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Anybody home?

Hi all ....
I'm trying to automate logging in to remote hosts via ss and execute shell scripts saved in a local folder on the PC. The final commands looks like this

ssh [email protected]_name

I have 2 variables. First is host_name and a second is

I created 2 aliases ...
1) script_lib which does a 'dosearch' on the folder where scripts are saved
2) exec_ssh defined as 'ssh (.*) (.*) and the pass to the ssh binary 'c:\....\ssh.exe [email protected]$$1 $$2'

In the farr search box I type ....

script_lib +exec_ssh

This command passes the search hit as $$1 to action alias +exec_ssh. It needs to pass as $$2 since $$1 is the host name. The tool I'm using requires this ordering of arguments.

How can I do this in farr, please.


I'm migrating from ListPro to MLO and would like to know if this app is still developed at all? The Google group seems obsolete and with no recent updates. I'm seeking ideas as to ...

- Is this app still developed?
- an alternatives in this category that provide the following ...
 - hierarchy of tasks in tree style.
 - search as you type
 - custom fields

Thank you.

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR alias: Quick Outlook Task
« on: October 14, 2010, 08:43 AM »
Great little tool. How can I turn this very annoying sound it makes when adding a new task. I work in an open office and the sound it makes is prohibitive to using it.

I ended finding out the cause before I got to this thread. It was indeed the first plugin listed below that did it. Once I disabled it, things are working fine now.

Hi all,
I have FARR configured to hide after launching, but it never does that. It stays open. Please see attached for my configs. What am I missing?

General Software Discussion / Re: PalmOS Software Development/IDE
« on: November 01, 2007, 09:22 PM »
Subscribe for free in PDN and get their eclipse IDE along with all required OS and devices SDKs. This is what you need to get started. Once you see yourself serious about it and ready for a commitment. You got to learn and use Code Worrier. It is the standard defacto industry recognized solution.

For curiosity, though, why are you developing for POS now. It has been dying and has no future.

Would it be feasible to add another tab/link/some control that includes the 'what's new' information for a given update. I use some apps on my machine that provide such functionality. First thing any user wants to know is what this update is bringing to the app being updated. I think all will welcome such feature.

C++ is a wonderful language, plagued by the baggage of being backward compatible with a long like of mistakes from it's past

On many occasions I read your thoughts about this subject. I would like, however, to ask you to explain us though an example or two how is the C++ language plagued by such baggage and how does it really affect you as your write programs in 2007.

Developer's Corner / Re: Best Language for Employability?
« on: August 13, 2007, 09:39 AM »
Instead of asking yourself or others what do I need to learn to get a job? You should, instead, ask yourself how can I become so good (at whatever you like doing) that employers beg me to work for them to do what I loving doing and pay me for it.

It may sound idealistic and hard to think this way. Yes, it may not be a short-term approach. But long term, this is the only way to survive, make a good living, and retire doing it.

Focus on become a guru in something not simply finding a job. There are a lot of real-life examples all over around us. There is a guy called Mark Blank. Mark developed a nitch Palm OS application called ChatterEmail. His abilities and skills showed very good in his creation that this app became the best man-known email software for the Palm OS. Even better than what Palm itself gives out natively on their Treos. He was so good that Palm offered him a position and he took it, they bought his software, and I'm sure he's pretty happy with it.

It works this way ...

To make a good living (over 6 figures to start with), you need to be a guru in something. You won't become one till you spend a hell a lot of time learning/doing it. You won't be able to do so unless you love it. This were you need to start.

Good luck.

Developer's Corner / Re: C++ Development: win32 or .NET?
« on: August 09, 2007, 11:40 PM »
I'm now studying Turbo C++. I like it so far. My concern with C# .net stuff is performance. I saw an example of that on an application called DirectAccess which is developed using C# .net. Users were complaining about slow startup time which I know this breed of apps are known for. I also played with the well known KeyPass open source app which is again using same technology. Not as much, but few users are reporting slow startup times. I will further look into this app as well. I will report later with my findings.

