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Living Room / Re: [Breaking News] Cyber Attack cripples UK NHS.
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:37 AM »
I thought there were certain entities in possibly the commercial arena that were still able to receive updates for XP, if they had some sort of special code in the registry.  I am not sure about medical facilities, but I thought that some financial institutions had XP still in some ATM systems and that Microsoft was still giving them a kind of minimum support.
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-6DecadesOld (May 13, 2017, 05:39 AM)

I suppose this was so low on the totem pole here that it was unseen in the mud, but I had some time today and remembered that I had asked here about this and was sure I had heard or read that something was still in a sort of support mode for XP and went looking and to my surprise I found something that was posted just a few days ago.


So I guess that it is true that somebody can get certain updates for XP.  So couldn't that special anti-NSAbug update have been sent to those with XP that still were getting updates?

EDITOkay, I seem to have screwed up.  Sorry about that.  I see some folks above are writing that you can pay Macrohard to provide support for your XP.  I guess this business about just stick in a registry something-something is baloney, right?

Living Room / Re: [Breaking News] Cyber Attack cripples UK NHS.
« on: May 13, 2017, 05:39 AM »
I thought there were certain entities in possibly the commercial arena that were still able to receive updates for XP, if they had some sort of special code in the registry.  I am not sure about medical facilities, but I thought that some financial institutions had XP still in some ATM systems and that Microsoft was still giving them a kind of minimum support.

And that point about some equipment in older hospitals requiring the XP OS seems not too far-fetched.

Just a few months ago I surprised a dentist I was seeing for the first time; I saw his monitor near the chair and he was using that system for recording my information and I recognized it was an XP system.

Living Room / Re: "Privacy" violation at GmailHelpForum
« on: May 12, 2017, 05:48 AM »
tomos, your question about why I am willing to spend the time and money to ask for some sort of accountability is a difficult one.  Some reason I hadn't really asked myself that since this all started and I saw your question yesterday, I think, and had trouble with an answer.  But then something happened a few hours ago and I have some bits of the answer.  It is in two parts, and I will place the link here instead of copying everything here and cluttering up the thread with my thoughts.

The first post that link should take you to was discovery number three of a canned response that contract worker fed to a Google customer (I refer to everyone using Gmail as a customer.)  - -  and then a bit after that you will see another post further down where I went even further with my thoughts, and those are a tad bit of an answer to your question, tomos.


EDITI wrote that incorrectly.  The second post I wanted you to look at was in the thread where I found canned response number 2, here:


Living Room / Re: "Privacy" violation at GmailHelpForum
« on: May 11, 2017, 12:22 AM »
Thank you and I hope this is non-obfustigated, as I have to confess to a vocabulary malfunction in my brain on that one:


Living Room / "Privacy" violation at GmailHelpForum
« on: May 11, 2017, 12:01 AM »
I have to put those quotation marks around the vocabulary 'privacy' because there is an actual question whether Google legally classifies your email address as private.

Why I am posting here is because I really am wondering what sort of opinion regular folks might have of this event.

I suppose a volunteer on the Support Staff was so frustrated with me that he just couldn't control himself and the last post he did before he finished that work session on Friday of last week was to post my email address in a separate post with an odd reference to direct mailing.

5 hours after he did it I became aware of it and about 12 hours after I became aware of it and asked to have it removed it was finally removed.  It was up there for about 17 hours.

Of course, there is a thread over there about the whole event.  I have not received any apology from any Google employee, nor even the individual that did it, and that same individual has been working in his status as a Rising Star ever since and it seems the event is viewed as a non-event by the Google employee that is responsible for those volunteers.  I only draw that conclusion because that volunteer is still in his usual role on the site.  It gives the impression that Google, at that level of management, does not care.

So I am posting here to ask the opinion of folks that have the time to read this and that further have the time to post an answer: What do you make of this event?

Should I be upset?

I might add one further note; I kept the individual's identity off the board in the main thread where the event has been discussed, until about 24 hours ago.  It finally got too much to have people posting that they needed details and people sending me messages asking for detail and so on.  So I finally showed the public there what the screenshot looked like with my email account name removed, of course.  There is no doubt about the act being malicious.  It is obvious.

I do not remember what the rules are here about posting links, so if the admin/moderator allows me to do so, I will provide a link to a thread over there that covers the whole business.

Thank you, everyone, for your attention.

Living Room / Re: Disobedience Award — MIT Media Lab
« on: March 10, 2017, 04:27 PM »
I agree that it seems to be an interesting project, but I am having some trouble accepting that everything is only in English.  That really surprises me.  I thought MIT was a tad bit more careful about such things.

So I'm working on the problem, but I don't have any more direct contacts at the school.  It's been too many years.  So I am trying to get some other folks to get in touch with them and ask what's up.

