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  • Thursday September 28, 2023, 5:51 am
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This was a major update - there's currently a 50% discount for anyone owning a license for the previous version.  Being retired now, I'm not sure I'll even spring for that, especially as there's no cooperating with mobile apps.

The mobile aspect is definitely a roadblock for many, I'm sure. I can imagine replicating the amount of features on a mobile app would take quite a lot though - I could imagine at least a way to view/search/add new notes would be useful.

One thing, though - they say they've much improved the web clipping system.  If you've tried that, what do you think of it?

Funny you mention it - the web clipper was updated in today's update by the looks of it. I've used it once so far - it's obviously more modern and gives more options. The previously version worked fine for me, but I don't really have many requirements past "save this page in an inbox to process later"  :Thmbsup:

The new version:
Screenshot 2021-05-27 203208.png

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sChecklist
« on: May 23, 2021, 09:50 AM »
Thanks skwire and Deozaan, much appreciated  :Thmbsup:

Mini-Reviews by Members / MyInfo - Information / Note Manager
« on: May 21, 2021, 04:26 PM »
Basic Info

App NameMyInfo
App Version Reviewed7.0.9
Test System SpecsStandard Dell AIO with Core i5, SSD, 16GB RAM
Supported OSesWindows 7 Onwards
Support MethodsForum, Email
Upgrade PolicyUpgrade cost per major version (discounted). Free in-version updates.
Trial Version Available?30 day free trial (extendable on request)
Pricing SchemeOne price - $99.95 / £75 ish
Relationship btwn. Reviewer and Product No association at all


MyInfo could be described as a note-taking application, information organiser, or even a database. It helps you write and manage notes (with file attachments) in very flexible ways, and the attention to detail in it's development is evident.

There is a hierarchy and structure that you can adapt to your own needs:
  • Notebooks
  • Sections
    • Parent Notes / Nodes
    • Sub-notes / nodes (unlimited - as far as I can tell)

    Notes are in an outline form, with their rich-text contents shown in another pane. Notes have metadata (known as attributes), and these attributes can be defined in custom note types, which allows for detailed record-keeping and is the 'database' type functionality I mentioned previously.

    The outline pane is also highly customisable, with the concept of perspectives. Perspectives allow you to define views of the section that you are in, with filtering and display options available.

    Screenshot 2021-05-21 221326.png

    From this screenshot, you can see the notebooks area ("Knowledge") - where multiple can be open at once. Sections are then shown as tabs across the top (with custom colours), the notes are outlined on the left side, and the note contents shown on the right. On the far-left, you have the perspectives feature, and on the right panes showing note tags to easily filter, and the attributes of the currently-selected note.

    Who is this app designed for:

    It's Windows only, with no sync, so first and foremost it's for people that spend their day on the PC. I appreciate that isn't for everyone, but it fits for me! It's designed for people that need flexibility in how they take and store knowledge/notes, where prescribed interfaces and features in programs like Evernote get in your way instead of simplifying.

    The Good

    There are many features that made me decide to purchase MyInfo:
    • Backlinking within notes - just type @ and you can filter down and link to other notes by their title, like Roam etc.
    • Global search is fast and performant
    • Development and support is active and very open to feature requests
    • Perspectives allow you to create your own environment, especially with Task note types
    • The outlining heart of the interface fits with how many people think, allowing you to break things down easily
    • Easily attach links, files etc. in to the note tree

    The needs improvement section

    There isn't something that stands out as a blocker for me. For some, it may be the Windows-only nature, with no mobile or web versions available.

    Why I think you should use this product

    If you have more serious needs to record and use information on a daily basis, MyInfo is a great choice. It's a tool that you can live in through the day, and really set up in your own way. It reminds me of MyLifeOrganized in its flexibility and customisability. The support available and local-hosting of files (exportable to various formats) convinced me to trust MyInfo with my thoughts.

    How does it compare to similar apps

    Most competitors are web based, or at least have web-based and mobile sync. As mentioned, this may be a blocker for some. It's also quite expensive for what we have become accustomed to paying for software, but if you're paying $5 a month for a note service, MyInfo is certainly worth 20 months of that (and will likely last far longer and not have the danger of the service shutting down).


    I'm very happy I found MyInfo - it's already paying off to have a place I trust to record things I learn, things I want to learn, memories and ideas. Backlinking, outlining and the organisation available through sections and attributes have given me a home for my thoughts.

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: sChecklist
« on: May 21, 2021, 03:58 PM »
Hi skwire,

Just wanted to leave a heart-felt thanks for sChecklist, it's exactly what I've been after  :Thmbsup:

I had some ideas I wanted to script to read the .checklist files - I just wondered what the first column (seemingly just 0?) on each line pertains to?

Thanks again as always...

Living Room / Re: freenode exodus
« on: May 20, 2021, 08:19 AM »
all the drama around freenode today and the mass exodus

Where can we learn more about this?

There's a brief overview here, but the entire story seems a little messy  :tellme:

General Software Discussion / Re: Mind mapping software
« on: December 28, 2013, 04:46 PM »
I've been using Xmind for a couple of months now, putting up with the reliance on Java, for its features and price. My absolute favourite mind-mapping piece of kit is iMindMap, v7 of which was released recently. It creates the most beautiful maps I've ever seen, and is authored by Tony Buzan, the man often credited with the idea of mindmaps in the first place.

The price, however, puts me off at the moment.

