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I think it is time for me to put my software, Splinter DC Splinter page , into the public domain. I doubt I am ever going to be able to work on/with it, anymore. I would rather have it expanded upon and be bettered by better folks, than me, then to not due to me wanting to keep the source secret. Maybe some type of "centrallized" location that I would be able to visit and see how it is progressing...

Think through if a public domain license is what you want or if some other license is a better fit. is a useful resource.

This page places licenses on a spectrum of openness. The Unlicense at the bottom of the page is what many mean by public domain. If you want to ensure ability to access the source code of software derivative of your work then you could pick a more open license than the Unlicense. FWIW I tend to use GPLv3.

It is easy to set up a GitHub account. If you mostly want to do a one time upload of the code to your own repository then you can probably do that through the web interface without even installing a git client.

Thanks. I will definitely look into the licensing. As far as Github, no way, no chance. I just read that they were purchased by Microsoft last January. The last place any developer, on Earth, should be putting their source code is on a website owned by Microsoft. They only bought it for one reason. To have access to all of that code whenever they please. It is like the cookie monster buying a cookie factory

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: August 19, 2018, 11:25 AM »
You could just put it on Github with an appropriate license.

EDIT- I just found , this might be along the lines of what I was wanting. I looking for an "unsegregated" site, as in both coders and end users sharing ideas and such.

Yeah, my bad, I guess, cause you are the second one to tell me that. I know of github I just didnt know it is the be all end all in this arena. I was thinking that there would be some type of recipe for --- I'm just not sure github is for me.

I don't want to publish the source, for this, just to have it melt away in the background of millions of others' code.  I was kind of hoping there was somewhere that says "hey, if your app is dope and you want to publish the source into a specific software category forum, we will look it over and if it meets whatever standards, you have a spot for a thread dedicated to such n such". I have seen forum type sites with this kind of format but they were for executables not source.

I just really, really hate the entire format of githubs website. I think it is the ugliest thing on the net. It truly is a coder's site, I don't mean that in the positive. I cannot see any standard end user wanting anything to do with github site, and that makes me hesitant. Github, itself, doesn't provide anything but a location to do it. If I were to upload the source it would end there unless I ---- grrr...I dunno, there is every type of website, I have to think there is one similar to what I am looking for. Thanks, though.

(to DC admins, I didn't realize that my reply, earlier, would raise my post back up to the top. When I saw that it did, it was force of habit to just go and delete it but no deleting on this site. Wasn't trying to bump anything)

Maybe some type of "centrallized" location that I would be able to visit and see how it is progressing...  I have no idea how to do this or where to start and I should have done it long ago.

Does that match your request?

It just may, I will look at github more deeply, thank you.

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: August 19, 2018, 03:17 AM »

Or am I still misunderstanding what this is supposed to be about?

I should have taken your advice from the very beginning. I had tunnel vision and it backfired. I, now, want to put the source code into the public domain. What do you think?

I think it is time for me to put my software, Splinter DC Splinter page , into the public domain. I doubt I am ever going to be able to work on/with it, anymore. I would rather have it expanded upon and be bettered by better folks, than me, then to not due to me wanting to keep the source secret. Maybe some type of "centrallized" location that I would be able to visit and see how it is progressing...  I have no idea how to do this or where to start and I should have done it long ago.

A bit biased I may be, but, SHOCKINGLY, I believe it to be the most powerful/capable desktop interface software, already, and think that if I let it go it will only become better. (would 'have" to, right?)

Any ideas or thoughts or suggestions or critiques of what I am thinking about doing would be appreciated.

Here is a demo vid and a jenky tutorial. They are probably irrelevant for the purpose of this discussion but I don't know what you need to know in order to best advise me, so....


Idea for desktop menu
I had too many icons on my desktop so I created folders with names like "Writing" "Design" "Graphics" "Explore" etc, and threw the relevant icons into the folders. So now to open a program I open the folder and double-click on the app icon. (My most-used apps are on the QuickLaunch bar; these are less often used.) Still, double-clicking twice is more than I'd rather do, and the explorer windows are white background and spaced-out icons and a toolbar, and if I add anything I have to resize the folder window. Not very elegant. Therefore, if anyone can design the following, I would appreciate it: (or if it already exists, let me know)

The proposed app would allow, by rightclicking on the desktop, creation of "New App Group." This would place a new default App Group icon on the desktop (among those already there, if any), and open a box for defining the first app for the new group. An new group would just show a text box, an App... button, an Icon... button, and a Done button. Enter the group name in the box and browse for an app's exe file or a document associated with an app. Once selected, a new app button would appear above the edit box, with the app icon on the left and the app or file name on the right. Keep adding buttons until you have all you want, new ones pushing the stack up. Use the Icon... button to give the group a different icon if you want, then click Done. (Create your own icons in a different program.) The group icon will appear on the desktop with its name below it like a regular desktop item.

