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  • Tuesday August 11, 2020, 2:37 pm
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Thanks for all the input!

If you tweak it try to measure your performance gains, otherwise go for stability.
Yes, that's what I'll do. :)

Sure, the browser isn't 'the only thing in the world', but when Chrome + everything else only uses 10% (or even 20%) CPU, that's ok for me. :)

First thing I'd do is switch to Firefox, when having that many tabs open in a browser, Chrome isn't really good at that, consuming lots of memory and CPU when the tab-count goes up. I'm running one of my Firefox instances with 300 tabs, without trouble, but I do turn off that computer at the end of my workday.

I try to never touch the pagefile size, at least not since the Windows 2000 days, back in the Windows NT 4.0 days it seemed to make sense to tune it, but after that it usually got worst whatever way I tuned it away from the Windows optimal/automatic settings. Theoretically, Windows running on a 16 GB system should be able to do without any pagefile, but I've found that Windows can get really instable that way, so that's IMHO a good reason not to touch it.
I've tried Firefox again and again over the years but currently prefer Chrome with all of the extensions I'm using. RAM usage is pretty bad, yes, but CPU not so much. Right now the CPU is at 10%, and even when it's a bit higher I can live with that. :)

I dont think changing the pagefile (again) would optimise further.

AFAICS the great pagefile debate is whether it's necessary to have one at all (presuming you have enough memory). You do need it for a windows dump file (not sure I have the name correct there...) when there is a problem with your pc. Setting your pagefile, you can set a maximum and minimum size. Some say you should make these the same, so the file is always there and there's less of Windows messing around on your hdd.

I now have 16GB RAM on two machines. Was considering removing the pagefile, but found both arguments for and against very convincing, so I just set it to fixed size in the end (cant remember offhand what size exactly).
Yeah, I read those warnings regarding removing the pagefile too, so I didn't. I'm curious to see how this reduced pagefile size will affect the next crash, previously the crash dumps took quite a while, even with the SSD.

General Software Discussion / Re: Chrome tab height bug?
« on: June 07, 2020, 06:53 AM »
The issue still sometimes shows up here. I'm really surprised that this thread didn't get a single reply. Am I the only one seeing this? :)
Well, I initially read your post but didn't recognize the issue, Chrome is only my third browser (Firefox GA and Firefox DEV are my 2 main browsers... browser-based application development and testing on the same domain but different accounts => 2 browsers is the easiest solution).
And on top of that, even if it happened, I probably wouldn't have noticed... :-[
Hehe... ok. :D Your reply inspired me to add screenshots to my first post above. And by doing that I saw that not only the tab is reduced in height but also the top of the "+" button is cut off. Weird!

Since I like to have lots of stuff open at the same time (in addition to Chrome with 150+ tabs) - and let Windows run for as long as possible without a reboot - I recently upgraded from 8 to 16 GB RAM.

I then changed the pagefile setting from 8 GB to 2560 MB. That's the recommended value I found somewhere (for 16 GB RAM) after looking through many Google results on that topic. The system does feel like it's running more smoothly than before (so that's great), but I'm interested in hearing what you guys have learned about the topic. Maybe I can optimize it even further. :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Chrome tab height bug?
« on: June 07, 2020, 04:39 AM »
The issue still sometimes shows up here. I'm really surprised that this thread didn't get a single reply. Am I the only one seeing this? :)

General Software Discussion / Chrome tab height bug?
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:31 AM »

a few weeks ago this started to happen: sometimes, in a maximized Chrome window, the tabs would not reach the top end of the screen. If that happens, it's possible to click 'over' a tab while trying to click on it. Nothing happens, the tab isn't activated:

Screenshot - 2020-06-07 001.png

If that happens I use Win+Left to make the window smaller and then Win+Up to maximize it again. That fixes it:

Screenshot - 2020-06-07 002.png

Did anyone else notice this? I've tried Google but didn't find anything. The issue is still there after the latest Chrome update.

Thanks, highend01! And thanks for the info, anandcoral. :)

Works at least on Win 10...
Are you willing to share that working code? I have zero experience with that side of AutoHotkey...


does anyone here know an app who offers this? Maybe even with customizable colors (one for 2.4 and another for 5 GHz)? I've tried Google but couldn't find one...

General Software Discussion / Re: looking for cheap email hoster
« on: December 09, 2019, 08:03 AM »
Thank you, all of you! I finally decided to sign up here:

I haven't signed up with these guys, but I'm considering it:

"BuyShared" web-hosing by Frantech:

Their smallest plan is $8 per year which gets you 1GB of space and unlimited email addresses.

It was the best deal for what I needed (just $0.66 per month!) and I liked that it's not a special offer, so there won't be a big price hike in a year or two.

I've finally set up everything to my liking and so far it's working as expected. :)

General Software Discussion / Re: looking for cheap email hoster
« on: November 27, 2019, 12:07 PM »
Yes, in Jan 2019 I paid for 2 years in advance for $35. .. actually 25 months.

My error.  About 1.40 a month.  Maybe they have that special now?
Yeah, they still/again have that 2 (years) for 1 special... if no one else has a great suggestion I'll probably sign up there. :)

General Software Discussion / Re: looking for cheap email hoster
« on: November 27, 2019, 11:48 AM »
My Runbox account works well, I use it as a POP account, so I have not seen any fees. Presumably a few mails per month will not trigger fees for a long time.  I think I made sure there were no spam filters.
Thank you Steven, their page looks good. What I don't understand: you say "I have not seen any fees", but according to the cheapest account is $19.95 / €14.95 per year?

