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Flash Games and 2XL Simulator / Re: New 2XL tapes
« on: September 25, 2012, 12:19 PM »
Have these ever been added to the source project of 2-XL?  I know I have the SUPER HEROES & COMIC CALVALCADE now & someone today just e-mailed me about some tapes he will send to me to have added into what Mouser has already.

But were these 6 done the JD has?

Flash Games and 2XL Simulator / Call me ... "The Encoder"!
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:26 AM »
I am here to encode!  Wish me to encode your tape into Mouser's setup?  CONTACT ME!   :-[ 

FAW, if your still around. you can mail me the STRANGE cartridge if you want.  My Dad is sending me his but I have a funny feeling it's been taped back together with "invisible tape" & yours might be in better shape.   :Thmbsup:

Flash Games and 2XL Simulator / Re: booklets already scanned
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:22 AM »
:tellme: Not sure I can find any booklets but will look around.  Also, I was thinking of making separate button covers for EVERY cartridge.  Color code them different & mess with the fonts.  Maybe .. dunno though.  What U think?  :-*

Flash Games and 2XL Simulator / Re: 2-xl : The Campest Thing Ever !
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:20 AM »
Dr. Freeman WAS a genius!

Flash Games and 2XL Simulator / Re: cartridges already digitized
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:19 AM »
5 years?  The sim has been around that long?  WTF!  I just found him last year.  Damn me to hell.    :P

anyways ... lets get this place jumpin!

Hello everyone!  The name's Eastwood ... Clint Eastwood.

Er wait, that's in another life of hollywood films that I love so much.

My name's Steven.  I am the guy who told Mouse I would help encode any original 2-XL 8track tapes over to digital audio to add to his emulator/simulator.  I LOVE 2-XL & grew up on him for a few years via my pops in the mid 80's.

Anyways, please feel free to contact me directly at my website's e-mail:  [email protected]

If you don't know me, e-mail Mouser & he will give you my personal e-mail address.  I will encode ANY tapes.  If you have the "cassette" version tapes; let me know in advance so as to get the machine that reads multiple tracks to encode them as well.

Nice to be here & hope to be encoding unwanted tapes soon (or, wanted ... just not as 8tracks).    :-)

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