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  • October 18, 2019, 10:52 AM
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Hello again Jim!

Two points as I implement improvements:

1.  Would you like to have the ability to define/select a different directory from the app? Perhaps adding multiple directories containing sound files?

As there's a settings file now, it's possible to add & save multiple sound sources.

2. Regarding active time:

3) I'm a teacher and I use my laptop in class. During class, I need to have the program silenced, but during office hours, I want to keep it running.

This can be done automatically via scheduled active hours.

I guess you would prefer to have a schedule form in addition to the manual mute option?

Please do provide feedback to make the best program for you :up:


Hi Stephen, the proggie is shaping. I just want to ask what languages to include on first version.

(English + Italian are there)


Also, would like to get your feedback about adding a new shortcut (say, CTRL + SHIFT + F6) to invoke foreign word count directly; this way there's less GUI involved.


Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: Global Word Counter (GWC)
« on: October 09, 2019, 11:25 PM »
Thank you for your interest in helping. Unfortunately, I am not understanding.

Hey! No worries CT. Actually, no need to understand the former message as I can make it as per your original request.

Used offline on my Windows 10 laptop. It would be something like a keylogger, but would not record any keystrokes only the fact a key was pressed and increment a counter.

As I code for the public domain and all of the program's source code is open, the fact it doesn't act as a "recording" keylogger is provable so this isn't a concern.

In short: I'll take this as per your original requirements!  :Thmbsup:


Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: Global Word Counter (GWC)
« on: October 09, 2019, 06:03 AM »
Hello Calvin, I'm working on a "Multilingual Word Counter":

First part (CTRL-C word counter) comes for evaluation within some days.

If you consider such a copy functionality as viable, your Global Word Counter idea can be made a derivative from this code.

It's half-built. I recently did a formatter with the initial monitor functionality: Clipboard Call Number Formatter v0.1.0

What do you say? Can it work via clipboard?

Wowie Jim, I'm very happy of our interactions too! Thank you very much for joining the movement!  :)

Patron by patron we'll make great things as a joint group spread across the forums, from which every interacting user can enjoy the resulting programs & other developers can also re-use the source code.

...I'm 100% willing to devote full-time to assisting the fellows via code.

It is my dream to make a living helping others. It brings tears to my eyes to have it become a reality day by day, thanks to many kind fellows in the software community.

Software itself is truly wonderful! It has a multiplier effect: by serving an user ALL the other users with the same need are served too.

That's priceless!

I'm also using this as a space to record a wishlist for possible future features.

Your suggestions are possible indeed and are going to be programmed into the next releases in the 0.x branch during this October.

Semantic versioning is being used for these public domain releases so the whole 0.x branch is for adding features and bug fixes. There's no rush to make it v1.0; better to make it a solid applications serving its purpose to its fullest.

Also, you're correct: the program now uses a single system timer for all modes, so it's basically using brand new logic which introduced "quirks" to iron-out.

But hey! that's why we're here for.

A most-grateful,

Random Sounds App v0.2.0


> Release + download_16.png Download link

v0.2.0 changes:
  • Add "minutes from the hour" mode.
  • Fix form size.
  • Update about message.
  • Add remaining time to next play.
  • Add remember last selected radio button.
  • Add guard against empty sounds list.
  • Add silencing player when turning off or changing mode.

Usage video:

Enjoy!  :Thmbsup:

Formal release for fellow users in the making!

It's uploaded :Thmbsup:

Release: Title Changer Launcher Generator v0.1.0

Usage video:


Post New Requests Here / Re: Android?? Basic simple countdown timer....
« on: September 27, 2019, 07:45 AM »
Wonder how hard it would be to use existing Java code, and make a tiny Android app as requested.

You're right nkormanik, it should be possible to peek at ready-made source code (i.e. from GitHub) to "inspire" an app with your requirements.

I currently have a list of ~4 programs to end the month (busy weekend ahead  :)).

If nobody's taking this after my next round of releases, I can do this one for you. No prob.


At the moment, when you click the ON radio button, none of the settings below are selected by default, so it's not actually ON.

Roger that Jim. Fixing it!

Chances are next release comes this weekend [Extended by Jim]. Stay tuned :up:

UPDATE: main functionality is complete :) Only small details such as about box remain... (I'm devoting to it)

In-place allows for launchers to replace target programs in disk so start menu + other shortcuts continue to work smoothly.

It also got easier since the "previous title" field is not needed any longer.