Problem is that I cause so much trouble all over the place I may have some trouble getting help with this.  That's one of the disadvantages when one is a troublemaker like I am.  But most of the time the trouble I cause is for good reasons — justifiable reasons.  Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Living Room / Disobedience Award — MIT Media Lab
« on: March 09, 2017, 11:15 PM »
Firstly, I will put a sentence in here from Director Ito that sort of gives you an idea what's up, if you don't already know about this:

  • "You don’t change the world by doing what you’re told."

The link for the nomination form that will also provide the very basic ideas of the award as you view the first few pages before the actual nomination form pages:

Jessica Sousa's explanation is here:

And even though Ms. Sousa has a link to Director Ito's explanation that went up last year (July, I think) I will provide a link here:

Also, Director Ito put up an entry in their web log in March of last year and I will place that link here, as well:

And for anyone else that may have thought of it, I am going through the New York Chapter (Joly, their VP) of the ISOC to try and find out why we are not seeing this presented in any other languages.  If you are a member of the ISOC you have to go to the Open Forum to view that.

Living Room / Re: The joy of seeing a first time forum poster
« on: March 09, 2017, 10:08 PM »
The problem is that I have always considered the writing of the letter as a double-V and not as a double-U, but I am not from Denmark or a couple of those other countries in that area.

By the way, Shades, that idea there about falling off of a bar stool prompted me to think for a moment and I do not ever recall falling off a bar stool and it hit me that those that do are safer than those that don't.

Now you are probably wondering what in the heck am I on about, right?

Well, I think there are two sorts of drinkers -- those that easily get drunk and stumble all over the place -- or fall off bar stools -- after 6 or 7 beers or so or the same regarding shots of hard drinking stuff ..... THEN there are those, like me, that can just drink on and on and on and appear to be okay until the very end when BAM -- I either make it back home and fall into bed, or I find some corner and pass out.  I'm not really the stumbling kind, and that ain't no good.

Of course, with age I have drastically reduced the drinking business and almost never get into it now.  If I do I am usually careful about how much I consume.  Just have to do that when you are older and wish to make it to 100.

But I do remember some earlier days and sometimes when I was on active duty I remember some of us going on for an entire weekend and I don't think that was too good for myself or my friends.  But when some folks are younger they can be mighty stupid about some things and on that one I had a few mighty stupid moments.  That's one reason it is always good to cultivate friendships in the local law enforcement ranks.

Living Room / Re: Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish
« on: March 08, 2017, 08:09 AM »
One thing I am very bad about on the Net is not letting too much about myself get out and about.  That hinders me in some discussions and this would be one of those types of discussions.

But I can state a few things and still sort of hide.

Let me see, I have to think ... since the very early 70s I have lived outside the U.S. of A. for all but a couple of years -- maybe three, if memory serves correctly -- and in the case of two countries those years added up to about 8 years or so in one and about 30 in another.  At one time I was determined to never return to this part of the world, but a certain president fella pulled a stunt on a special group he put together and we all ended up being sent back into this area.  That president fella got mighty angry at us all, too.  After we were informed of the president fella changing our orders so many of us were calling friends to get transferred that he came down to us and chewed us out good and shipped us off anyway.

Anyway, what I find interesting so far in this discussion is how limited in scope it is.  You get yourself out and about on this planet and you will find that culture can have a really interesting meaning.  And I really mean "really interesting" but I am sort of in a bind because I don't even want to explain about the two countries I have lived in for a long time, nor that other one where I learned to hate a certain race of people.  Lucky for me I unlearned that hate business.

And I'll be trusting the admin and mods here not to let out about my User Agent.

But if you folks really want to get into a serious discussion about culture please start thinking about a big round thing with all these weird four-limbed creatures living on it that seem to think they should be called humans.  Them weird creatures have a whole lot of interesting ways to go about doing that thing they seem to like to call living.  Unfortunately, them life forms that call themselves humans also have some serious hate stored up in their brains that they sometimes use to justify the stamping on cultures they don't like.

And it is when those cultures clash when you really begin to understand what culture means.

Another thing, the "humans" that live in that place called the U.S. of A. really don't know how lucky they are.  The "culture" of freedom is something a whole mess of folks all over this planet would love to be allowed to live in.  And, more importantly, raise their kids in.  That is a culture I would like to see spread all over this big round thing called Earth.

Yep, "culture" is one heck of a subject to discuss, but spread the idea out and away from just the corporate world, or your own country.

By the way, I fully understand that many other countries have fine traditions of a culture of freedom, but I only feel proper in pointing to the country I was born and raised in, even though I know we in the U.S. of A. aren't the sole guardians of freedom.  And please don't ever forget that you have to guard freedom.  It don't come for free.  There's a price to pay.  Sometimes your life.

But it is definitely a culture.  The culture of freedom.  It can't be ignored if you are going to discuss culture.  Just like you can't ignore the many, many, so many cultures of all sorts of interesting "humans" that live on this giant ball that is racing around that huge star.

