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While trying to help Mouser track this bug down by trying older versions this morning, I stumbled on to what may be the problem (when I accidentally deleted my FARR .ini file instead of the FARR .exe).  FARR regenerated a default ini file -- and suddenly worked again.  By going through and modifying the default ini it generated one item at a time until FARR broke, I discovered that if I set Inactive Memory Use (In the General Tab) to either Minimal or Average, I got the weird selection with mouse behavior. When left Inactive Memory Use in the default "Stay in Memory Longer" setting, FARR works just like it is supposed to.  You might check this on your system.

I still get the behaviour and my memory setting is the default one.  I haven't tried deleting the .ini file yet but will do so as soon as I get a chance.

General Software Discussion / Re: Excalibur 32-bit
« on: July 11, 2007, 11:07 PM »
I have used both algebraic and RPN calculators as stand alone machines and on computer programs.  I think that RPN comes into its own with stand alone machines - I can input data MUCH more quickly and accurately using RPN logic on those machines.  I have both a TI-89 (algebraic) and an HP-49G (algebraic or RPN) and, in my opinion, the latter machine is far more productive in daily use when used in RPN mode.  On the computer I don't find the advantage nearly as noticeable, and there are a lot of clever algebraic based calculators available: particularly ones without a keypad that are for 'just figurin ..' like Calcute ( or SpeQ Mathematics ( both of which are freeware.

I was able to find back versions: I had .60, .62, .78, .82, .108, .117, .122, and .125.  ALL of the versions keep Find and Run Robot running on the taskbar when I double click on the program name in the main file area.  However, there WAS a difference in behaviour between versions .82 and .108.  Prior to version .108 when I double click, FARR's window goes to the small window briefly, jumps back to the larger size with the filenames below and THEN runs the program I selected.  From version .108 on it just shrinks to the edit box and then runs the program.

Hope this helps.  I'm going to reinstall the most recent version again now - I'm addicted.


I will dig up my backup USB drive and see if my obsessive nature has led me to back up some of the earlier alpha versions and I will try uninstalling the current version and see if I can find a version that doesn't do this on my machine.


I have just installed and am now running version .125 alpha.  I am getting similar behaviour - when I double click on a name in the main display the Find and Run application goes to the small window and stays - I have to press the close 'X' in the upper right corner of it's window.  It launches the program correctly, and I do NOT get this behaviour when I use a function key to launch or cursor down to the program name and press ENTER.

I first noticed this behaviour several releases ago - assumed it was something I was doing wrong (It usually is - on the computer and in life!) and was only a minor annoyance in a fabulously useful program.  I had the impression that .122 stopped this behaviour, but still got it on 1 or 2 occasions (and I wasn't paying attention to how I was launching the programs on those occasions; I was a BAD tester - I was actually enjoying using the program) but it's behaviour that is certainly there now on my machine.

I am running XP Pro SP2 if that's of any use.

Jeff Cranford

I am using 2.00.108 and it has been very solid for me (although I am not 'stretching the envelope').  I LOVE this program.  The calculator is very cool as well.

I am currently using v2.00.82 ALPHA but seem unable to download the latest alpha version using the normal link - has this changed?

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