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ProcessTamer / Process Tamer - New feature request
« on: November 13, 2017, 11:59 AM »
Process Tamer is great.  Thank you for creating and maintaining it.   I've used it for years to make my machine run smoothly regardless of sloppy (but required) software.

Request: Set affinity for a process.  Lowering the priority of a process is great but I also find it helpful to keep a set of processes on a particular CPU, totally away from other things.

Thanks again!

Apologies ahead of time for resurrecting an old topic.

If you are still considering adding a screencast feature to ScreenShotCaptor as an add-in I vote a huge YES!  Here is my supporting argument.

I found DonationCoder after a desperate search for what ProcessTamer does.  It was so great I started seeing what other softwares were available.  I saw ScreenShotCaptor and said to myself "Oh no, no another one".  Of course I was wrong, it is a great and unique addition to the tools I use every day and has replaced any other screen captor program I was using.  Although there are other products that do screen casting I am sure you will add a certain flavor to it eventually and it will be as unique and wonderful as ScreenCaptor is.  We surely would be worse off if you had asked the same question for ScreenShotCaptor and everyone said "nah, it's already been done for free."

Please reconsider adding this feature and thanks for for all your efforts.

Sure.   (should I have posted this to the official feature/bug thread?)

First let me say ProcessTamer is great!!  Not only does it keep certain programs (that I am forced to run) under control it gives me a way to determine what is running on my machine.  This last feature was helpful to track down a piece of malware that kept reinstalling itself.

My request is to have Priority sort as: Low/BelowNormal/Normal/AboveNormal/High/Reatime
Instead of alphabetically: Below/High/Low/Normal/Realtime

Thanks again for a great product.

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