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  • October 16, 2019, 07:11 AM
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I definitely require folders and the ability to drag and drop between them. Why don't all such have this?
Combining text clips.
Manually manipulating/changing/checking text in clips.
Automatically changing text in clips.
Stripping formatting from text clips.
Keeping formatting/rich text
Sophisticated searching of clips  Clipmate fails on some searches
Join clips
I'd very much like the ability to export folders in plain text, even better in a format I could export to some sort of database.

I like powerpaste but could live without it.
You know, I don't use the Clipbar but I think I should and might end up seeing it as vital.


ClipMate also can't search for S'Mores, which is a problem for me but probably not most users!

Ok, you have to expand on this.   Or not, but that would be mean! :)

It can't parse the apostrophe in it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I actually use ClipboardFusion.  CH&S is a great application, but for my uses, CF works better (clipping across several machines/devices, and removing formatting from clips are the largest ones)

I'd forgotten that I use removing formatting from clips all the time. That's pretty important to me, along with rapid searching. ClipMate also can't search for S'Mores, which is a problem for me but probably not most users!

I  love clipmate with its folders and ability to merge clips, but it would be nice to have something still supported. My real concern however is that something goes wrong I can't fix and I lose my database entirely. I've read the earlier thread "Where has Clipmate Support Gone?"

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