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Hello old friends, and Happy Anniversary!

I still visit this fine forum once in a while, but I unfortunately don't have the time that I once had to test and post about software.

Still I hope to have something worthwhile to post at some point in the future.

Best Regards to Mouser and friends!  :)

Thanks, FileSearchy works great with the new match column and interrelated tabs. :Thmbsup:

I now find myself using this daily as a contents searcher. Very fast and accurate --and definitely recommended.

General Software Discussion / Re: photo duplicate scanner
« on: March 27, 2014, 03:15 PM »
Yet another Bolide product, so I cannot say if it ever will be updated.

Yes, very well stated. It is their unfortunate practice to celebrate a revolutionary new product X, charge for full functionality, and then never (or very infrequently) update it. Since this is yet another of their offerings, I'm not inclined to try it.

Anyway, it appears this is a "new version" of the old Visual Search Pony (mentioned above). The old link re-directs to Duplicate Video Search.

The info in MilesAhead's link appears correct. Basically, you can create .reg files to hide or show the XP system tray. To hide, enter into a reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


To show, enter into a .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Also, you may have to restart explorer.exe for the modification to take effect. I have confirmed on my own XP that this works.

Hi Cashper, I have FileSearchy 1.2 and the tab jumping works well. Thanks for adding that function.  8)

Have you considered support for literal operators (AND, OR, NOT) in Instant mode? I had that in mind when asking about history lists, bookmarks, etc. because sometimes the search terms can get rather lengthy when using multiple literal operators.

OK, I can confirm CPU usage and context menu integration have been fixed. :up:

I like that Advanced mode retains search terms and the last used fields. However, Instant mode takes a different approach -- it remembers nothing. Even if the user moves from Instant to Advanced and then back, search terms are not remembered. :huh:

To counter this imbalance, Instant mode needs some options. So how about an option to remember last used search terms? Or remember last X search terms? Or maybe even "Remember last search" (ie. search + results)? These are just ideas -- something to consider.

Also, a Bookmarks function would permit frequently used searches to be performed quickly.

kartal, you may want to check out FingerPrint, a 2004 program released by 2BrightSparks.

A utility to see if any files in a directory have been created, deleted, or changed since the last scan. It's useful for checking if a program, e.g. viruses and trojans, has changed your system files (this is similar to such security software as Tripwire). The use of MD5 checksums guarantee detection of file changes. With it's integration with the Windows Task Scheduler, you can automate your scans, e.g. scan your Windows directory every night. FingerPrint can also be used to calculate MD5 values for files and directories, and compare the results, search for files having a particular MD5 value, and find duplicate files.

There are two FingerPrint programs: the normal Windows program and a console program (FingerPrintCL) that can be used from the command prompt to calculate MD5 and CRC32 values for files. See the FingerPrintCL section for information on using the console version.

I was able to find FingerPrint via this link.

High CPU usage is a bug, that is fixed in the latest version 1.11.

Hi Cashper. More good news. :up:

CPU seemed high to me, but I figured I would ask. I was going to post in the FileSearchy forum rather than here, but it appears the forum is no more. It seems you fixed the issue before I could post about it.  :P

Thanks again, Cashper.  8)

I have experimented a bit and see that any content changes are recognized by FileSearchy very quickly. Dare I say instantaneously!

Since I haven't had any desktop search software installed in a long time, I am curious as to what kind of CPU hit would be expected. Here I am seeing regular 50% CPU usage as FileSearchy reads the USN Journal. 

Are other FileSearchy users observing the same or similar CPU usage? Would regular 50% CPU usage be normal and expected?

Great news to hear of these fixes and improvements planned for upcoming FileSearchy releases. :up:  Cashper, a couple more questions...

In the event of more than 100 matches in a file, I have noticed that FileSearchy indicates (in The Matches tab) "Only the first 100 matches are shown". Huh...why that limitation? What if there were 500 matches in a file? Then FileSearchy wouldn't show 400 matches in the Matches tab?

I would also like to ask about a "File/Save Parameters" and "File/Open Parameters" feature. This would function to preserve active fields for future searches. Also, it would help to avoid repetitive data entry (of multiple file type/delimiter configs) each time history is cleared. Settings and tabs are saved, so maybe parameters could be also? :tellme:

I'm not able to show number of matches in all the found files because when FileSearchy finds the first match in a file is stops and moves to next file. Scanning for all matches is too excessive and will slow down the search.

Cashper, sorry if this is a stupid question, but apparently I'm not understanding what you are saying here. If FileSearchy moves on after the first match, how then does it list every match in each file? I mean, it appears that it is listing everything correctly in both the File tab and the Matches tab (even including line number).

Also, even if you cannot count matches, couldn't you count the lines in the Matches tab? or is it the same problem? For example, there is a well-known program named BareGrep that finds "matching lines". So apparently there can be more than one instance/match in any given line, but the counting is done on a per-line basis.

Anyway, I ask because I agree with dr_andus that counting matches is important. Counting objectively quantifies the findings of the content search. IMO any type of search should attempt to find, display, and quantify findings.

Hi Cashper, very nice work.

IMO FileSearchy version 1.1 is much improved with a Matches tab displaying filtered results. Concise information at a glance.  :up:

BTW is there any quick navigation between the two tabs? IIRC MultiFind could jump from Matches to an exact location in the File tab. Just wondering as that was quite a nice feature.

