it gets hot at the start of summer the rats come looking for food.

Had a sign by my froont door once Rats Open season Bag linit none   :P  people would crack up when they see that :)

UrlSnooper / Re: Is it Possible to Run 2 Versions of WinCap?
« on: March 25, 2007, 09:21 PM »
Ahhh great Thank You!!   I was looking at way too old stuff... LOL

Aloha, KH  :)

Oh LOLz   ;D   I had a prank program for use on lans a long time ago that was a total riot!! You slipped the receiver part into the targets pc when they aren't around or if you have access to a drive on there pc all the better. once its in place (26bytes) you have a control panel that offers a whole selection of fun stuff to do th them.

1 Desktop Earthquake  desktop shakes around and speakers rumbled :)  Had a timer to start on a schedule or trigger after you left.

2 Reverse the l and r mouse buttons  that was another winner hehe

3 Drunk mouse  mouse goes everywhere but where you want it to go. would slowly creep off screen completely by itself LOL :D

4 restart PC  LOLz

5 move icons around  was funny to watch them freaking out as stuff moved on them.

6 random blasts of music, women screaming and sex noises and occasionally a voice screaming so n so is viewing pr0n!! very loud!!   was so hard not to crack up when his comp started  screaming MORE MORE OH GOD HARDER real loud and he couldn't turn it down without unplugging the speakers.  I could imagine that in a busy office rofl  I saw a video a few days back with some friends pranking a guy with animal noises  sheep baaaa ing and a guy grunting in a office full of women   :P

7 close desktop program or open a random proggy  :D

a few other funny things that would make someone who didn't know go psyco!!

I used it on my roommate and sometimes just couldn't stop laughing it would be so funny!!

I have my comp in a back bedroom that is covered floor to ceiling with 3 layers of carpet to deaden the sound. (I have a killer HT setup in there) only have one neighbor they are on other end of house so I can do anything I like at any time.

My roommate was just getting started with PC's and he had it in my room so I could "help" him easier :P   LOLOLOLO  OMG  the look on his face when stuff would start doing weird things was just priceless!!

I'd trigger that desktop earthquake then getup and go by his side of the room so it didn't look suspicious.... and I could watch his reactions better  Man that was so much fun messing with him!!!  It went on for like 2 weeks!

I had him convinced that there were spirits on his drive!!  He almost went out and bought a new comp rofl   thats when I had to tell him...   He took it alright but was forever looking my way after that when his comp did some odd thing   ;D

Forgot what the name was.... got it off ZD Net at least 9 years or more ago.

UrlSnooper / Re: Is it Possible to Run 2 Versions of WinCap?
« on: March 25, 2007, 03:41 PM »
url snooper used winpcap3 up until just a few months ago, so ill find a version with all the new features and which uses winpcap3.  just give me a couple of days.

Arugh. I wasn't thinking straight at all..... too wrapped up playing with XMPlayer and the DAP's.  I found loads of older versions. Thing I don't know is about where I should look. I have a 2.03.08 a 2.04.03 a 2.04.04  I havent installed anything yet to see if it even has the multimedia filter or not. Thats all I need is to find out when that was implemented.

Thanks for Your Time Mouser!  Aloha, KH :)

UrlSnooper / Re: Is it Possible to Run 2 Versions of WinCap?
« on: March 25, 2007, 01:32 PM »
Oh Right on Mouser!!!   Thank You Very Much!!  I owe you a couple beers if you get to my neck of the woods! (Hawaii)

 I sure appreciate you taking the time to respond to my problems. I normally can figure stuff out on my own (thats probably why that oddball error came up. I am constantly fiddling with this poor box seeing if I can make it do things it shouldn't :D ) but search as I may I can't find any versions but the front entrance's and my dinosaur!

Gmail.  :Thmbsup:    I try not to use Outhouse except for my ISP main email which I rarely use so it stays clean. I am hooked on Google mail completely. It's so handy to have almost 3gigs of stuff stored in a place that you can access from all over the world. I have a bunch of stuff I use to help friends get there comps running with stored in my Google account.

Plus the 10Mb attachment size lets you send just about anything you want. There is a splitter joiner tool that automatically cuts files and sends them so you can send huge files through your Google account.  For a while the movie pirates were using Google to trade 700Mb divx movies!

If you have Adopey Reader Pro you can do it right from reader.