General Software Discussion / Re: Top 3 programs you use
« on: August 08, 2007, 11:06 PM »

Developer's Corner / Re: C++ Development: win32 or .NET?
« on: August 07, 2007, 08:39 AM »
Thank you all gurus. Your insightful remarks are priceless since I can never find them in books. What I read in books and on web site is all one dimensional and lacks the real-life perspective.

My interest has been to develop DK apps for commercial reasons. I also have a particular interest in developing for the Palm OS on a small scale. I wanted to learn a language were I can leverage both interests. To this purpose, C++ was the way to go. I assume learning C# to start with should help a lot learning C++ as well. At least for the DK, I can now rule out mfc and native api in favor of .net.

I will be doing some research this week on the Palm OS side at PDN. I have already installed Turbo C# and will be playing with it throughout this week.

Thank you all.

Developer's Corner / Re: C++ Development: win32 or .NET?
« on: August 06, 2007, 01:28 PM »
what is DK?

Sorry ...

- what about c++ win32 vs. C# .net?
- How is FARR developed? Is it a win32 project? What IDE did you use?

Developer's Corner / C++ Development: win32 or .NET?
« on: August 06, 2007, 12:03 PM »
As you probably can tell from this question that the I'm beginning to delve into the world of desktop development. Having spent the last 3 months getting up to speed on C++ and VS IDE, I'm at a fork road now trying to decide which way to go, C++ with native win32 or .net.

Can the gurus on this site validate my understanding of this subject and provide their insights please ...

There are 3 ways to develop windows GUI apps with C++:
  • by calling win32 API directly 
  • using MFC
  • using .NET 

My understanding is ...

1- Using direct API calls is obsolete and is not being done nowadays.

2- Most of the existing apps are probably developed using MFC. However, this technology is gradually and officially phased out in favor of .net

3- For a starter like myself and when developing apps from scratch, is there any reason why I should NOT abandon win32 MFC projects. In other words, what does win32 offer that .net does not?

4- If I do go for C++ .net, my next dilemma is why? C++ is not, by design, optimized for the .net. I should as well just go to C#. Can anyone think of any reason why I should look back to C++ to develop my app in respect to using C# directly.

5- Almost all books I read stated that apps written in C++ .net vs. win32 compare (if not faster) response-wise and are more stable. There are, however, a very limited number of apps on the high end of industrial performance that will always benefit from win32. Is is true if my scope is simply DK development, I should NOT be concerned about any stability or performance issue developing in .net?

6- Finally, can you by looking at an app on your DK tell if it was developed via win32 vs. .net? And how? For example, are there controls that can only be used via one and not the other?

Thank you all

General Software Discussion / Re: Maxthon 2 Released
« on: July 25, 2007, 12:59 AM »
there is something weird about M2 and it may be just me. Normally when you switch pages in a browser, you go from current page to the new one. With M2, there is this annoying blank gray page that appears in the middle. I was browsing Treocentral today and this gray page kept interceding all the time. WHY?

It does not take a lot of usage to see how slow and sluggish M2 is and has been since I tested its first beta. I hate to say this. I'm in no way under-estimating the hundreds of man hours that went into developing it, but I can not help it when I see it performing this bad.

I have a need to convert some DRM protected music files that I purchased absolutely legally. However, I need to have them convert to an MP3 format so I can play them on my CD player, Treo, and IPod shuffle.

I searched the web and came up with these 3 contenders, TuneBite, SoundTaxi, and NoteBurner. I tested all, they all were able to do the conversion.
This music conversion tools business if full of crab and trashy vendors. To be specific ...