If you want to peek at the code, MainForm.cs

Formal release for fellow users in the making! Cheers

My pleasure Jim! :)

Please let me know if that doesn't make much sense!

Your suggestions make perfect sense! Let's engage with doing them as soon as scriptkid's code is set.

...Chances are both programs are complete this very week to end the month successfully! :Thmbsup:


This solution can be deemed "permanent" as long as you don't revert to the original file names...

Let's give this one a try scriptkid. We can grow in complexity as the situation demands it.

We're going to accompany you all the way for achieving this; going from simpler to more complex solutions until one fits :Thmbsup:


Hi there! Making the process reversible so it's taking a bit longer.


(Does make usage smoother since the user avoids file renaming by hand)

But this is not permant, it is for local usage / systems with your app only....

Correct! In this particular approach for title change, this may be a plus; since there's no messing with the target exe file, it's akin to a file-replacement job, keeping the original as a live backup :)

There is utterly no rush with this [...]

Thanks for sharing this info. Nonetheless, let's put some time-frame to it :)

Let's say: word count feature fully-done before September ends [postponed to match program] + complete speaking time in October :Thmbsup:

(Hey! Life has taught me it's best for there to be a date to achieve success! )


this will just change the tile by opening it?

Yes, a new standalone "launcher.exe" is compiled/generated to be placed in the same folder as the target program.

When the user opens this launcher file, it starts the target program (hidden), monitors in a loop while it loads, then changes title bar text to whatever you configured it to be.

Once it's changed, the target program is finally made visible; this way the user never gets to see the original title message.

It should be finished during the weekend, as I've done user-initiated compilation before. No prob.


Can i send it here?

Wait! Please allow me to finish a window title changer generator so YOU can use it on your own...

(This way it can help the most)



Welcome to the forum @scriptkid, I'm in!

Please paint a bit more of the scenario to see if the best use-case is a DLL, a "launcher" program or perhaps a direct EXE change at the binary file level.

It can be accomplished via creating a single-purpose program for starting the application hidden, changing the title using the windows API, then making the windows visible.

This would be the "soft" approach and a good starting point which doesn't require anything further other than the .exe name you have there.

Let's try this first!

What's the exact .EXE file name?


Okie, need some input here to continue :)

Part "A" (word count) = piece of cake.

Part "B"(speaking time) is going to need a bit of creativity here. I'm thinking hooking into a Text-to-speech source, extracting the resulting duration as base/average time, then calculating "fast" and "slow" speech as a function of this value (i.e. 1.25x / 0.75x)

Do you have any program you prefer to use for text to speech? Since this is custom-made for your specific use-case, we should begin with anything you have!  ;)



My first choice was AHK, but I'm a newbie with that scripting language. Do you have some preference?

Hey! As @wraith808 said (spot-on):

I think he already has a language of choice to develop in.  :Thmbsup:

The language would be C# for a .NET 4.5 application native to Windows 8+

Anything, just let me know.


Hello. I was trying to acomplish the following idea with autohotkey but I'm stuck on the remote aproach.

I'm a teacher and some of my students have strong atention issues (special needs, autism...).

Sometimes I have to get atention and my idea is to block the mouse and mute their computer on the ones that they are not listening me.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Hello flamerz,

This looks like an exciting and most-useful project to assist the children  :Thmbsup:

I’ve worked with server-client architecture before.

It's very straightforward! These projects are usually “glorified chats” between computers; simply recognizing text patterns to trigger a certain action on the other end (i.e. totally doable!)

If you're still in need of this program, let’s work together toward making it a reality.


The only "UI" it needs, is a settings window to set your languages (native + chosen foreign), and to change between slow-average-fast (spoken word speed)

Roger that.

Repo open @

Okie! Let's begin coding this release! :up:

Do you have any config GUI in mind? Should I go "free style" on user interface? :)

Random Sounds App v0.1.0


Release info + download.

Enjoy! :Thmbsup:

Developer's Corner / Re: Official icons?
« on: September 15, 2019, 07:37 PM »
Thank you guys!

You can't go wrong with Cody.

Yep. Cody it is! :-*

:up: Wow! Thank you so much Vic! I can't wait to try this out!

My pleasure Jim  :)

The program is finished. I'm making initial release in next reply.

Do you think it could use a [Cancel][Apply][OK] button set at the bottom?
After I drew the mockup, I realised I had not included one.

Given the way it's coded you may not need the extra buttons: it auto-enables timers on settings' selection and clears all sound players when clicking off :Thmbsup:

Let's give a shot @ this version (no problem if you need to add something else after your review)


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