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I apologize for disappearing. I just discovered my new mail service pegged DC alerts as spam. I just now discovered the replies when I was reviewing my spam folder. Thank you for all the replies and suggestions. Since I just now discovered the thread responses it may take a day or two to look at the suggestions in detail. I appreciate your efforts, some of them quite detailed.

Happy Holidays!


I do not know if this is the best place to post, but I have to start somewhere. @Mods - please move it to a better home if necessary.

Like the subject says, I am looking for a utility that I can attach on top of or lay on top of Windows 10 "windows."

I normally run a dark themed computer environment both on the screen and in my room due to a strong light sensitivity. I have about 85% of my computer visuals darkened, but the last 15% has been stubborn. As a result I am seeking a filter which will darken those blinding assaults which melt my eyes. LOL

I have some apps which require a natural color environment, so using the native Magnifier to globally reverse screen color values is not an option. I have tried.

Thoughts, ideas, links?


Thanks for the tips.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: "FAIPS" - Find All In Page Search
« on: October 12, 2019, 04:56 PM »
Okay, I have no idea why, but I installed Chrome and the "MultiHighlighter" extension a 2nd time and this time it worked. It did not work the first time I tried. I'm still not keen on using Chrome (Google), but it does work and the MultiHighlighter extension didn't die when I entered my eighty-plus count word list. It's usable for my needs so I can put this request ON HOLD for now. Thanks for your efforts.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: "FAIPS" - Find All In Page Search
« on: October 12, 2019, 01:59 PM »
Also, we don't have to reinvent the wheel. If anyone knows of something which can do something near what I am looking for to search web pages, I am open to suggestions.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: "FAIPS" - Find All In Page Search
« on: October 12, 2019, 01:42 PM »
Thanks for the reply. I guess you are a better searcher than I am. My searches came up with nothing. I did continue to flop about like a fish out of water and stumbled upon something like a Greasemonkey script (which I don't understand how to make work). I found the script at https://userscripts-.../scripts/show/292083.

I think this might suffice if I could make it work, but alas, no joy so far.

It would be nice if the FAIPS could work with any text, pdf, doc, etc., but I would be happy to make it work on just a website for now. I'm guessing making it work on a website would be easier?


First off, I'm not even sure this utility request would be qualified as a "Coding Snack," but hey, what do I know? So, here's hoping! :)

There are numerous "Find In Page Search" (FIPS) utilities available. My need is for a FIPS which will find all character strings, but instead of searching for a single string the "Find All In Page Search" (FAIPS) would need to find all items from a list on the page. Here are some specifics...
  • The purpose is for research. Essentially, the researcher would populate an "Always On Top," floating and resize-able "word list" box to take to candidate websites and execute the search which would locate any/all hits.
  • A "No Hits On Page" pop-up message box if no words from the list are found.
  • The word list would need to have at least 100 user-entered words to search, but for the prototype we can use 10 words to test the function. The candidate resources are very long.
  • All hits would need to have persistent background highlights.
  • Highlight color would be user-configurable. Different websites use different colors.
  • "Select All" button to highlight all hits for all words in the word list.
  • If a word in the list were selected each hit for that word would be the only hit(s) highlighted.
  • "Find First" button to locate the first hit on the website.
  • "Find Next" button to locate the next hit.

The effect would be like doing a word search once instead of a 100 different "Find In Page" word searches. I have no idea how feasible it would be to make this work and I would understand why no one would want to tackle it, but I thought I would ask anyway.

I will be trying to make this work myself, but the outcome is dubious. I used to be a fair programmer, but nowadays, eh not so much. I have looked into AHK and have submitted a request for help, but there are some pretty sharp folks on DC too!

I am thinking the first thing I need to do is to make a working copy of the webpage itself. It is the only way I can think of to write additional HTML which I believe the highlighting would need. I also suspect there would have to be a recursive function for each word searched from the list which seems like each successive search would have to re-write the HTML before going to the next word in the list. If there is an easier way I am not aware of it. Anyway, any assistance would be appreciated.

