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PublicDomainVic / Re: Keep icons arranged in a folder
« on: May 13, 2022, 12:46 AM »
Let's remind ourselves of the objective:

1. Given limited desktop space...
2. Arrange a rather large 'project' atop the desktop...
3. In a matrix, of sorts; across, then down...
4. Arrangement of said project is critical...
5. Sequences, one step, then next step, then next...
6. Then, at some point, gather it all up, suitcase it...
7. Preferably into a single icon (folder)...
8. Expand as needed to exactly the configuration it had been in...
9. Contract/shrink down to single folder, then, again...
10. Back and forth, as needed.

Example of layout on desktop:
1.01  1.02  1.03  ... 1.25
2.01  2.02  2.03  2.04  ... 2.17
3.01  3.02  3.03 ... 3.09
4.01  4.02

Project#1 (one single folder)

There may be quite a number of various ways to layout and keep in some order a large project.  I would imagine that ALL project designers and managers MUST have some sort of system.

For not just one single project, but many, ongoing.

If some of you out there follow a system, please share your ideas.

My personal preference, at this particular point, is NOT what is written above, but would be to have available/accessible an unlimited number of initially-empty actual desktops.  With the ability to save the exact layouts of each and every one.  Icons, folders, links, etc.  And ability to backup and restore, to external media.


Nicholas Kormanik

Wow, Vic, you actually did it.  Great job.  Keep on going.

Change File Name.  Then change it back to what it was.

Hi Nick, I'm in with nkNameFlip @

nkNameFlip is all that's desired presently, Victor.  Thanks!

Such function might be useful for others, too.  Changing a filename.  And then later changing it back to what it was.  Seems like a reasonable tool to have on hand.

I'm curious if anyone out there has come across an easy way to do this.  If so, please speak up.

I'm pretty sure you can rework that SAS script to accept a filename in a variable (never used or interpreted SAS script, but did a quick google search on it), so executing the script while passing the filename(s) should be really doable.
This is only to avoid getting stuck with a 'one trick pony' tool ;D
And adjusting the script will improve someone's skills, if not yours :P

You are exactly right, @Ath.  My life as a complete amateur in programming is 'one trick pony.'  Move along day to day here at the computer until some hurdle comes up, and then attempt to find the solution to get over that hurdle.

I suppose that's one of the main differences between non-programmers and programmers.  You folks build a large steady base, and have and know a plethora of tools, and versatility to use them appropriately.

You are indeed correct that there exist tools in SAS to accomplish passing filenames.  I've been having a discussion regarding this on the SAS forums.  Hate wasting your time, but here's the link:

Macro code to iterate through list

Seriously, you folks need to deal with shenanigans and efficiently organizing projects all the time.  Otherwise, your butts would be full of bites.

To my knowledge, all that effort and skill never gets talked about.

Good suggestion @Ath.  Unfortunately I don't see that SAS will allow ambiguity with the dataset it's acting on.

Here's partial code:

proc summary data=sas_1.combined;
output out=sas_1.combined_temp (drop= _:) p80= /autoname;

The .combined part refers to the dataset being acted upon.  I don't believe I can use a wildcard there.

I would need to change dataset filenames.  Or change script.

@BGM , @publicdomain and helpful community.

BGM, your idea is a good one.  Copy out, then copy back in.  Or rename.  Etc.

Trouble is, the file contents will change.

Here is the actual scenario:

I have 100 SAS datasets.  Each dataset is alone in its folder.  The folder name corresponds to the dataset filename, plus some extra:

Below are the first three folders, and the sole file inside:




I need to update -- add some additional columns -- to each and every dataset file.

The 'program' -- or more accurately, 'script' -- I am going to use to make the changes to each file expects the name of the file to be:


No prefix.

And the location of said file is set to be:


So, it appears that I'll have to use one of the two following approaches:

(first dragging each respective file one at a time to the 'work' folder for the running of the script)

1.  Change the 'script' file 100 times, to tailor for the specific prefix.


2.  Change the name of each file, temporarily.  x100.

Going #2 route, I was thinking of TEMPORARILY changing the filename:

aapl_combined.sas7bdat --> combined.sas7bdat

Then making changes to the dataset file with the existing script.

Then changing the filename back to what it was before:

combined.sas7bdat --> aapl_combined.sas7bdat

Then dragging the changed dataset file back to its proper, home folder.

This whole rigmarole is likely faced regularly by programmers.  There surely are ways and means of conducting things more efficiently.  If anyone wants to chime in their thoughts regarding a more orderly process, please speak up.

Thanks much!

Nicholas Kormanik

Vic (and community), I used to put small requests in Skwire's section.  Haven't for a while.  I have a mini request presently that probably belongs over there.  But will just put it here for now....

Change File Name.  Then change it back to what it was.

This would be a two-phase process:

A file is in a folder.  Alone.  File is:  "4863 - xyz.txt"

Step #1.  Change that file's name to:  "xyz.txt"

(User now does some things.  Blah, blah....)

Step #2.  Change the file "xyz.txt" back to its original name, "4863 - xyz.txt"


If there is another forum where this request is more appropriate, please let me know.  Or if there is a means that I ought to have access to (some programming language?).

Thanks a million.  Hope all are well.

Nicholas Kormanik

PublicDomainVic / Keep icons arranged in a folder
« on: January 30, 2022, 10:02 PM »
This one might be impossible as well.

Suppose we have a folder with a number of icons for files and folders.

We want those arranged in a very particular way.  Not merely the usual sort, by name, extension, etc.  But the exact placement within that folder.  Some icons are up, some down, some to the side.

We want to be able to take a 'snapshot' of this specific arrangement.

Take snapshot.  Then rearrange to that snapshot at a later point in time.