- I would like to hear from other users what their experience has been with any of these products, good and bad.
- If you used TuneBite, do you know if it can convert unprotected files too

Thank you

One of my biggest concerns about the world we live in is that the commercial marketplace has their hooks in every level of power in our society, and is set up to distributed advertising/propaganda/misleading information in an incredibly effective fashion,

I can not, will not, and should not say it in any better way. I will not be political, I hate politics, and regret having done it one time.
I do not want to to tell this story fearing I will hijack your post, but believe me, I feel nauseous just thinking about it. For the past 6 years we lived this universal lie that is unparalleled not only in the history of this country but the entire world. Yet, I open my TV daily to have someone shove their lies in the fissures of my brain.
I grew up being told by my doctor and dentist that I must brush my teeth, gurgle my mouth, and wash my hands before I go to sleep everyday. One thing we are never told is that we should on An hourly basis open up our skulls and unfold our brains to its last crease and bleach it.

Find And Run Robot / Re: new launcher just released
« on: July 19, 2007, 12:55 AM »
The difference between FARR and Dash is basically what differentiates free/donationware from payware in general. In effect, the focus is quite different. The former does not have the pressure or the absolute focus of maximizing adoption and therefore, revenue. It is this pressure that ultimately steers the developer. Time after time after time, experience has shown that for any software to be widely received and adopted it must be visually mind blowing, colorful, skinnable and sometimes at the expense of its features. Also, the application must deliver straight out of the box easily, naturally, and spontaneously.
There is no better example historically and currently than Apple in all its products and the iPhone is a startling example. Having sold more than 1/2 million 2-year contracts in less than 48 hours is so perplexing for my humble mind. A so called 'revolutionary' phone that requires user 2 steps to hang up a call is truly puzzling. But who cares, who on earth can resist its layout, colors,  and interface.
I think FARR comes from a totally different notion that is liberated from market pressure and revenue numbers crunching. Therefore, it lacked the user interface and got so technically bloated, IMH, with features some of which is repelling for users e.g. RegExp aliases.

I'm a power user and care the less for user interface at the expense of functionality. I have looked at most (if not truly all) launchers over the past 2-3 years and I can say with confidence that there is no launcher on this planet as feature full as FARR and I can bet a thousand dollars on it.

It has all to do why a developer is making his/her software. His/her motives, intentions, orientation will inescapably show in the software in some form or another.

Mouser, I will come under one condition...
If you promise to teach me how to write C++ and may be my first FARR plugin.
I would truly love to have the privilege to meet you in person and see the person behind this great web community. Hope you and your guests have the greatest time.

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR v2 Tricks and Tips Clinic
« on: June 09, 2007, 09:23 AM »
This makes sense because it did this recursive find on 2 of my dirs out of 5. When I checked them, none contained the exe I told it to find so it went ahead and continued downwards in the tree. I could not understand why is it behaving differently across dirs. For now, I wanted it to be a greedy as possible by adding \*\ and it works consistently now.

One last question, though, adding '\*\' to my search template now will make these 2 search strings return same results...

+lab exe +sall

The template simply and implicitly did the '+sall' for me. Right?

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR v2 Tricks and Tips Clinic
« on: June 09, 2007, 09:01 AM »
Mouser, I can not understand this behavior ...
I have created 2 search templates here...

lab --> ^lab\\(.*)$ --> c:\lab\$$1
pf --> ^pf\\(.*)$ --> c:\program files\$$1

now, typing lab\exe shows all executable files in c:\lab but NOT anything beyond that level. However, typing pf\exe shows executables in main folder and ALL subdirs recursively.

To show all exec's recursively in lab I have to type 'lab\*\exe'.

Why is it different?

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR v2 Tricks and Tips Clinic
« on: June 08, 2007, 02:12 PM »
this should be similar to having an folder alias 'pf' and then typing '+pf \\ microsoft'

I've experienced FARR hanging when it was searching in places that contained links to network resources or UNC paths. Mouser is aware of it and I think he's getting it fixed. But to diagnose your issues, turn on the status bar and see at what folder or place it is hanging. See if it happens on same place and dig into it to find out if you have any links to network shares.

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