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  • Sunday September 19, 2021, 2:39 pm
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It would appear that a recent Windows 10 update fixed this "problem"

Now, when I boot up my computer by pressing the Power-button, the slide-show will begin immediately, and it also loads the Personalized Settings immediately (i.e. weather information)

So, I want to say thank you for looking into the problem, but it fixed itself.

Now, every time I power up my PC, I am greeted by a slideshow of beautiful, official box art pictures of demons from DOOM (2016). I am a happy super-nerd now, and my girlfriend is like "Ughh. That one demon is pretty cute tho."

I think that if the keypress can be made so that it appears to come from the keyboard buffer then it'll work, (SendKeys uses Windows messages from what I understand).

It's been a while, but I must ask you guys again if there was some relatively simple solution to this?

The program needs to be written first.

Is this a laptop or desktop computer?

Is it a PS/2 or USB keyboard, (and is there only one)?

An entire program has to be written? Alright.

Also, I am so sorry for a late reply. All kinds of things going on in life.

It is a desktop computer, and it is a USB keyboard, one keyboard, at least currently it's USB and I believe it will stay as such in the future.

Is this not too much of trouble for you? I was hoping there would be a low-effort solution to my problem, but apparently not!

I think that if the keypress can be made so that it appears to come from the keyboard buffer then it'll work, (SendKeys uses Windows messages from what I understand).

I see. So, how should I proceed in order to set this up?

Instructions&help would be greatly appreciated.

It seems my request is not as simple as I thought.. Have you tried telling the script to hit the up-arrowkey twice, perhaps?

And it can be a mouseclick too, if that makes any difference. Other keys work to swipe away the Lockscreen as well..

Anyways, I appreciate all the help guys! If a solution can be found through some magic and/or trickery, I'd be happy

Does C:\Windows\System32\Group Policy\Machine\Scripts\Startup still exist/work under W10?

Might be able to just put a script in there that sends a [Up Arrow] when the machine is at logon screen.

What I was using back in this thread.

It would appear that Windows/System32/Group Policy is an empty folder, so no Machine/Scripts/Startup is found, unfortunately.

Just tried it with the following PoSh script but it didn't seem to work, (the script works, the GPE method didn't):

Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $wshell = New-Object -ComObject ; $wshell.SendKeys('{UP}')

Tried putting a sleep 20 in front also but still no joy.

Thank you people for the responses and eagerness to look into my "problem".

Forgive me for being foolish, but where exactly do I apply this piece of code/script? I know, right? Silly question.

And, does it work? It seems to have something to do with the PowerShell, which I don't know what it is, so.. What do?

Hell, a donation for anyone to come up with a working solution - even if it's something simple that I may have missed.

So much for a easily understandable thread title..

I have a certain problem that I need fixed, a certain need that I wish to fulfill, and I am hoping you guys could help me out.

A little prelude into my problem:

When booting up your Win10 PC, FIRST it will naturally go to this Lock-screen which displays 1) A static picture, 2) A slideshow of pictures or additionally 3) the "Windows Spotlight" picture. These are the three options to choose from when Customizing the Lockscreen for Windows10. Still with me? Great!

Now, personally, I like to have 2) A Slideshow of Pictures for my Lockscreen, however there is a slight problem:

When booting up the PC, the slideshow won't begin unless I login first, and then Lock the user out. OR, as I discovered, I can simply hit an arrowkey/mouse to enter the Login screen, but then simply wait for it to go back to the Lockscreen if no action is taken and amazingly enough, the Slideshow of pictures will begin.

So, in short, my desired effect is to have the Slideshow of pictures begin immediately on the Lockscreen after booting up the PC, without having to do anything else than pressing the Power-button.

A possible explanation for why the slideshow doesn't immediately begin is because Personalized Settings are not loaded on first boot-up yet, however the Personalized Settings will load with a simple arrowkey/mouseclick to enter the Login-screen, and you don't even have to log in!

What I need is a script/trick/a piece of code, or ANYTHING, to do the following:

simply have the script to press the (up) arrowkey after booting up, so that it enters the Login screen automatically (skipping the Lockscreen straight into the Login-screen), AND if no action is taken (meaning, typing your login information) it will go back to the Lockscreen, thus beginning the slideshow of pictures!

And that's it. Please, are you able to help me out? If you were even able to grasp my problem here. It may be a small problem to one, but I feel that it's important for me.

EDIT: I apologize immensely if my question/problem has already been discussed and solved even. I've done so much searching before in order to get this "fixed" but without any results, so I didn't have to energy to search these forums. I just registered and posted. Please don't ban me.

EDIT2: If a solution is possible through registry editing (regedit), that would also be perfectly fine! Please, and Thank You.

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