I would love a simple programme that created beautiful maps, available from multiple devices and that didn't cost the earth. I wish...  :D

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: December 17, 2013, 02:11 PM »
I don't know how much non-fiction is appreciated around here, but I'm just starting this...  :Thmbsup:

Civilisation - Niall Ferguson
Winner of the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize 2013 Niall Ferguson's Civilization: The Six Killer Apps of Western Power is a vital, brilliant look at the winning tools of power. In 1412, Europe was a miserable backwater ravaged by plague, bad sanitation and incessant war, while the Orient was home to dazzling civilizations. So how did the West come to dominate the Rest? In this vital, brilliant book, selected as a Daily Telegraph Book of the Year, Niall Ferguson reveals the 'killer applications' that did it: competition - How Europe's small, piratical states built modern capitalism; science - How innovation gave the West the military edge; property rights - How the laws of private property built the United States; medicine - How colonialism transformed the world's health; the consumer society - How shopping made the industrial revolution; and the work ethic - How Western religious ideas brought it all together. But has the West now lost its monopoly on these six things? Or is this the end of Western ascendancy? "A dazzling history of Western ideas ...epic". (Economist). "Vivid and fascinating". (Daily Telegraph). "Superb ...brings history alive ...dazzling".

Mouser, I love Web Linker Captor! It's such a great idea and works so well  :Thmbsup:

Thanks for keeping it updated  :D

Skwire Empire / sPlaylistMaker Highlighted by ILoveFreeSoftware
« on: July 24, 2013, 05:05 PM »
I thought you may be interested! Great news skwire  :D :Thmbsup:


Living Room / Re: Arrested and Convicted for Tweeting in the UK!!!
« on: April 17, 2012, 02:20 PM »
While outrageous, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Proposals for complete real-time accessible logging of all communications... secret trials.. "limits to freedom of speech".

I will leave this country once the net is monitored heavily.

P.S. please take any daily mail article with a nice pinch of salt!

Found Deals and Discounts / LeaderTask FREE Today on BitsDuJour
« on: April 17, 2012, 01:21 PM »
Leadertask is a PIM. I've downloaded it and I'm liking it so far - free mobile apps with synchronisation too!

Usually $35


Thanks Deozaan!  :D

Release: v 0.1.1
- Bug fix for error appearing when episode downloaded

Changelog is available here and the links on my website have been updated. Will update the uploaded zip here now.

Thanks Bionic71, grabbed a copy  :D

Update: 0.1.1 released with minor bug fix. Please update - changelog is here

I've released my first (worthwhile) program just now - Podcasts One.

As I mention on my site:

Podcasts One is a simple, free tool to subscribe to and download podcasts.

 It currently features the basic, expected features:
  • Add and remove RSS feeds
  • Download individual podcasts

  • Several features are planned, but Podcasts One will always be simple in nature:
  • Settings (such as default download folder)
  • Automatic download mode
  • Interface enhancements (pretty album covers, etc)


You can download 0.1 here (edit: here's the zip or download the attachment here) (needs .NET Framework 4). I would love if anyone on a Windows version other than 7 could let me know how it runs, as that's "all" I have.

Thanks, looking forward to painful criticism  :D :Thmbsup:

Developer's Corner / Re: C# and XML Problem - any help please?
« on: April 14, 2012, 10:34 AM »
Thanks a lot for the replies ham and Ath - very useful.

I'll try iterating over the parent node - and also try deleting all colons from the XML file (apart from actual namespaces) and then reading the file with the "query term" de-coloned too :)

I'll let you know if I'm successful.. thanks again!

Developer's Corner / C# and XML Problem - any help please?
« on: April 13, 2012, 09:51 PM »
Hi all  :tellme:

Someone's let me loose with C#.

I've nearly finished a podcast downloader application, and I'm ironing out several bugs. One of which is that I have some code that is using XmlDocument.SelectSingleNode:

Code: C# [Select]
  1. XmlNode node = doc.SelectSingleNode("rss/channel/item/title[.=\'" + episode + "\']");

Now, there is a bug when the episode variable has a colon ( : ) in it - I'd guess because it thinks I'm declaring a namespace or something.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to escape the : character in a string please?

Many thanks!

Does donating DC credit count towards the total?

This is such great news - the model works!  :Thmbsup:

Wow thank you everyone, sorry for the delay in replying - I had to pay attention to family over Easter  :-\ :D

I'll take a look at all your suggestions - appreciated!

General Software Discussion / Text replacement app for Windows?
« on: April 08, 2012, 10:21 AM »
Hi all  :D

My mum has RSI in her hand and I really think something like TextExpander but for Windows 7. Could anyone recommend anything please?

Free or paid is fine, She would probably pay in the region of $30.

Thanks in advance!

Nice review IainB!

Sounds like a great program. Could you tell me please if FFS can backup to network shares, maybe WebDAV etc. for remote backup?


Living Room / Re: Hello everyone!
« on: April 07, 2012, 09:42 AM »
Hi Chris, welcome to Donation Coder  :Thmbsup:

You have some nice looking stuff, I'll take a look! Everyone is great around here, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it  :D

What language(s) do you use for your apps?


Developer's Corner / Re: Introductory C# web-based tutorials
« on: April 06, 2012, 08:27 PM »
I just wanted to thank you for these tutorials Bryan, I'm working my way through and enjoying them a lot  8)

General Software Discussion / Re: AllMyApps
« on: April 06, 2012, 04:35 PM »
I just discovered This is a application download website that has only silent installs. The best thing is that you can create a account, select all the applications you use and install them all at once unattended. This is super great if you need to reinstall a PC.  :-*

Thanks, this looks very useful !

After a few years hiatus using Mac OS X, I've just come back to Windows (alongside the Mac still though) and it's funny, I was in a total panic to install AV and Windows Updates before anything terrible happened.

I'm a sysadmin of a Windows network, so maybe having alerts screaming up at me all day blurs my perspective. But, even as a careful user, you never know what might happen at 3am when you're tired as hell and just click that UAC alert to get rid of it..

ESET all the way for me!

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