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 :Thmbsup: Great response doublewitt. I agree with you. The "Bloatware" term is used in the wrong context.

Quoted from Wikipedia:
"Software bloat is a derogatory term used to describe the tendency of newer computer programs to use larger amounts of system resources (mass storage space, processing power and/or RAM) than older programs. It is also used in a more general context to describe programs which appear to be using more system resources than necessary, or implementing extraneous features. Software exhibiting these tendencies is referred to as bloatware or, less commonly, fatware."

I use doorganizer myself and the memory and resource footprint is a LOT lower than even firefox or some other software in its class. I agree about productivity. Anything that shaves off some time in order to concentrate on important issues is a plus. The only reason why we can't develop our lives is because we are too easily distracted (Monty Python's Meaning of Liff got it right). Reduce the distractions and let our minds evolve to the next level. A good organizer application helps us to achieve this.

For the price of $90 do-Organizer is a good deal for what you get. It accounts for almost any kind of important data organization you need. I only wish they could do something about organizing files on a disk. However, they do have a file manager which I use for previewing images and RTF stuff.

Its hardly "bloatware". This term means putting something in software that is not needed. What isn't needed in doOrganizer ?

"Not as configurable"  :o You probably only ran the software for 10 minutes!

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