So, two additional 'buttons' (perhaps?) on Explorer ToolBar:

1. Take arrangement snapshot
2. Restore arrangement

Or via right-click context menu.

What do you think?  Possible or not?

Additional details would have to be considered, of course.  Like, where will the 'arrangement details' be kept?  Within the folder, maybe in a hidden file? 

Will the implied coordinates be relative to the window, say from upper-left corner of the window being 0,0?

Too, what if additional icons/files are moved to that folder, will that not affect the previous arrangement possibility?


Windows does allow for the above in a temporary way.  If 'View; Auto arrange' and 'View; Align to grid' are both unchecked.  But the arrangement doesn't last.  Close window and reopen, icons are sorted.  Etc.

Thanks so much!

Nicholas Kormanik

Looks super Vic!  I think people will like it.

Thought of another request.  Will start a new topic....

PublicDomainVic / Re: Double-Esc = Close Program/Window
« on: January 23, 2022, 06:04 PM »
Double-Esc to close current window is huge.  Looking forward to it.

Others here might come up with dangers of doing the above.  Hope they will. 

One possible issue:  Suppose you have your Internet browser open with 20 tabs you are going to read.  And you accidentally press Esc twice.  Well....

On my keyboard, Ctrl-Esc is a handy combination, yes, so good candidate to do something with.  Might, however, have to override a standard Windows action -- opening the menu, bottom-left corner.  But I would prefer to override, as I never use the combo for that purpose.

Agree.  I was mostly venting.  Frustration at Windows not having as many whiteboard-like desktops as user desires.

Vic! has bigger fish to fry.

He's definitely a trooper, though.  Amazing guy....

Vic, some 'rename' programs might offer this same functionality.

Thus, not a huge priority, unless others here chime in showing support and encouragement.

But, as always, I greatly appreciate your positive can-do attitude.

Vic!, you are the one with limited time, energy, money.  You'll have to decide if such an endeavor would be worthwhile.

I, for one, would find such a program quite useful.

Thanks so much for responding!

New request, perhaps not even possible presently....

Suppose Windows desktop.

Highlight a set of desktop items/icons.  Say, horizontally.  Three items.  So, three across.

Given the three highlighted items, attach a number to each, serially, across, from left to right, padded with zeros (if requested by user), plus a space.


x, y, z --> 01 x, 02 y, 03 z

Is this possible by any means other than manually?

Why requesting?

Suppose user has created a series of steps laid out on the desktop.  A series of batch files, say, that requires executing in a very particular order.  Or text files outlining steps that must be executed in a particular order.

User does not want to continue taking up the desktop space with the ordered set across said desktop.  User would rather place all these into a folder, on desktop, or somewhere else.

If user simply places all these items into a folder, they will be rearranged by Windows, sorted, if you will.  Critical arrangement that was shown on desktop will be lost.

Given the prepended number, sorting by name easily arranges as wanted.

Comments greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Kormanik

p.s. -- This sort of issue points to a huge desktop problem.  I would really, really like to see a permanent sort of desktop(s) that is very much like a physical white board.  Arrange.  Save.  Leave.  Create another.  Arrange.  Save.  Leave.  Backup.  Etc., etc., etc.  On the desktop(s) would be the usual assortment of files, icons, folders, shortcuts, etc.

Presently I don't think this is possible.  Hugely needed!

Okay, looking forward....

Getting a shortcut file into the SendTo folder is not a big deal.

What I was asking for is to send the relevant folder path into the nkTree sub-window for that purpose, just to save some steps in the whole process.  Another approach would be to drag a folder directly onto a nkTree shortcut (say, on the desktop).

As of right now, that won't work.  Would be a mini-enhancement.

Download link for nkTree 1.2 ??

Download link?

PublicDomainVic / Double-Esc = Close Program/Window
« on: December 29, 2021, 05:12 PM »
Another request, Vic!

Others have tried this before on DonationCoder, but never got it quite right.

Wonder if you might want to give it a try.

Memory-resident program that adds ability to Double-Press the Escape key, and the current window, program closes.

Not at all a priority.  Just a useful little utility.

Thanks Vic!

And Happy New Year to you and everybody here!

Small additional request, Vic....

Not a priority.  But if it's easy enough to incorporate.

Would be nice to have nkTree in the SendTo list.  So, if user focuses on a certain folder/directory in Windows Explorer, user can right-click to bring up context menu, SendTo, and nkTree.  When nkTree comes up, the focused-on folder appears in the nkTree Directory window automatically.

Thanks for an excellent utility, Vic!

Happy New Year!!

Excellent program, Vic!  Works tremendously well.  Easy to eliminate folders by name in large folder/file hierarchy.

Everyone on the planet really ought to keep this gem handy.

Vic! has been achieving high quality accomplishments!  And he's just getting warmed up!

An early Christmas present, Vic!  You certainly are making the world a better place.

PublicDomainVic / Re: Flatten Folder Menu v0.1.1
« on: November 29, 2021, 06:06 PM »
Recently flattened a rather large hierarchy of files using Vic's program here.

Over 48,000 files.

Flatten did the job wonderfully!

I've been searching for hours for an answer.  Such a simple thing.  Huge jumble of partial answers....

Given:  Large directory tree structure, folders with files, maybe some empty folders.

Challenge:  Move recursively throughout tree.  Delete all folders in entire tree that has in name "xyz".

There might be one such folder.  There might be one hundred.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Kormanik

(thanks @publicdomain, and others, for much help on many challenges)

PublicDomainVic / Re: Flatten Folder Menu v0.1.1
« on: November 22, 2021, 11:57 PM »
Vic!, putting up another request.  In the new requests section....

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