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This would have been a nice and easy fix. But at least in Win7 it doesn't seem to work this way.
I assume, that RDP-connections as a part of the OS are somehow preconfigured with the default action "connect" on opening RDP-files. So "open with.." is always interpreted as "connect" and no shell command "open" will be created in the registry. But without this LBC's quickdoclauncher.exe isn't able to "launch" RDP-Files.
Anyway I'm not sure, if changing the OS default action from "connect" to (always) "open" (with...) would be a good solution.  :-\

I use LBC to start RDP-Sessions in the same way MichaelHerrmann does. So I have the problem too.
As I have a lot of RDP-Files, I wasn't very happy to create shortcuts to them. But as I missed it so much, I tried the suggested workaround with shortcuts. Sadly  without success. I received the same error message as before.
The creation of many batch files was not an option and I decided to find a different solution.
After some investigation I found out, that LBC's quickdoclauncher.exe tries to find the shell open command for RDP.File in the registry. But this isn't possible, because for RDP.Files the shell command "connect" is used instead.
After adding the shell command "Open", LBC was able to launch my RDP-Sessions again. Hooray!!  :Thmbsup:
In Win XP this can be achieved by using the file and folder options dialog. Simply create a new action "Open" by using the same entries as the default action "Connect".
In Win7, and I think in Vista too, this way can't be used any more. A big "thank you" to Redmond! 
The following way isn't very hard, but it changes the registry directly!!! Do this only, if you know what you are doing!!! Use it at your own risk!!!
I exported the corresponding registry entries under "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\RDP.File\shell\Connect" to a file, changed every "Connect" to "Open" in it and finally imported the file.
This is the content of the REG-File that I've used:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="mstsc.exe \"%1\""

The new enhancements and plugins are really great!  :Thmbsup:

I didn't found a post about this, so I hope it's not mentioned before.
When using the special search phrases historys or historyl, the +sall modifier is not working.

The behavior of both special search phrases is:
- historyl shows results to the "max. entries in normal result list"-value
- historys always shows results to the limit of 20 (I guess it's an internal value?!)

Based on version 2.00.137.

Hi Mouser,

I have an alias group containing commands for an application (Totalcommander). As this application has a lot of commands (repspectivly menu entries), which I can't always remember, I want to use FARR to search in the commandlist and trigger the approriate command in Totalcommander. With the help of an external AHK-script I was able to do this like I wanted it to be.
But know I have the problem, that my alias group would contain 390! commands. While FARR is running I can paste all commands into the appropriate group and use them. But when FARR is restarted, only a small number of commands is left. I looked into the FindAndRunRobot.ini and found that a line, which represents the group, can only have around 2050 characters.

I like it very much to search a trigger commands via FARR instead of navigating thru endless menus. So I made 25! alias groups triggered by the same alias. While this is working well, maintaining the groups is obviously quite difficult.
It would be nice, if you could extend the character limit as a quick solution to this problem. But I think this is a perfect idea for a plugin, as all available commands are stored in a textfile. Sadly I'm not experienced enough in the available programming languages.  :(
Do you think that this is possible?
And if yes. Is anybody out there, who can make or help me to make (in VB6 :-[ or VB.NET) such a plugin?

+sall ignores "max. entries in result list" limit, which is set in "options->interface".
It's perfect when you normally want FARR to display only 9 results (as this is the maximum for direct launch via e.g. F#), but sometimes, e.g. when searching a specific .doc, to display all results.

An explanation, which I still cannot find is what "max. entries to display in extended result list" means?  :-\

So mouser can bring us some enlightment.  ;)

- virtual launch string COPYCLIP prefixes the clipboardtext with "ip":
e.g. executed: copyclip Hello world -> in clipboard:  ip Hello world

-regular expression aliases as search templates with DOSEARCH still ignores result list limits

Thanks for the +sall modifier! It's great. :Thmbsup:
Seems that the last launch history bug (last char stripped off) is gone.  :)
But there is an other bug relating to launch history and +\-modifier. While e.g.  c:\windows\notepad.exe is in lauch history, upon search "+\ note" the following result is shown:
Same result with "note +\".
I wasn't able to achieve this the other way around with +.-modifier and getting folder as results. So it is maybe purely related to the handling of folder.
While checking this and playing around with names, I created a folder called "notes.exe". As a result for the search "notes +\", FARR shows "notes" and strips off the ".exe" as it thinks it is an extension (but not showing exe in extension column ;)) But internally FARR knows the right folder name:
Same applies to a folder called notes.exe.exe, where result shows notes.exe and last .exe is stripped off too.
Sure. A foldername like notes.exe seems strange, but same applies to names like e.g. Backup_V1.1, which IMHO aren't uncommon.  :(

Hi Mouser,

I observed the same as JennyB.