While in edit mode, if you want a different button appearance, right-click it and select "edit" (or "delete" if removing) which will open a screen with a text box, font selection, switch and background parameter areas, and a 'browse for icon' button. Put the new button name in the text box. Names can be at least 20 characters width and two lines height (perhaps automatically broken at the delimiter nearest to 20 characters). Button width would fit to the text plus the icon. The default button would have a white or gray background, but it can be made any color available and at least three levels of transparency: opaque, 50%, and transparent (=only the icon and the name will show above the desktop background). The text default would be whatever the standard desktop icons are using, but you can select a bigger or smaller font: whatever is available on the machine. If no icon is specified, only the text will show. Perhaps the background could use an image file, crammed into the button shape if not created to fit beforehand. If the background is an image then even the text could be omitted, but the button would not be allowed past a limited size, and the program would not allow blank transparent (invisible) buttons. Default to no border, but a sculpted border as an option.

The width of the buttons in a group would all be the same, fitted to the one with the most text. The height would be set by the icon size (usually all the same as well). Most groups should not contain more than 10 buttons for practical reasons, but if there are too many to fit on the screen vertically, they will roll over to another column. You could also specify a column break, so as to have say a 4x2 grid of buttons instead of a single column of 8. To move a button, drag it up or down; to send to another group, drag it to the other group icon. If the other group is open, you can drag it to the place in the stack you want, otherwise it adds to the bottom.

To use: at the desktop, double-click a group icon. A vertical stack of buttons will appear in the last position assigned (to reposition, grab a handle or corner and drag it, limited to visible desktop). Single click a button to invoke the app. The button stack will remain up behind the open app. To close the group click the small red X on the top button (there would be no border area outside the buttons). Right-click a button to edit it.

Since this resembles standard Windows menus in some ways, surely this can be done. I am not a programmer, so have no clue how. Also, I'd rather not have a huge and complex launch system with many features, just the simple one-purpose app-organizing system. Anybody like this idea?
-lifespurpose (May 12, 2012, 10:27 PM)

Everything you request can easily be done with Splinter...

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: June 23, 2014, 05:20 PM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: April 16, 2014, 04:09 AM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:01 AM »
Cool video, dmd7978. Really slick.  Kudos.   :Thmbsup:

Thank you

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: March 26, 2014, 04:17 AM »

Developer's Corner / SWF to EXE souce into public domain interest?
« on: January 05, 2014, 12:03 AM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: November 01, 2013, 05:18 PM »

Poor Shunned Edition Splinter


View the splanimation here

This is the first ever 'port" of the imagery within a Rainmeter skin to a splinterface. Thanks to blackeye-beast having already created the art, this took me less than a day to recreate it in Splinter's own way. I will add sound effects for the splanimation later this evening, and update the download file. If you follow the instructions below or in the zip file, you will have working hotlinked icons by default.

Download the splinterface here or through google at 2.5MB file only. EDIT---do NOT download the file from this website. It does not have the folders for link paths. I am unable to load the updated zip to this site so you must get it from my google direct download.

Unzip the package and place the Splinter folder in C:. Just open up your C drive and drop that folder into it. It has all of the shorcuts and scripts. If it isnt in the right location none of the hotlinked icons will work. If it asks you to merge the folder, do so. This means that you already ran the installer and have the folder path set up. All icons except the MS Office suite should be botlinked already.

Place the "Poor Shunned Edition Splinter" file in any directory, though it is usually best if you put it in the Documents folder, as that is where Splinter looks, by default.

Launch Splinter and then right click the task tray icon and select Open. Navigate to the poor shunned file and load it. That is it.

When launched, there wil be 5 blue "stars" on the screen. The one in the center launches the splanimation. The one in the top right shows and hides all of the triggers used to initiate the splicons. Top left opens and closes the top console bar(SEE NOTE NEXT PARAGRAPH) . The bottom left one opens up the HAL9000 spl-EYE-con, the bottom right one will "kill' the scene, making all splicons and triggers close instanly, in case something happens and there are triggers or splicons still on screen after you close it.

NOTE---When the "contraption" is open, and you add a trigger, the trigger will appear BENEATH the top console 'bar" because it is a splicon and they are above them in the window layers.
So the TOP LEFT STAR in the middle of the screen can be clicked to open and close that bar so that you can get and move your triggers without having to close down the entire contraption.

View all my splinterfaces in my deviantART gallery deviantART page

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: November 01, 2013, 05:10 PM »
Atlantis Edition Splinter





See it in action on youtube here

Atlantis Edition is my favorite splinterface, yet. Stargate is my all time favorite universe. This splinterface consists of the gaterooms from SGA and SGU, the control room with a view of the stargate from SG-1, a hive queen's throne room, a puddle jumper cockpit, and maybe a couple of others. Started off as just the Atlantis gateroom and expanded.

