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  • Tuesday March 9, 2021, 2:03 am
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Oh, man. I'm replying real late. Sorry about that, I've been really swamped with finals and the like. Tao, I normally try and stay away from letting others make direct suggestions on mechanical changes that should be made to my games, but you seem to have a much more firm grasp on the game in it's current state than I think most people do, so I'd be glad to send you a tweakable demo and stay in touch to create a more fairly balanced game. Unfortunately, I am still a bit tied up with studying and doing research, so I won't be able to go in and make those changes for another week or so.

More on Undermined:

It looks like it's not sufficiently randomized when you open the program! And the first layout looks like it is close to unwinnable! It keeps giving you too many resources on the one you can't easily use, almost 80% more than either of the other two, and you "can't use them" on two of the other miners!

So if you die and restart the program, you are back at that draw again!

My next guess is to see how "standardized" the sequence is. It may be the first winnable one is X number of iterations in!

-- Well, the "preferences" seem to be the same, but the spread does move around a little, so it's unclear.


This is my best result so far: I saved a couple of miners:

TaoPheonix, I'm honored that you found my game worthwhile enough to mention it here. I'm even more honored, though, that you found it engaging enough to keep playing until you got a run where two miners survived, given that this is something that I haven't even managed to accomplish yet. I'd actually be really fascinated to hear more about the strategies you have developed/are developing, since my limited time making the game has left me without much time to actually master the strategies myself.

You've also made some very worthwhile critiques, and I really appreciate that you did so. As for the less-than-random generation, this is a bug that I was actually just about to look into, and you've saved me a bit of time by confirming that it exists. Turns out that I needed to set a seed for the number generator to use so that it's outputs would actually be random, which I was not aware of. I'll fix that A.S.A.P. and update the link on my compo page.

The bug with not detecting all actions being spent, I believe, is probably a result of having time leftover to open up to more miners. I had considered letting the player skip using these without getting a warning, but decided that it is still useful to know about the problems of one additional miner, even if you can't do anything about them. That extra info can come in handy the following round.

The question of difficulty, I'm afraid, isn't one I have an answer to just yet. I'm struggling to find a sweet spot where it's actually possible for everybody to survive while still constantly having the threat of complete failure. I'm going to keep at it, though, I assure you that much.

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