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  • Saturday May 28, 2022, 10:13 pm
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Sorry I forgot to thank you all for your time and advice.

Being naive and not ever having done programming, I spent a couple of days bashing through it.

The Kingsoft Office approach was great - however it removed every upper case except for the first letter of the line. 
So "thank you Jesus" became "Thank you jesus"

Plus I had the bright idea of putting verse numbers like so - "2)" instead of "2."  So I had all the verses to do as well.
However, Find and Replace was very helpful, and helped to rationalise what had been quite a haphazard set of capitalisings.

I ended up with a sore bum and a muzzy head but all done.

Just to clarify - we started with a 30 year old xeroxed book, scanned in and OCR'd it to separate pages, copied and pasted to a master document, spellchecked it, corrected it and corrected it again.
Then did the capitalising bit.
Then made it so pages don't begin half way through a verse.
Then printed to PDF.

Next will be to print as required.

They are songs from the early days when we had revival.  We don't now, but it's inspiring to read what people wrote from their experience.
Be nice to get there again.

So - having used a Stone Age method this time round, and not knowing how to get into the mysteries of Powershell etc, I'd quite like to learn.  Any recommendations? 
I'm not terminally daft yet, and sort out configuration and malware for friends,  It's just the next step and I don't know where to begin.
I'll have another similar project in a month or so, and it would be a good learning project.

What do you collectively think?

I'm creating a hymn book.  The book I scanned and OCR'd had all the songs as blocks, with capitals only at the beginning of a sentence.
Whereas I want to put a capital at the start of every line.

There are just under a thousand songs so I don't want to do it by hand!!

Any ideas?  I've looked on line and can't find anything except via MS Word, which can be configured to do it after every carriage return.
But as far as I can see, only as you type.

Is there a way to replace every "carriage return" with "carriage return and capitalise the next letter"?

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