DOWNLOAD LINKS (CHOOSE YOUR SCREEN RESOOLUTION. Splinter will run in any screen resolution but the stargate wormhole animation is set by coordinates. If your resolution is not listed, let me know what it is and I will make a package for it.)





ALL THREE STARGATES ARE INTERACTIVE AND ANIMATED. THE WORMHOLE CONNECTION AND THE PUDDLE WAVES. The gate symbols, also, activate on the stargate like they do in the show, by clicking on the "social media' trigger over to the left. All open splicons are initiated by one of the text triggers on the left side of the room.

I am particularly proud of my Firefox splicon. Ascended Adria. She's a fire fox, no? Yes.....

I also integrated XWidget into this splinterface for the monitoring functionality of the Windows' system, volume control, and a couple of other little treats. Splinter and XWidget work perfectly together.


And, yes, I realize that Atlantis doesn't have a standard Pegasus Galaxy DHD in the gateroom. But I had initially planned on only doing this one page and I liked how the Chrome icon fit over it.

---------------------------INSTRUCTIONS AND RESOURCES--------------------------------------------

Place Atlantis folder into into C:Splinter. Place the Atlantis file anywhere you wish (documents by default). Place the "xwidget" folder into "Documents" if you have already installed XWidget.(download link below). Launch the splinterface file from the Splinter task tray icon.

You must have XWidget installed in order to have the monitoring functionality enabled. You will get an error everytime you run the "SYSTEM" spli-stack unless you either have it installed or remove the "C:SplinterAtlantisAtlantis_Edition.XThemePkg" line from the spli-script by right clicking "SYSTEM" trigger, going to the script tab, and deleting the line at the end of the script.

View the "key" iamge in the zip file for how the layout of the splinterface is set up.

NOTE----Click on the P-90(gun) in the top left of the page and you will switch to a new character. Keep clicking on the weapons to cycle through all of the characters. Clicking on a character image will take you to the wiki page about that character.


Splinter Portable (place these files into C:Program FilesDark Matter DeploymentsSplinter and overwrite the other files.)

Download XWidget from


General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: August 28, 2013, 11:54 AM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: June 28, 2013, 04:40 AM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: June 24, 2013, 11:52 PM »
Promo image for Infinity Edition Splinter.

40 wallpapers of Marvel, DC, Twistory, Image, and Dark Horse Comics content. Over 100 hotlinks to commercial web pages. 50+ hotlinks to character/team wiki pages.


General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: May 25, 2013, 06:22 AM »
Splinter Portable download link

Rapidshare Splinter Download


Scaling enabled - Now you can run splinterfaces that were created in higher resolution systems in lower screen resolutions.

All splinterfaces that were previously only able to be run in a 1920x1080 screen res format, may now be run in lower resolutions.

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: May 16, 2013, 12:26 PM »
I had not seen this thread till now and I have read it from beginning to end completely absorbed.

Splinter is a program that I would never use but I can think of many people that probably would, as an exercise in creativity if nothing else.

From the original concept to the present outcome I find the enthusiasm with which it has been/is being developed remarkable.

Now I need to try and catch up with all the things I should have been doing while I was reading t

Thank you for the post, I very much appreciate it. 2 months ago, I would have been inexplicably offended that you would say u would never use Splinter. rather than appreciating the infusium and positive comments you made.

I'm slowly getting a grasp on Aspergers and how to handle correspondence. truth is your comments were some of the best I've ever heard. it is a great compliment to say that you would never use it but you see how others can.

thank you thank you thank you

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: May 15, 2013, 02:48 PM »

Splinter Icon Dock Tutorial

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: February 15, 2013, 08:47 PM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: February 08, 2013, 10:08 PM »

General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: November 14, 2012, 08:22 PM »
Extended screenshot of Ted Wood Edition Splinter. See the post above for the details


General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: November 14, 2012, 08:14 PM »
Ted Wood Edition Splinter.

Named after my grandfather, who died yesterday.

deviantART download page


General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: November 04, 2012, 06:21 AM »
Edition Edition Splinter

Download page

Dishin Edition Splinter


General Software Discussion / Re: Splinter
« on: October 21, 2012, 06:32 AM »
Thanks, Curt, I appreciate it. As far as the image size, I agree it is large. The "problem" , if you look at the image below, is that when compressed that much there is noticeable loss of quality. And since it is the more visually appealing, recent splinterfaces that are getting it the attention it deserves, finally, I am more concerned with the screenshots being actual quality than the extra time it takes for someone to view the image...

However, I live in Northern CA, and my internet pipeline is a ridiculous 20Mbps fiber network through Comcast. So an image this size opens "instantly" on my end. I suppose it may be a relatively "large" file for some "third world" locations? Is that why you recommended it?

I may have to figure out a middle ground between the two images, if this is the case.

Thanks, again


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