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I know I'm running a little late with my response, but it may help future readers of this topic -

For years now I've used a simple program called "PropertiesPlus"

What it does -
PropertiesPlus is a free add-on for Windows Explorer.  It adds additional functionality to the right-click menu under the menu option PropertiesPlus (below the normal Windows "Properties"). Here you are able to modify file attributes, file extensions, and the time stamps of single files, multiple files, or files contained within the folders. Display the bytes allocated and the disk information. This program is simple to install and easy to use. If, like me, you frequently require more control over your files than that allowed by the base Windows application, PropertiesPlus allows considerable flexibility.

I'm using Ver1.65, and although the blurb says it's for Win95, Win98, NT4.0, it works perfectly well on my XP SP2 system, and I believe, on Vista too.  I couldn't do without it.
It's an old program, but still the best.  Better than Attribute Changer IMO.

The filename is "pplus165.exe"    If you want it, you'll find a few places on the net where it is still available.

DcUpdater / Re: Installed programs not recognized
« on: September 01, 2007, 12:00 AM »
Despite a few "teething problems" some people are having with DCU, it's a great little program, mouser - simply brilliant idea.  Much appreciated.

DcUpdater / Re: Installed programs not recognized
« on: August 30, 2007, 03:04 AM »
i'll look into this a bit more, but what should happen is that the first time you run the program it should overwrite that redirect file to point to the real location.  but thanks for the tip katkilla, that may be a clue to some bug causing this.

No, having read this somewhere on the forum, I tried running the program several times, but to no avail.  I checked "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel, and the latest version of Process Tamer was shown there, so I then looked at the RedirectFiles and thought the entry looked rather odd with its "%" entries.  The fact that URL Snooper appeared differently gave me the clue as to what to alter.  Strange that DCU recognised URL Snooper and listed it correctly, but not Process Tamer.  yet they were both "updated" in the same session.  So it may be a bug.

DcUpdater / Re: Installed programs not recognized
« on: August 29, 2007, 10:01 PM »
i'm sure this has been mentioned before but i couldn't find the thread. so here it is again.. what to do when DCU shows programs already installed as "not installed"? :)

I too had this problem, and it mystified me for quite a while.  The installers found my already installed packages just fine, but DCU still maintained they were "not installed" even after several installs.

I discovered the problem lay in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ApplicationData\DonationCoder\DcUpdater\RedirectFiles\
ProcessTamer.dcupdateredirect file.

It read "%ProgramFiles%\ProcessTamer\" 
I amended it to read: "D:\Program Files\ProcessTamer\" and lo and behold, DCU now recognises it as an "installed package"

If you haven't already got it sorted, hope this helps.

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