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General Software Discussion / Re: Do you use Desktop Widgets?
« on: November 05, 2007, 05:40 AM »
Well I use ClockX - its cool - looks good feels good - no end of faces & Desktop Calendar - before winXP put the date in the system tree I used a Widgets that did & allowed the date to be copied. Since I would use date copy every date to post date into things I asked Desktop Calendar to include it & he did. I use this program everyday - its fast & easy. That's about it on the Desktop. I use a dual monitor & have played with MultiMon Taskbar (free) & UltraMon (very good but shareware) When I go to use Scripe overseas I run Sharp World Clock - beautiful shows as many time zones as you want with lovely clocks etc - a great help & when I'm on a time limit I use Sharp Timer which he wrote for me to time my PowerPoint presentations. Johannes writes great programs I think

I was always a sucker for programers - when a young lad starts & unlocks what to me is a mystery I try to support them. I've been mucking about with computers since 1981 it takes all my time learn to be an "end user" let alone write the stuff :)

Don't ask about me system tray :(

call me dumb! but i can't work out how to easily set up the way to send an image to email - I use it a lot when reply to requests from support people who always heaps of info - if only i could send them to screens quickly when i reply to their emails.  thought i could just click the email link - then i found it hard to work out what to do - then it just shot emails of without any record of them being sent in my outbox - i think that it must bypass my email program in my case outlook. it would be wonderful if it just knew the email reply that i had open & then added the image waiting for more before i send it.

actually it would be nice if an option was for an attachment or actually in the body of the text as so many wont accept attachments.

1. how to send a captured image by email
2. could you change the program to make it easier

thanks a lot I use your work lots of the time - all the best

regards Dan

well - I started on a Panasonic dos machine - had 3 of them - that is after having Commodores 64 & 128 - the software was Verse Search very expensive bible program - I still use it - the original programmer tells me he is retiring & there will be no more development - Pity its search function was (is) like greased lighting
Accounting packages kept in Dos & I sort of missed win 3.1
I spent money on utilities
Ramsgate - the first memory manager
Xfile Pro
A great backup program - I’ll have to look through my old 51/4 floppies for it
I always like to register - I'm fascinated by the thought of people working away to write code over which I'm completely baffled - I often send words of thanks but this is only since we could go on line - I used to have to reduce the packets to a very small size to get them over dirty phone lines & would send a print file ready to print cheques to an office 150 Ks away - I was fascinated that I could do a search in American universities by using satellites in the late 80's
WordStar was my best word processor - actually I have the macros to make word act like WordStar
my early "posts" were fun I actually had a tip printed in the WordStar users mag. My trouble is that I forget so much - I can still program a 4th generation relational database but use one now that ports to windows & Mac that only my daughter can use -
creative sound drivers - used to drive me nuts
boxer text editor - still use
quickline banking
pctools pro
superevoice 2.2
arcada backup
maxtor max blast
th list goes on :)

hi i use an old simple vbs app it simply has a right click menu to copy or move & allows browse creation of a new folder - it comes with an install & uninstall routine - very small very simple

ProcessTamer / pop up bunnle
« on: October 15, 2006, 06:00 PM »
need to be able to turn off the pop up bubble - it always covers the icon i want to click :(

i have fixed it
here are 2 neat apps
this is a reg file merge that fixes it
this fixes the file applications for image files to winxp default or whatever


no i cant only infran view logo & jpeg logog except ofr one image- come to think of it pictures in word wont show unless in print pre-view

boy i hope i can fix this

Screenshot Captor / i cant see any thumbnails in the left hand side
« on: August 24, 2006, 07:20 PM »
in early version I could see thumbnails in the left hand side - now I cant see them the whole frame is blank
this has been the case for the last 2 or 3 versions
is this normal?

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