Hi Cashper, thanks for responding.

Some type of navigation (if only F3 hotkey) in the content pane would definitely ease the burden of navigating results. I don't have files that are particularly large, but it still quickly gets tedious to click, click, click...just to see the results.

As far as filtered/outline view, my suggestion is that you allow space on both sides of the found text. The only issue I ever had with MultiFind was that the found text was often clipped on the left side (in the Matches tab). So a setting like "allow characters before/after found text" would be very useful.  

As to a contents summary, I see the "X objects in X seconds" but was hoping for information about matches. I hadn't realized FileSearchy moves on after the first match because all matches are line-marked and highlighted correctly in the contents pane. BUT if that is the tradeoff (ie. no enumeration of matches) for maintaining the speedy search, then I will gladly choose the speed.

Looking forward to FileSearchy's future!

Hi Cashper, I have found FileSearchy (version 1.0) to be an accurate and speedy contents searcher. FWIW here are some questions and comments...

Do you plan to add some type of filtered results (as you did in MultiFind)? I have to agree with the comments of dr_andus that searching many content results is too time-consuming. A filtered/outline view which displays only the searched-for text would enhance the user experience.

So there is currently no hotkey or other expedited method of navigation? This is a real limitation of FileSearchy as it's very cumbersome to click each highlighted line (in the lower pane) to navigate found text. BTW clicking on a highlighted line marker doesn't shift focus to the bottom pane as one might expect.

I also agree with stewcam that folder exclusion should be implemented. For example, I would like to exclude FileSearchy's log file and various temp files.

Also, the context menu integration remains a bit buggy. I have it disabled in options but "Search with FileSearchy" always shows after a few content searches.

IMO there should be a recognition of matches and there should be a column along with found files which enumerates matches in each found file. It would also be very helpful to see a summary of matches and files found/files searched. For example, the summary "103 matches in 20 files of 35 searched" provides significantly more information than FileSearchy 1.0 provides.

Despite these comments about this early version 1.0, I do like FileSearchy and plan to continue using it in advanced mode as a contents searcher.  :Thmbsup:



I'm sure there are numerous typing programs released since the last comments in this thread. In the effort to improve my terrible typing skills, I recently found TIPP10. :
TIPP10 is a free touch typing tutor for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The ingenious thing about the software is its intelligence feature. Characters that are mistyped are repeated more frequently. Beginners will find their way around right away so they can start practicing without a hitch.
Useful support functions and an extensive progress tracker, topical lessons and the ability to create your own practice lessons make learning to type easy.

Note a portable Windows version is also available.

Living Room / Re: Karen Kenworthy RIP
« on: April 26, 2011, 03:58 PM »
Sad news to hear. Karen was a talented programmer and a nice person who will be missed.

My condolences to friends and family.

Except perhaps for those of us who want nothing to do with Facebook  :down:

+1. Seems like lots of these offers are increasingly tied to Facebook. :down:

General Software Discussion / Re: FreeFileSync (Open-Source)
« on: April 23, 2011, 04:38 PM »
Thanks very much! I'm in dire need of some sleep. :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: FreeFileSync (Open-Source)
« on: April 23, 2011, 04:20 PM »
It has just been a few days since the release of version 3.15, and already FreeFileSync 3.16 has been released. :huh:

Uh...I'm not seeing a change log anywhere on the mentioned sites. Can anyone comment on the specific changes?  Thanks.

in my mind Renegade was merely saying that it is not a surprise that this happens a lot with programs from smaller companies.

And I recognize the valid point. My original statement was based on the user frustration which occurs when I have a program but cannot use it because some of the graphical elements are completely off the page. Really frustrating, but I suppose also understandable as Renegade notes.

To me it's like going to a restaurant and having to bother the waiter/waitress to bring silverware to the table. :huh: Sad to say, it happens more than necessary.

Thanks lanux128 for the update. :up: 

Indeed TextCrawler is a very fine tool which I have happily used for quite some time. :-*

Sometimes that happens because my dpi is at 125%...

Yep, I also get that issue with the 120 DPI setting. It's surprising how often it still happens with all kinds of software.

General Software Discussion / Re: photo duplicate scanner
« on: April 23, 2011, 12:34 PM »
... Visual Search Pony...I believe this is the only one also comparing videos?

Good question--I haven't seen many tools which can evaluate video similarity.

You might want to try SimilarImages for that purpose. :-\ Seems it can process video and compare frames to evaluate similarity. But it's hard to find much information on SimilarImages' video comparison capabilities because the old site is gone, the current location isn't a fully developed site, and the documentation included with the latest 2010.09 (beta) contains outdated/incorrect info.

General Software Discussion / Re: photo duplicate scanner
« on: April 20, 2011, 02:59 PM »
I tried Visual Search Pony a while back and had no luck with that particular software. Perhaps I overlooked something(?), but I found it to be a major disappointment (btw certainly not an uncommon experience with this type of software) .

Hmm...I hope they continue to develop their "revolutionary content-based search". Who knows? In time it could be fantastic. :-\

General Software Discussion / Re: FreeFileSync (Open-Source)
« on: April 20, 2011, 02:41 PM »
Yep, FreeFileSync has been mentioned a few times around here--and for good reason. It's a nice reliable backup/sync tool.

Portable version is running fine here. :up:

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