Please let me know if I can be of any help clarifying, etc.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: Global Word Counter (GWC)
« on: October 10, 2019, 12:26 AM »
Sure. Thank you. Oops! I forgot to define the tool needs to count all letters, numbers and all punctuation and symbols, but not SPACE, ALT, SHIFT, CTRL, and ESC. Essentially, any text that can be written should be included. Thanks again for your interest.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: Global Word Counter (GWC)
« on: October 09, 2019, 08:31 PM »
Thank you for your interest in helping. Unfortunately, I am not understanding. This is not your fault. Sometimes I have a gimpy noodle.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Idea: Global Word Counter (GWC)
« on: October 08, 2019, 02:28 PM »
Thanks for the reply, but since there is no way to be absolutely sure a keylogger would not be a potential threat to collecting data I decided to stay clear of anything which records keystrokes.

if key pressed

Post New Requests Here / Idea: Global Word Counter (GWC)
« on: October 08, 2019, 02:01 PM »

I am a writer who works on many projects in parallel (books, novels, white papers, etc.). As a writer it is important to have a way to keep one's motivation and progress front and center. I have found numerous word counters and writing analytics on the Internet, but they only work online. Some have to have the text copy/pasted to use. The other present limitation is my writing app has word counters, but only for the current project. When I write I have several projects open and "bounce" from one window to another as my writing juices direct. I know this is unconventional, but it is how I work best. So, I need an app which can be...

Here are the needs in order of priority...

Version 1 (essential features)
  • Small and concise as possible, but with no text or labels smaller than 14 point font. I have vision challenges.
  • Used offline on my Windows 10 laptop. It would be something like a keylogger, but would not record any keystrokes only the fact a key was pressed and increment a counter.
  • Keystroke count incrementer.
  • User-configurable keystrokes per word entry box.
  • Word counter with reset.
  • Word goal entry box with a "Words to Go" readout.
  • Pause feature to prevent counting typing out an email, grocery lists, etc.

Version 2 (if a developer wishes to enhance the GWC further in no particular order, but all features would be nice).
  • A meter bar or "speedometer" to see progress visually.
  • A user-configurable minute timer with visual and audible alert to remind the writer to take a break from looking at the screen.
  • Optional "Always on Top" switch.


I am toying around with giving the old Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) new life by manipulating some functions with an AutoHotKey script. Does anyone know of a list of these MSTS vars and where I can find it?



I read the above post(s) several hours ago and was reminded of a half-decade history of like responses to previous inquiries I have made here in "Cody's House," but was so overwhelmed with such incredible generosity of collegiate level material I was unable to pen any congruent thoughts and am struggling with getting this missive into text. I suspect it will be some days before I can get my wits aligned with the needed understanding. I just wanted to acknowledge your offerings and say thank you.

Take care,

PS - I am aware I have a number of other projects I started with the studious assistance here. I have had to overcome some health interruptions. Life goes on and takes us in ways we cannot anticipate. I can't promise I will be able to bring the varied initiatives to fruition in any near term, but I do intend to keep trying.


Thank you for such a comprehensive response. I don't pretend to understand it all at first blush, but I will study, try it and report back if I have any specific questions or (hopefully) to report success. I sometimes have seasons where simple coding is almost incomprehensible and my gimpy noodle has been acting up lately. LOL

Thanks again,

General Software Discussion / Best Advice for New Python Programmers
« on: January 23, 2019, 01:41 AM »

Like the subject says, I am beginning to learn Python. I tried some years ago but got pretty sick and now that I seem to be doing much better I want to try again. I used to be a pretty good COBOL/DB2?CICS and VB4 programmer (read: dinosaur), so I can kind of grasp most of what's going on, but I've forgotten a bunch (probably more than I could relearn). Anyway, if anyone has any specific advice about Python or programming, in general, please share it with me. I know I have to get my own "bloody nose," but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I can help it.

FYI - I am searching the Internet and other forums for tips, tricks and cautions too, but I like DC. I always have. :)

Thanks for reading,

No that is not the latest lousy cryptogram. It is kind of a description of what I am looking for.

Here's the deal... I have amassed a huge number (1+TBs) of archive files (zip, rar, 7z, etc.) which I expanded into folders, but failed to properly delete the temporary folders of the same names. Each time I upgraded my offline storage and computers I always said to myself I'd clean up the mess later. Well, I didn't and it's some years since 1996. Yeah, I know a bunch of them won't even work these days, but that is beside the point.