JennyB, that's quite bizzarre.. does it happen all over in lots of directories??
It even gave the phantom entry a unique date.. STRANGE! I'm having trouble reproducing it..

It took some time to find it, but I realized, that it has something to do with launch history. If launch history contains a pure folder e.g. "C:\backup\", then the search "c:\back" shows the results:
Disabling or deleting the entry in launch history returns result to normal behavior.

I can (again) confirm, that editing of an alias results in the loss of the score, when you don't change the score to a value witout a period.
If you run the installer it says it is 2.00.55, but after install you see 2.00.56 in the about box.
Don't use a + at the beginning of a group name, cause + has a special meaning in searches. Maybe you have to check your RegEx, when alias is not working. Just look a the definition of the default aliases.

Regarding Alias Action Keywords I have to add something.
In 2.00.56 Alias Action Keywords only work, when used at the end and when the path doesn't end with a backslash (e.g. C:\Test or C:\test\test.txt). Otherwise the alias is ignored.

To avoid interference (I haven't tested this to much, but I believe it could be a problem) with alias also used in file- or foldernames, I currently use < as a prefix for my aliases. I've also tried other "forbidden" characters for file- and foldernames, but \, : or / are used in a path, * is used by FARR and ? or | didnt't work as desired. So is there a drawback for < or >?

Find And Run Robot / [request] view complete history
« on: February 27, 2007, 03:13 AM »
While trying and testing FARR I found, that it would be nice to have the editline history completly shown. Maybe as a dropdownbox or optional as a replacement (via hotkey or as a general option) for the launchhistory.
So I would be happy if you would like to add this as a ToDo.

I normally use Alias Action Keywords like cnewtonne at the beginning.
In 2.00.56 Alias Action Keywords only work, when used at the end.

The new improvments are really great.  :Thmbsup:

I've tested the new "Search Template"-feature in v2.00.54 and find it extremly useful. But there is one point, where I'm not sure, if this is caused by a missing parameter, by design, incomplete implementation or a bug.
I used the example (dosearch +audio .mp3 $$1) for my music collection. When I do a normal search with "+audio .mp3 $$1", FARR shows the results until result limit. When I use the search template, then all results are shown without limitation.

Is there a modifier like +ALL or -ALL override/force result limits?
If there is none, wouldn't it make sense to have one instead of using context menu "search for all matches"?

Sorry mouser, but in v2.00.35 the score bug is back. e.g. If I edit the regex and save then score is set to 0.00. Every time I edit an entry I have to set the score to an Integer value. The use of . or , always leads to 0.00.

Regarding skins I like:
Luna, Luna Longhorn Revolution), iTunes, Royale1, Sustance and VistaXP

Here we go.
+alias modifier ist partial great.
If I want to open a file e.g. MP3-Files, which is assigned to a specific App, then this modifier is the right solution to open the file with a different App e.g. editor, tagger, etc.. Perfect.  :up:
But what it lacks is the possibility to use additional parameters as it is always $$1 and I assume that it overrides the regex feature. Am I right?. It prevents editing also. Which is not surprising.
Another point is, that only 1 modifier is useable. So all possible candidates have to be in one group.
While this can be a disadvantage, it can also be a solution for adding additional parameters (except for those derived from nice path completion).
The way would be the following:
1. enter +alias and searchpattern
2. select result
3. instead of only switching to alias results, the edit line will be changed from "+alias searchpattern" to "alias <previous selected result($$1)>" with focus on edit line
4. add parameters as you like or select result entry and go

First of all there is a bug (see screenshot).
Option window is topmost. Main window is in background. Edit dialog is between the other ones. Sorry. I didn't noticed this before.

Fraction bug is solved.  :Thmbsup:

I'm playing a little bit with the alias modifier and will give you my feedback.

