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Fingertips is a program like FARR or Launchy, but what sets it apart is that it allows you to enter in tasks, contacts, appointments into Outlook with little or no interaction with Outlook.  This makes it extremely easy to enter in tasks without being bothered by switching applications or loading up the Outlook task form.   I love the idea (I wish ActiveWords worked this way), and the task entry is awesome, but the documentation is poor there is only a one page help file with it.  Are there any other program out there like this?  GyroQ does this for MindManager, MLO has a nice rapid task entry form, but I'd love to see this type of app for Outlook and OneNote with more options like picking different categories, setting reminder times, etc.


General Software Discussion / Re: Launchy users please stand up
« on: November 09, 2006, 12:30 AM »
I think the main reason I love Launchy is that it's smart from the start.   I type in "pf" and it figures out that I want "program files."  I didn't setup an alias, it just figures it out.  I type in audiobooks and it knows that "audio books" is the directory where I want to go to.  It's not a perfect program, but it's working for me ... with minimal effort on my part.

Thanks for posting the solution!  One of these days I'll learn AutoHotKey....

General Software Discussion / Re: Launchy users please stand up
« on: October 27, 2006, 09:41 PM »
I like Find and Run Robot, but it's missing Folder search support, Winkey support, and it's cache is too slow for my taste.  I love the features of it, but Launchy is drop dead simple and has the main features I want.  It's far from as sophisticated as FARR, but I like it.  I was using SlickRun, but I don't like the fact that  it doesn't have an index feature, you have to manually setup the shortcuts.  I was using that for about 6 months, but got tired of having to deal with the huge bug in the beta version that deletes your Magic Words.

I know Actual Windows Manager can change the Caption of a window on Startup.

Yeah, that's another item that always bothered me about AW, it took awhile to launch apps.


Yeah, I'm thinking about using As-U-Type with Launchy ... and possibly Direct Access in the future.  I might even switch back to ActiveWords at some point, but I really like the way As-U-Type works with spelling mistakes. 

OT: Fanix has a really cool product out called Hilitext, which highlights words.  I've never seen something like that before and it's very useful in my job.

I'm testing out AW again and I like your tip about Auto-hiding the AWMonitor ... that definitely helps.  I'm using Actual Windows Manager now too, which helps stop ActiveWords from adjusting it's word base screen which also drove me nuts (really need an explorer type view).  So, I'm back testing it again.  What do you use AW for now?

I'm going to take a look at Direct Access too.  Two things that really bothered me about Active Words was it's lack of auto completion of commands especially in the Action Pad and no confirmation if you entered in an invalid command.  That drove me nuts because some apps took a couple of seconds to launch, and by that time I had tried to launch it several times ... or I sit there and wait if I entered an invalid command ... and nothing happens.  It also loads a bunch of exe files in memory and the interface for editing the key words is slow and looks bad. 

Another decent blog post about ActiveWords:

Even after saying all that ... I might try it again anyway, since they added support for some really cool apps, like MindManager and ClearContext.  However, I'll still use Launchy to launch apps.

I haven't used it yet, but going to try it soon.


I'm not an ActiveWords fan, I bought it but have since abandoned it.  It's too slow and intrusive for my taste ... and they don't update it.  I love the idea, but they really need to rewrite it from scratch using C++ or get better programmers.

Interesting article:

ActiveWords - The most useful utility I'm no longer using


General Software Discussion / Re: Launchy users please stand up
« on: October 24, 2006, 02:17 PM »
Admin user. 


General Software Discussion / Re: Launchy users please stand up
« on: October 24, 2006, 10:52 AM »
I use Launchy.  I have no problems with it ... it works with Excel and I use Winkey+C to launch it.  I also use it to open folders in My Documents directory.  I love it because its fast and is very simple to configure and use.


Just missed it ... I bought it last night, not because I needed the Plus version, but mainly to support this awesome app.   I installed it and uninstalled it last week after using it for about 10 minutes (my usual software eval patience), not realizing it's potential.  However, I re-installed it this weekend and couldn't stop playing with it.   It's an amazing program with a huge potential.

I was using OneNote 2007 b2tr, but spent more time organizing it than actually putting information into it.  I was going to use OneNote, but it has too many issues going against it IMHO.  I hate the way OneNote handles web capturing ... screws up the spacing between paragraphs all the time.  In addition, I'm really disappointed they got rid of the deleted pages feature, so you could undelete stuff.  I'm usually way to quick with the delete key, and had to revert to a backup file already.  OneNote is also just way too slow for my taste, especially if you have a client on the phone and you need to start taking notes right away or you need to find something for them immediately ... Evernote makes both extremely simple and fast!

I love the CEO's viewpoint to (several good articles):



Thanks brotherS for the detailed response.  You convinced me ... I'll write up a mini review.  It's tough to explain via screenshots and you really can't show the power of it unless you see it in action.  So, I downloaded Wink and I plan to post a nice presentation of it's features (learning Wink now).  It's amazing to me that the author of this program hasn't made a better website for it.

I'll demonstrate the "open file" and "save files" in my Wink flash presentation.  It's very cool.   

Yes, it might not be perfect, but there really is nothing out there that matches it IMHO.  Since Locate isn't real-time it's not in the same category.  It's a great program, but I need real-time.  I tried AVA-Find and it's missing several cool features of FileTracer, like automatic refresh and the ability to edit the file types search which I'll show via Wink.


Have you looked at Shell Object Editor?  I think it'll do what you want.



Thanks for the screenshots, but that's not it.    I've never seen this before, but NotePad++ allows you to have multiple files open in ONE window with TWO views.  Each view can have multiple files open WITH multiple tabs.  You can even drag and drop the tabs from one view to another.


Are there any other text editors besides Notepad++ that support Multi-Document AND Multi-View?

Example Image:

Notepad++ Site:

Can UltraEdit do it?


General Software Discussion / Re: Speeding up Windows
« on: October 21, 2006, 02:14 AM »

I've used alot of hard drive file finding programs, and spent days looking for one several years ago.  The one that I found that did most of what I want is FileTracer.  It's not perfect, and it's not free, but it works great.  It works in real-time and I've never noticed a system slowdown because of it. 

One of it's coolest features is the capability to work with "open file" and "save file" dialogs.  I can find any file on my system and paste it's path within seconds with FileTracer, no wasting time browsing to the file via the "open" dialog box. 

I really only have one issue with it ... if you add / remove external hard drives all the time and you reboot, it wants to re-index your hard drives.  However, if you press ignore it'll still work since it didn't delete the database.  One last thing, the developer is not very responsive, at least he hasn't been with me. 

I've evaluated Locate 3.0 (plus dozen of other programs) and I didn't like the way it work in comparison to FileTracer.  However, my taste in software is different that most people's anyway.  I don't like SyncBack either ... I'm a SecondCopy fan.


Yes, Foxit PDF Reader views 2 pages side by side in full screen.

Do any of these programs work with Google Desktop? 

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