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Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Formatting Presets SNAFU
« on: May 10, 2018, 12:45 PM »
Yes, it did copy.

I tried it just now in Notepad++ again and it did exactly the same thing.

Tried in MS Word, and it worked as expected. 

Nevertheless, that still leaves a major issue with Notepad++

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Formatting Presets SNAFU
« on: May 09, 2018, 01:28 PM »
I just re-tried by first copying the 2nd line, then proceeding as above.  EXACT same result.

Clipboard Help+Spell / This Drives Me Crazy
« on: May 09, 2018, 12:50 PM »
Coming from ClipMate and usually using the full window (Explorer Classic, I think he calls it) I expect invoking the window will put me in the grid on the TOP row and sorted by whatever I set.  In ClipMate, that was typically either ClipID (a unique, incrementing integer ID) or date so that I was always positioned at the top with the most recent clip selected.

So here in CHS, I expect the same, but instead, I often find myself at the bottom of the list FAR FAR AWAY from the top as shown in the screenshot.  Now, how can I get CHS to ALWAYS put me at the top of the list, on the most recent clip?

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 11_02_12 AM.png

Clipboard Help+Spell / Formatting Presets SNAFU
« on: May 09, 2018, 12:38 PM »
Okay, so here I am in Notepad++ and I'm going to try out a formatting preset.  So as you can see, I have the second line of text selected.

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 12_20_42 PM.png

I'm going to try the DashToTab preset, and as there is a dash in the selected text, I presume it will be converted to a tab.

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 12_23_01 PM.png

This is what I get.  Whaaaaaat?

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 12_25_04 PM.png

So I hit Ctrl+z to undo since obviously this didn't work.  This is what I get:

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 12_25_42 PM.png

Okay, let's try Ctrl+z one more time...

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 12_26_14 PM.png

Wow.  Again...

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 12_27_15 PM.png

OMG!  Again?

Screenshot - 5_9_2018 , 12_28_04 PM.png

Yea!  Back to square one.  But, I mean, WTH?   :huh:

Sorry for the long delay on replying.  Thanks for answering.

Actually, I do think it's to much work.  ;)

I see no reason CHS couldn't push the modified clip back onto the clipboard automatically.  It is, however, a departure from how it works now and presumably since the beginning of time(?) so it seems like a perfect candidate for a Options setting - Update Clipboard with Modified Clips, or some such, and off by default.  I would turn it on immediately.  My thinking is, if I went in there to reformat the text, I probably want to do something with it right away, like oh, I don't know... paste it?  ;)

And thanks for the usage lesson.  I get that you envisioned the use of the Ctrl+Alt+Q as the preferred/primary interface, but I've always used the main CHS window, and used the similar window in ClipMate for all the years I used it, too.  I will, however, try to use the Ctrl+Alt+Q interface a bit more and see if it suits my workflow any better. 

Clipboard Help+Spell / Case Change Not Registered on Clipboard
« on: May 03, 2018, 09:41 AM »
I just copied a line of text from Chrome that was all uppercase.  I uses CHS to change to title case and accepted the reformatted clip.  On the main CHS window, the change was applied.  When I subsequently pasted it into the Excel spreadsheet I was working in, it came in as all uppercase.  Checking the quick paste menu(?) you get by clicking on the tray icon, the entry there was still all uppercase.  I had to go back into the main window and double click the title case version then go over to Excel and past it in.  That time I got the correct case.

And sorry for not knowing all the correct CHS terminology.  I'm a fairly noob user of CHS.

I think you're confusing the thumbnail panel with the "clipart panel".

The thumbnail panel, which is (almost) always on screen and shows the content of your current screenshot directory, has no such right-click "browse here" entry, but only because there has always been an easy way to browse your current screenshot directory, from the main menu.  From the main menu choose "GoTo-> " and then the 2nd item down is "Explore at current screenshot directory".  Or to do it fast hit Alt+G and then E.

The new feature is for the Clipart Object functionality, which allows you to drop special clipart images on your screenshots and manipulate them as objects.

Ah.  My bad.  Noob user.


[New Feature] New right-click context menu in clipart panel to browse current clipart directory with file explorer (useful for managing/renaming MyClipart files).

This is worth the update alone!  I have been meaning to come in here and request it, but viola(!) it happened automagically.

Problem though - I don't see it.  How exactly does this work?  I've right clicked on an image, and don't see anything letting me open the directory in File Explorer, and right clicking on the background of the clipart panel only gives me the option to "Create new folder here."  What am I missing?

The screencast video link on the top-level post is a 404.   :o

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