The Adopey site has the pro available for a trial but it's loaded with so much useless crap it's ridiculous. You really don't need a 400Mb program to write and edit simple documents...  I hate adopey stuff... arugh.  :down:

UrlSnooper / Re: Is it Possible to Run 2 Versions of WinCap?
« on: March 25, 2007, 12:58 PM »
Thank You very much for your fast answer Mouser!  Ye, after I thought about it a moment more and grasped what I was actually dealing with I agree that that would probably be the best bet.

I got the beta version to finally run by going to WinCap's site and getting the newest version 3 WinCap and URL Snooper runs and works but throws 2 errors each time I start it. I got it to finally start by restarting the comp after installing.   It first says langauge file ~program ~URLS~ ntv.lng not found. When I close that it pops a localizer not initalized message.

WinRecorder isn't happy with the beta WinCap though. it works sometimes then refuses. If I let it install it's own WinCap thats packed with it it works like a charm.

It's that darn finiky WinMedia recorder thats the problem.  If I put URL Snooper in with the new bits it is smooth as silk. WMR really works nice on most sites thats the only reason I even bother with it. URL Snooper and Streambox will do virtually anything even flv and shockwave and show links to "so called link protected" rapidshare files. So if I can get them both to play nice that would be cool.

Is there any place where I can get a older version of URL Snooper from?  I tried both on the front page same result.

My "old" version is just that really old. I've had it foir several years. 

The new version with it's multimedia filter setup and other new additions really ROCK!!  It is years ahead of what I was using.  It dawned on me the other day to see if WinCap had a new version and thats when I found out you really fixed the 'ol girl up! I was blown away at how much better it is!!

You really did a excellent job on it!  Many Thanks for your execelent tool my friend!!

UrlSnooper / Is it Possible to Run 2 Versions of WinCap?
« on: March 24, 2007, 08:06 PM »
I'm asking because I have a old version of WinMedia recorder 11 that will not work with any winCap newer than 3.2 it won't recognize the adaptor, the new URL Snooper has 4.xx and when I try to run it with an older version it pops up a packet.dll not found error. Although it works fine with the new winCap.

The updated version of WinMedia 11.2 that uses the 4.xx WinCap won't work on my comp.

So I was wondering if there is a way to make them each operate on a seperate WinCap.

Or is there a way to get URL Snooper working on the older WinCap?

Thanks!  :)

Aloha from Hawaii   :)   I came by trying to fix URL Snooper and got lost in some forum fiddling with a kool music player that I'm now hooked on! :)

How the heck do I get outta here?  Ferget it I ain't gunna ask directions LOLz  :P

Eyedunno.... I got several hundred albums that I ain't even looked at in 10 years LOLz  :P    and nearly 100 gigs of stuff on the box!

Hell if my motorcycles dont make me deaf this dam stereo system is sure trying LOLz   ;D

Sheesh, I came here looking for a fix for URL Snoopers failure to launch and got sidetracked by XMPlayer !!!    :D   least it was fun!!  :P

 :o WOW!!  After spending half the afternoon fooling with this thing I must admit it ROCKS!!!  HARD!  :Thmbsup:

Awesome guys thanks for letting us know about it! Unreal the DSP's for it free.... never see that with any other players...

My comps hooked to a Denon 7.1 HT receiver that is controlling a bank of old 4 SAE tube amps... 5000W RMS+ worth through a SAE mixing board then into 6 Altec surrounds and 4 15 inch JBL Pro woofers in a custom enclosure thats actually my desk.

It literally rips my house apart!  Tears the sheetrock off the studs!
XMPlayer is helping things along quite nicely thank you! Especially with that killer bass boost OMG!!

(I worked with JBL designing cabinets for a local sound and stage company, Egg Shell Lighting they put on most of the big shows here. Thats how I got all the big buck goodies, I'd never be able to afford this stuff otherwise. Not living in Hawaii at least!)

Thanks again!  :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Re: how to tag files in win XP
« on: March 24, 2007, 04:40 PM »
All I can say is try Thumbs Plus. It is the best of everything I've tried. Fast and has all the features mentioned and a few more.

It's not very big either about 16Mb although the install will grow as it generates thumbs in the db which you have total control over as to compression size and what not. It's been around many years (since 1994) and getting well developed.

I happen to know the owner/creator Phillip Crews we played Half Life on his server for many years. :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Strange Windows wallpaper trick
« on: March 24, 2007, 04:25 PM »
 :Thmbsup:  Cool as hell man!  Thanks!   ;)

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