Can anyone direct me to a special duplicate file/folder finder which will ignore the extension? One which will find the folder name which matches the archive name? Once I can make sure I have the archive file then I can delete the expanded folder. I'm anticipating it will reduce my volume by 60-80 percent (best guess) which will also greatly reduce my disk maintenance and defrag time.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading. :)


The good news is your flight simulator mathematics will be fast, and c++ would be the language of choice for doing hardcore simulations where mathematical calculations need to be done as quickly as possible.
The bad news is you've made your job a lot harder, and you've already bitten off more than almost anyone can chew.
I agree this is a tough road and I am over my head, but C++ is the tool my mentor wants to use to program the DLLs/apps to use with the Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  With his help and a template he has helped me code a function which holds a floatplane/seaplane/amphibian locked in one position next to a dock (docking) and pivoting like when a floatplane/seaplane/amphibian is anchored offshore.  He did most of the coding for locking to a location, but left me to take a crack at coding locking the heading as well and it worked!  There is A LOT I don't know, but at least I have had a successful start.  FWIW - I won't be coding any 3D graphics, so at least it will be a little less complicated.  We'll see?  In the meantime, I have not done any coding on my text-based flightsim.  I have only been planning, per your encouragement.  Based on that rough sketch I will probably not have any kind of real prototype until next summer, but I should have a simple, linear, basic alpha before the end of the year.  Here's hoping!  :)

Thanks for the links Wraith!  They look pretty good.  :Thmbsup:

UPDATE:  Turns out another project I need to do requires C++, so a pointing I will go. 
The good news is a 24-year-old C++ guru wants to re-mentor this old COBOL/CICS dinosaur. :)
Now all I have to do is find some ancillary coding tutorial.  Did I mention he wants to mentor, not babysit?   ;D  FYI - my IDE is VS2015 Pro.

Just be prepared for a struggle whenever you start to learn a new language.
Roger that.  Thanks.

I think the only strong recommendation I would make is to use an OOP language.
Python fills this bill, does it not?  Ha!  Funny thing is I have always wanted a project that would be a good one for Python. :)

Hey Mouser!

Long time no talk to! I thought I got lost or something because I tried to login two or three times and was "blocked."  I almost didn't try tonight.  I'm glad I did. :) 

I think no matter what it will be an interesting and challenging project. 
Thanks for the input.  One of the best things about this project is I can focus on my strengths of over 2000 hours of simulated flying in all kinds of aircraft and several hours in a number of real aircraft large and small.

As for the best programming language -- one of the other nice things about doing text-based coding is that you can use almost any programming language.. speed won't be an issue and neither will library support, etc.
I was hoping someone would say this.

So I would fall back on my default language suggestion these days to use Python
Thanks.  Python never crossed my mind, although I played with it some years ago.

But mainly I would suggest you do most of your coding virtually in the form of planning before you ever start coding.
When I was coding COBOL, DB2, and (my favorite) CICS back in the '90s it was normal to spend weeks/months in planning and prototype before committing hours to coding.  Today, a programmer can get instant results and debug.  Back then we condsidered getting our printouts (there were no screen views) in under four hours as something short of a miracle.  But, that was a good thing as we really thought through the whole process and not just take a guess and see how it worked out.  LOL


Been awhile since I have been in the coding environment.  Due to my vision getting worse I am interested in taking my hobby of flight simulation from the GUI to the Command Line.

The program will involve physics, time and an internal 3D "space."  Essentially, the screen would present a list of information, the "pilot" would make a selection then process the choices and present the new information back on the screen.  While this would probably not serve inexperienced sim flyers, it would be usable for experienced pilots both real and simulated.  With the addition of text-to-speech and speech-to-text, I can see someone who knows aviation might enjoy "flying" while driving over a long distance.  I know I would.  Obviously, this might allow sight-challenged people to enjoy some aspects of flight simulation.

Frankly, this is going to be lots of work to start with and will only become more involved as more realism, features and (hopefully) interactive Air Traffic Control.  This is why I would be very appreciative of any comments for the coding language.  Questions are most welcome.


@MilesAhead - Thanks for that heads-up.  It looks like a good resource, but I probably need to learn AHK better so I can ask intelligent questions.

They have no problem helping newbs to the language.  About the only things that annoy the regulars there are things like saying "it doesn't work" without telling what happens when it doesn't work or "I get errors" without specifying the errors, or refusal to post a test case that shows the problem.

Everyone has a bit of trouble with AHK syntax when starting out since it mixes old and new syntax styles.

But in any case it's up to you.  :)

Thanks for that.  I'll keep your words in mind. 

@MilesAhead - Thanks for that heads-up.  It looks like a good resource, but I probably need to learn AHK better so I can ask intelligent questions.

@wraith808 - I appreciate your work on our efforts.  Fortunately, I have a usable workaround with the Desktop Coral/Notezilla/AHK combo, so we can take some time.  Frankly, I have a bit of a gimpy noodle and am somewhat overwhelmed trying to keep the AHK code straight in my mind.  Overload!  I will report back after awhile, hopefully with a solution. 

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