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  • January 22, 2020, 08:52 PM
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hmmm. I think the CTRL+Enter way of launching multiple programs is broken again or is it just my system?

And *please* an OPERA plugin.... That would be heaven    :)

Great release as always mouser. This program is astounding.

I have one wish though (hopefully not too difficult to code), It would be *very* convenient if you had an option to make farr complete from your alias list.

As it is now if I have an alias like "editor" it is not until I have typed the last 'r' in the alias name that farr is recognising the alias. If it was incorporated in the normal autocomplete (and I used it alot) it would popup after I had typed the first or second character. (hope you get what I mean)

cheers /michael

As i get ready to make this a public release i could also use some advice on a top 10 skins list from the bonus skin pack that i should include with the full release.  The skins pack download includes screenshots by the way for those who want to suggest their favorite skins.  I'd appreciate hearing your choices.

mxskin31, all opusOS, RoueGrey-Slim, System4-black2 and system4-blue are my favourites.

NICE. That was what I needed.  :)

GREAT. Thank's mouser.

I would like to be able to make an alias/shortcut to launch multiple programs. It would be very handy.
Well.. You already can.
The only thing you can't do is launch them all at the same time. [...]

But that's what I want to be able to do. Thus when I launch "code" I launch my IDE, my editor and my filemanager.


A small feature request...

I would like to be able to make an alias/shortcut to launch multiple programs. It would be very handy.


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