And that reference to the star should then point us to the idea of the culture we haven't met, yet -- the one of the creatures that live on that planet way, way, way over there.

Living Room / Re: The joy of seeing a first time forum poster
« on: March 08, 2017, 04:25 AM »
I went back to the screen grab for another look with regard to when I was doing the registration thing and I now see that it wasn't the lower-case I used.  I thought that "W" was an "E" almost on its back.  In fact, I remember now thinking at the time that was sure to fool a machine.  I'll bet that is actually a "W" slightly tilted on the left side, right? 


Screenshot Captor / Re: prt sc not working
« on: March 08, 2017, 04:14 AM »
Okey-dokey, I understand.  And appreciate the trouble you folks went to to read and answer. (Neat, the grammar check doesn't like that double 'to' there.)

BUT --  and this is really weird -- I fixed my key trouble and you ain't gonna guess what works, even if I gave you my six decades to get it.  Well, I am going too far there, aren't I?

It is just that for hours I have been poking my nose into all sorts of corners all over the Net looking at all sorts of answers and nothing was working and then I had a thought and gave it a try and it works.

I hold down the Fn key and then tap the PrtSc key three times.

First time it worked I didn't believe it, but it was right there and I saved it.  So I did it again.  And again.  And it works.  I don't have time to think about that deeply, although the idea of some sort of sticky key sort of creeps into some part of my brain, but I sense that isn't the answer why it's working.

And it creeped into my old brain that as I have an external monitor added to this laptop it may have something to do with that.  Weird, isn't it?  Like I have to at least tap that key twice -- once for each monitor.  I just haven't had time to properly figure that answer out, but I have discovered an answer and that is rather neat.

And the print screen trouble has caused me to find this place and that might be pretty cool.  And I am thinking I may just want to install the Screenshot Captor on this unit anyway.  I suspect there are features available I could use.

Has anyone ever noticed any conflict with any Microsoft installed program/tool/service with the Screenshot Captor?  I've noticed over the past few years that Microsoft seems to be getting nastier and nastier about 3rd-party stuff on a Windows unit, so that is why I ask.  That "vote system" that causes some drives to crash is one really weird "We-Don't-Like-You" Microsoft trick, for example.

Screenshot Captor / Re: prt sc not working
« on: March 08, 2017, 01:21 AM »
Okey-dokey, I'm going to use this thread as it seems polite to the admin not to start a new thread when this one is here, even though my unit isn't made note of here.

I am looking into using Screenshot Captor because the print screen button on a Fujitsu, Windows 7 unit started acting weird last night, my time.  This Fujitsu requires the use of the Fn button pressed with the PrtSc button.

I have been looking all over the place for something that would fix my issue and there is all sorts of information out there, but nothing seems to work.  (Yes, I know about the Snipping Tool, and used it during the registration here, but it has a big problem that I didn't have with the normal Print Screen tool.)

Point is, if this software requires the use of the Fn/PrtSc button to work, am I going to have trouble?

I saw this when studying here:

<>  <>  <>  Copy Starts  <>  <>  <>

Tutorial: Getting Started

3. By default Screenshot Captor is configured to capture the entire screen when you hit the PrtScr button, so do that.

<>  <>  <>  Copy Ends  <>  <>  <>

Do I need to fix my button trouble before I download the software?

Thank you for any assistance you may have time to offer me.

Living Room / Re: The joy of seeing a first time forum poster
« on: March 08, 2017, 12:37 AM »
The problem with that idea is sometimes -- many times with me -- the joy turns to a kind of anger later when the admin, mods, and regular members find out they have a real nutcase on their hands -- like me.

You see, I like to ask that nasty question, why, and some companies don't like that question.  But I just keep asking and I have many ways to ask the same question and because I don't give up I am sometimes successful.

But I am probably not such a bad fella, if I am not going after your company because your company did something not so cool.

Actually, my latest project is to drag the ISOC into some sort of true democratic style of doing business within the membership ranks, and that is one tough job.

I've recently come to realize that tech people are not so good at using democratic processes because they are too used to dealing with the average gal/fella that knows zip-zero-nada about some sort of tech issue they are having and the people trying to help usually feel more comfortable just ordering that average gal/fella in what needs doing to get something fixed/done.

Then that tech person finds themselves in an organization like the ISOC and they just keep on ordering, instead of changing their thinking to that of a person really into the democratic methods of doing business.

By the way, the six decades old is true with a few extra years added.  Used to fly, by the way.  Life Member of the VFW.  Still have one of my old TRS-80s stored in that closet over there.  Tons of software for the TRS-80, too.

And I'll bet I just did that intro thingy in the wrong location/thread, right?  Sorry.

Oh, by the way, those verification codes -- the letters are all supposed to be upper-case?

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