Using alias modifier sounds good to me. At least for the most cases.
For complex examples I understand, that this could be messy. Especially with very long paths.
But imagine the launch of programs like winmerge, totalcommander or packing programs, where the file1/file2- or source/target-parameters are used.
What about an additional list with stored parameters?
Just like this faked screenshot?
1. search and save in slot §§# by using a hotkey (incremental adding or until 9 by number)
2. enter alias and insert any of the slotplaceholders §§# and/or additional params in any order as normal
3. execute

Or instead of using a parameterlist these parameters could be treated as special history (always shown) entries with very high scores.
These entries would be deleted by hotkeys.

Or maybe you invent internal commandaliases like ~delsavedparam#. This would also remove the need to open the options by using an internal commandalias like ~setscore <groupname> 1000.

Just some ideas while I'm exploring FARR.

Ups.  :D Don't know that this option was meant this way.
Btw. Are there plans about translating FARR?

Ok. I missed this point as you don't use fractional scores yet. (My history score increases 1 by 1 until history auto ceiling value and result list shows only integers). So I agree in using floats for leaving enough room to give additional score on often executed programms while not raising a score to fast. But if I look at the default scores (-100, 25, 75, 100, 1000, etc.) maybe finetuning with fractionals helps not very much. So I have the following suggestions for public discussion:
1. userdefined Bonus for launch history in heuristic scoring to set a higher or lower weight on recent launches.
2. adaptive bonus system where bonus is high/low on first call and decreasing/increasing on following calls.
first call 100; second call +50, third call +25, fourth call +12.50,...
or (100), +0.25, +0.50, +1, +2, +4,...
or 100, +1, +2, +3, +4,...
or 100, +50, +49, +48, +47,...
or increasing/decreasing x % of max. history ceiling
Am I going to farr? :-[ . I'm not a long term user of FARR (by now, but will be  :D in future). So I missed already made suggestions and this is maybe a wish for V3.

Btw. The actual history score is neither shown nor updated in result list. It always stays at 100 or rather history bonus.

Oh. And about the fraction bug... In alias/group score 1000,25 results in 0.

I hope you don't hate long posts, because I wan't to suggest another thing.
The new path completion is great, but I often need a path as a param. (e.g. mount c:\xyz\, pack c:\dirtopack). So I use an regex like (^[a-z]:{1}\\+[^?:]*|^[a-z]:{1}|^\\{2}\w[^\?:]*) for my different aliases. The disadvantage is, that this fires always on path completion. For now; I have made only few aliases; this is ok. But on the long run this approach wouldn't be usable and messes up the result list. The other way is to use path completion, add a file name and then jump to the start of the line and insert the alias. Not very handy.
So I would like to have "search concatenation delimiter":
1. enter alias ex. mount
2. enter delimiter e.g. |
3. start new search after delimiter as if the edit line was blank
4. repeat step 2. or execute
FARR may ignore the delimiter by itself or one has to do it in the regex.

And finally add a shortcut (e.g. shift+arrow right) to append a filename.
That would be really great!!!

I think this is enough for now. :-[ I hope this wasn't to much.

Strange! All works fine...except for the aliases/groups.  ;)
There I set the following scores and get the listed results (in edit view/list view):
1000 -> 1000 / 1000.00
1000,10 -> 0 / 0.00
1000.10 -> 1000.09997558594 !!! / 1000.10
1000.25 -> 1000.25 ??? / 1000.25

Seems to be a different handling between alias scoring and the other scoring lists. Wouldn't it be possible to use the same? Is there really a need to use floats? Imho Integers are good enough for fine tuning scores. (And removes the bugs ;) )

I'm using locale german (Germany).
Number format: 123.456.789,00

The enhancements in FARR V2 are great and just what I like to have.
I'm now using FARR in conjunction with TotalCommander to dive into deep folders without explicit navigation thru every folder. Many thanks for that.

I'm currently testing FARR v2.00.29 and found the following bugs:

1. If you use ALT+ArrowRight in result list, then focus returns on edit line and cursor is placed behind last slash as it should. But if you try this with the TAB-Key, then focus is lost and you have to set it on the edit line by yourself (Hit TAB again).

2. Open an scoring entry, do nothing and click OK. On all except alias/group entries (where no period is displayed) a previously set score is lost. In Addition you cannot set a score with a period. (maybe depending on locale?!)

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