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skwire, so far its been pretty good.  :Thmbsup:

much appreciated for all your hard work.

yeah sorry, i meant double quotes..  :P

i edited the previous post.

hi skwire,

i came across an issue when i was checking some of my hdds.

i have this sfv which has the filenames surrounded by double quotes such as : "example.part01.rar" 8888d90d, "example.part02.rar" d7e6g7t0, etc.

so when it gets loaded into sfv ninja it looks for a file actually called that with the double quotes which doesn't exist so it is reported as missing. other sfv checkers work fine with it though so they must ignore these.

could you change it to color the row as a problem is found?

This is the way I had initially tried to make it work but, for some reason, it wouldn't.  I tried various tweaks to get the listview to repaint while it was scanning files but nothing worked so colouring it at the end of a scan was the next best thing.

it's not a big deal really so no need to worry about it.

anything different from to 1.1.1, or is it just a non-beta release?

the slowdown has gone completely seeing as i can scroll normally. i guess u reverted back to the original way. it is better this way.

the mode scrolling issue is fixed.  :D

the counters reset when list is cleared.

for the missing/bad files row, the colored row appears only after the verify is finished for all the files in the list. could you change it to color the row as a problem is found? as long as it doesn't slow down the program.

other than that, i am pleased with the program.  :Thmbsup:

ok, now every row is checked when adding a sfv, so thats good.

i have noticed the slowdown when trying to scroll down or up.

so end results are:

total: 31/31        ok: 28        bad: 1        missing: 2

so the total is just confirming the rows?

one other minor thing which might be a little hard to explain. i use the scroll wheel on the mouse quite a lot and when i open the program, the cursor default is on the mode menu. so if i add the files then start scrolling, the mode changes because i haven't clicked elsewhere in the program.  :-[

also, maybe have the counters reset after clearing the list. at the moment, they are reset only once a new verify begins.

just tested the latest version, the row checkbox for missing files still remains unticked (which i suppose is fine seeing as there is no file found), but as the verify reaches the row the counter is adjusted as necessary.

the clear list button is a simple but nice addition. :)

in this example one i am doing, the end counters are:

total: 29        ok: 28        bad: 1        missing: 2

"bad" is included in the total because i suppose a file was present so its not representative if it was successful or not. how about it showing the results like:

total: 28/31        ok: 28        bad: 1        missing: 2

oooh, of course.. the sfv itself isn't getting checked.  :-[

but wouldn't most people clear the files in the list before adding some more folders? thats what i do. i plan to check one hard drive, once the verify is complete, remove files from list, grab another hard drive and do the same for that. if the list is cleared it gets reset back to zero. its just that if i added 30 folders, i would expect there to be 30 sfvs, so it would be confirming that they were all picked up.

if it can't be done, then it's ok.  ;)

i am glad i noticed the bug.  :P

regarding the sfv counter... it shouldn't really matter how many you add or delete because it depends on the verified check at the end. the counter should show how many sfvs were checked in total.

wow skwire, i wasn't expecting a release so soon.  :Thmbsup:

the row colors aren't too harsh but they still stand out which is good and is what i am looking for.

you forgot to add the sfv total at the bottom of the screen along side the other counters.

another thing i have noticed is, when i use "scan folder for checksum files and load" it loads the sfv but it won't check the row which has missing files. so if i verify all files, the counter at the bottom still shows 0 missing at the end of the check (the row is highlighted as missing though which is fine). so at the moment i have to remember to "check all rows" option before running the verify. could you make it default to "check" all the rows when adding the sfv?

thanks a lot.

hi skwire, thanks for the speedy response.

thanks for the first part.

about the second part, if it cannot be done i can live without it. i do like how the interface is clean and does what it does. some other ones i found to be too gimmicky and showed too many things which made it cluttered.

for the third part, yes i did notice the colour change when either the checksums differ or the file is missing. i do not want to change the program too much because some other people might not like the idea, but if it was possible to add a row highlight colour, maybe have that as an option so as to leave the default as it is now.

another thing i thought of is to be able to right-click on any file and have the option to open folder location so you can go straight to the folder.

i think i will keep using this program.  :)

skwire, first i must say i love the program. i spent hours searching google for recursive sfv checkers and after installing, testing, deleting quite a few i came across your one.  :Thmbsup:

some things i would like to recommend:

first: at the bottom of the screen alongside "total", "ok", "bad"... can you put one for "sfv"? this would show the total number of sfvs there are.

second: when i am doing a recursive check on a hdd, it is normally for thousands of files. i dont care too much to have all the files showing up in the screen. what do you think of having just a sfv file line showing then having a "+" or arrow (like in the registry) next to it which will expand to show the actual files which are being checked. if you are not sure what i mean, sort of like how the registry does it (i.e. you click the arrow to expand the next section). so if i dropped 30 folders onto the main window it should only show the 30 sfv rows then i can expand to see the files if need be.

third: if there is a bad or missing file, to highlight the line in yellow, red or some other color. this makes it visually stand out more. so if the second recommendation is implemented, the sfv main row would be red, then when you expand the missing/bad files row is also red.

what do you think?

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