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thank you worstje for your detailed reply. If I understand correctly using your code/script/app would depend on another code/script/app in order to produce a one press operation? Please forgive the limited scope of my knowledge. As is usually my case, what 'seems' like a simple request from a 'dummy' can become an intricate and complex undertaking from what I have learned so far. And it is why I am so in awe of all you here that possess these skill sets. I salute you!

thank you 4wd, skwire and wraith808.

The 'apps key' suggestion is a good alternate for keyboard-only operations. I desire a one-clik, correction, one key-press only solution.
I looked into the Cautomaton (). Seems this member has not been active here recently, so if anyone out there familiar with that code can shed any light that it will or won't do as requested, it is appreciated.

cheers -MS

Topic title modified for clarity

So are you saying that you want a contextual keymap based on the application that is foregrounded?

Or do you want a hot-key to replace the combined action: Context menu->WinAmp->Execute
Yes, however it must behave identical to as described in the OP. I want to define several keys and assign different apps (e.g. winamp, wmp, mp3tag, mpc-hc, foobar, etc.). So, perhaps a script for one and highlight the specific terms to change for each different app to do on my own.

fwiw, I have a Logitech G510s with programmable keys. I defined one of them it but did not play the selected files as per the r-clik context behavior. It just started the app. Perhaps assigning the hot-key script
to a "keystroke" rather than a shortcut can work? I don't know, this begins to go beyond my skillset.

-thank you

I use Windows 7 -

I request a key(stroke?) that will invoke a media-based program on only the selected items. For example, currently we can select 3 music files, and via the r-clik context menu popup navigate to wmp, release mouse button and it will fire-up wmp and play those three files. Instead, I would like to press a key for same action.

-thank you


thank you BigVent - I tied your script, unfortunately the date-time window does not close upon key release.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA : Start-Quit Program w/Single Key?
« on: August 16, 2013, 02:40 PM »
I request help to configure a keyboard key to run and quit a task. For example a desktop clock, calendar, cpu meter, etc (app, gadget, pgm etc,). It should function as follows :


key press-hold = app (e.g. clock) appears (executes a run command?)

key release = app (e.g. clock) disappears (executes a exit/quit command?)


In the clock example, I would like to simply press-hold a key and a custom desktop clock appears (program start) and then disappears (program quit) when I release the key. Defining many tasks in this manner would prevent the need for having multiple tasks running and eating cpu/ram when occasionally 'checking in' super-quickly on something is all that's required.



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