General Software Discussion / looking for cheap email hoster
« on: November 27, 2019, 05:51 AM »
Hey guys,

the hoster for my personal domain wants to raise the price for their mail server that I use (POP3, SSL for outgoing mails) in a few days. Since I only use it for a few mails each month I'm now looking for an alternative, can you recommend something? I'm looking for good (they shouldn't allow sending spam, I don't want my mails ending up in spam filters  8)) and cheap. :)

General Software Discussion / Re: download online video
« on: October 27, 2019, 06:50 AM »
You could install SlimJet, (as a portable app), and use it's tab recorder
I've just tried it, but it just. won't. start. No error message, just nothing. Weird...

Otherwise, send me the link and I'll have a go.
Thanks, will do!

General Software Discussion / Re: download online video
« on: October 26, 2019, 08:29 AM »
Well I use the following, in no particular order, to get the online videos, I need.
Since you do not want to specify the link, I am including the youtube one too.

Thanks. Sadly, none of those worked.

The command line utility youtube-dl has support for downloading streams from a lot of sites.
Thank you, that sounds very promising. The site with the news video I want is mentioned, but I wasn't able to install youtube-dl. :( The required Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package is installed, but the youtube-dl installer fails again and again... no idea why.

General Software Discussion / download online video
« on: October 23, 2019, 07:13 AM »

there's this one online news video that I want to archive on my PC. Is anyone here able to do that and willing to help me? I've tried to google "download video" and the site's name, but no luck.

I don't want to post the link publicly, please send me a message if you might be able to help. Thanks!

Thank you very much, skwire, it works even more almost perfectly now! :tellme: :D Just one tiny issue remains: in VLC, when not using fullscreen mode, the script activates and deactivates the menu with each wheelscroll. It's as if VLC recognizes the Alt from !{PgUp} and !{PgDn} as if the Alt key alone is being pressed. Any idea how to avoid that?

A few weeks ago I got the auto-update to Version 10.0.18362.356. This is maybe the first time ever I'm really positively surprised by a Windows update. I always open Chrome after a reboot and leave it running as long as possible - with 100+ tabs (The Great Suspender extension being used on many of those) that used to mean a reboot was required after about 4 to 7 days because Windows was running out of available RAM. (Sure, restarting Chrome would have helped but a rebooted Windows feels even faster.)

After this update, I managed to increase that period to about 14 days, which is great! :)

Now to the bad/weird part: before rebooting I killed Chrome - and this time (first time ever), Windows would not free up the RAM again! :huh: I've checked with Task Manager and Process Explorer... Chrome wasn't using RAM, nothing else used more RAM than it should, but there was hardly any free RAM available. Not a big deal since I wanted to reboot anyway, but weird!

21 - 4 episodes, 31 minutes total runtime.

They stole around $1 billion from banks. Having read a lot of articles on the topic before, I didn't learn many new things, but it was still interesting to watch. The video material added another perspective.

It works almost perfectly now, just one issue remains: can I 'mute' the wheel output so that when it successfully sends a command to f.lux, it will not also scroll the browser window up or down or change the volume in the media player?
skwire? :)

A friend asked me to put the top 500 billionaires from (sorted by descending net worth, Jeff Bezos as #1) into a Google Spreadsheet, everything in its column. "Easy" I said... and then failed. :-[ I've tried "importhtml", I've tried copy/paste - any other ideas?

Btw: I like their sense of humor: below the top 500 billionaires, they list Wilbur Ross with a "n/a" rank and a net worth of $860 million. (It's funny because of https://www.forbes.c...illion/#58fa93a07515 )

Did you save out the code to a something.ahk file and then run it?
Duh! Of course I did forget to try the simplest approach... ;)

But it still doesn't work.

A logical question:

If I fill
"If ( ( A_ScreenWidth - myX ) <= myEdgePixels )"
with probable values for the left side of the screen:
If ( ( 1920 - 10 ) <= 10 )

doesn't that mean that that line will never be able to trigger the following "If ..."?

I changed it to
"If ( myX <= myEdgePixels )"
and that does trigger the following "If ...".

(15 minutes later)

I also adjusted the Up vs. PgUp (Down vs. PgDn) confusion and added CoordMode so the script would not be triggered on the left border of any window that's smaller than fullscreen size:

Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
  2. myEdgePixels := 10
  4. ~WheelUp::
  5. ~WheelDown::
  6. {
  7.     MouseGetPos, myX
  8.     If ( myX <= myEdgePixels )
  9.     {
  10.         If ( A_ThisHotkey = "~WheelUp" )
  11.         {
  12.             SendInput, !{PgUp} ; Send Alt+PgUp.
  13.         }
  14.         If ( A_ThisHotkey = "~WheelDown" )
  15.         {
  16.             SendInput, !{PgDn} ; Send Alt+PgDown.
  17.         }
  18.     }
  19. }
  20. Return

It works almost perfectly now, just one issue remains: can I 'mute' the wheel output so that when it successfully sends a command to f.lux, it will not also scroll the browser window up or down or change the volume in the media player?

I know F.lux thanks to Techgara and it is quite fortunate to see someone mentioning it here. Btw, does anyone know how to change the time of when F.lux switches between daytime and nighttime mode? I search on that site but no anser. Thanks!
You set your physical location and your "earliest wake time", and based on that f.lux does its thing. :)

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