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General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox
« on: May 26, 2007, 01:06 PM »
Not going to review old misunderstandings but, especially for you app103, unless Im blind one can only get the impression that IE7Pro and/or OrbitDownloader is spyware, unethical - to be avoided. That is rubbish to say and so I object to this. I dont care who say it either. Have nothing to do with "personal" choice of browser - I have no interest in others personal choice but thanks for the lesson. What I will say is that cmpm have no knownledge about what I linked to and is just chitchatting along with "reputable" forum member Wordzilla who declared this evil - in the thread I linked to. I should not care but find logic stupid and dont mind saying so. Self proclaimed truths based on nothing just boils me up. Show me some proof warranting these hints and suggestions. Im not the one associating Ie7Pro theme with web crawlers, dangerous internet or whatever - where did all that come from? Hard to figure out? Why I said to take it easy screaming SPYWARE without being absolutely sure. If there was meat on this case it would be visible, could be reproduced etc. Not down to personal ideas or feelings. Facts are not interesting. This particular item not meeting cmpms "security standards" means he have done thoroughly testing? - yeah right. Totally convincing, care to explain what he is on about? Dont you think he should? Just cut the nonsense and stick to facts is all Im asking - and I still have no share in IE7Pro but see no reason to flame program for anything but minor DC-spamming over a months long periode. Saying that is unethical is already stretching it.
I never pimped any browser to anyone, not the issue at all if you read more than selected lines - saying I find IE7 quite useful with IE7Pro should say enough of that. If he said screw IE7 and addons fine with me, I could not care less. Pretending doing proper testing while just babbling whatever seems appropriate is annoying and in the case of IE7pro just plain silly. Very possible that attitude give me doubts about how he actually carry out his "tests" of this and that including Firefox which he suddenly dont "like" but my problem - must be careful with accusations.

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox
« on: May 19, 2007, 04:10 PM »
Well you have nothing to back up your claims right? I dont care if you like it or not, Im interested in why it violates your security standard. Seems like witch hunting to me. Not surprisingly followed by notes about evil tracking cookings and web crawlers - all a big conspiracy. I trust you have investigated IE7Pro, at least on level with your Firefox adventure, so would you mind telling me where I find the spyware? As suggested by the reputable member! I actually use it, other DC members probably does too, so enlighten people.

Imagine if other forums posted equally unsubstantiated claims against DC software? Should such post be requested backup or eaten up like candy? Security is also about sticking to facts, rejecting ghost stories/rants, demanding proof/ability to reproduce. Im unsure about your "standard".

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox
« on: May 19, 2007, 03:05 PM »
You are jumping to conclusions without bothering to research. And talk about security standards. Try stick to the matter which is I gave you link to a confusing post about that add-on - not any meat on accusations but if in the mood useful to fuel "risk" thinking. There is a need for that no doubt, just dont mistake that for optimal security. Unless you have a little proof are you not being very unfair? Best way of putting it.

I linked you to that theat thread by "a reputable poster" in the hope you would prefer to think for yourself - and you eat it up 100%. Your choice but dont say you have experience with IE7Pro to make judgement according to your security standards. You have a rambling forum post but good enough. Why claim you have done any evaluation? Accusations are still wrong and will continue to be wrong until there is proof, not a matter of opinions or the weather - Mouser could post the same and so will I. Reputable poster is a strange value btw. Dont believe all you read or give someone a free ride just because you recognize name. All make mistakes. One thing is to make the fantastic discovery of some clown spamming the program a few times over a month long periode (minor task for ADM, nothing to cry about in separeate thread), another to blindly connect it with spyware because it fits! Facts are required but nothing except ideas that you mght not se it today blah blah. Anything goes - give me a break (I dont even have a "security standard" but not that stupid) Witch hunting is what that is.

Im not pushing IE7pro but add-on does what it says - cant rule out Firefox is not to your liking and may be you reckon IE7 is best choice considering computer powers. In that case IE7pro is useful which is why I mentioned it. Have no share in program but also know of no reason to warn against it. Will of course uninstall it once evidence of hidden evil is available.

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox
« on: May 19, 2007, 06:46 AM »
cmpm, you have 2 forum posts with unsubstantiated accusations to judge that program on. A bit unfair perhaps? "Internet access" a risk? Well whatever, but you are not more safe by accepting everything you read or jumping to conclusions that is for sure. Always demand proofs and some logic, must be skeptical both ways - most can be revealed by doing a bit of research. Goes for Google tracking as well. Too much ranting and politics about "security", not really that big a deal. Actual dangers are elsewhere, mostly sitting in front of computer ;)

I guess you know Microsoft knows every url you have ever visited with IE7? Just like Google does if you install toolbar and activate full blown web history? So now you must deactivate Anti-Phishing filter to be safe? Does this not make the old popular warning of Windows "phoning home" seem like a friendly gesture?

Dont think Firefox extensions are without privacy issues, some of them have a policy - and most are made by unknown people/companies. Not secure by any means. You better have a net sniffer running 24/7 if IE7Pro seem so risky. I think you will be surprised/scared or will reevaluate what internet access is... There are people involved with everything, with your argument only way to get "secure" is not using anything and definitely not internet. But the opposite is what you should do - use internet to check things out, like for example the little add-on IE7Pro. When done it would be nice if you explained why program is to be avoided. I cant find anything suspicious other than here and that is more like a confusion.

Anyway, possible Firefox appears quicker once loaded but if you disregard the strange tab shifting in IE7 I think most has to do with it using more memory for caching than IE7. If amount of memory is on level with P3 then may be not a  wanted feature. Does adjust max. cache levels to available memory but still. Also Firefox definitely is less happy than IE7, Opera to release memory. Firefox hang on to cached media files much longer. I got the feeling Opera will beat both of them.   

General Software Discussion / Re: Web Mail Recommendation?
« on: May 19, 2007, 05:51 AM »
When signed up for Gmail you get a Google account and access to most of their services will let you modify settings, see what you have joined etc. I think you will automatically join iGoogle, the personalized homepage - not sure. But if so next time you go to you will see an iGoogle menu item at top. Other services you must log in to. One of the nice things about Google is this ease of use. Gmail account is key to all the goodies and probably why they it is generous with features. Selling Gmail is also selling Google but you can just ignore anything but Gmail if you wish.

More or less also goes for Yahoo, MS I guess but really tight integration at Google, no reason to feel trapped.

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox
« on: May 18, 2007, 05:44 PM »
Well yes go crazy and do what you want - that is the idea with Firefox. Just know about the problems you can create for yourself by adding and adding. Suddenly you dont like Firefox so much and it could have been avoided.

Adblock Plus https://addons.mozil...S/firefox/addon/1865 is the one to get for adblocking. Subscribe to a known good list like Easylist Must increase cpu usage a bit but also speed up site loading, extension itself does not slow down much if at all.

May be you should consider making IE7 Firefox? I use IE7Pro takes care of adblocking as well. Basic blocking perhaps but all counts. Does what it says on their site. I think I could use IE7 as default browse with this add-on. In case Firefox dont cut it you could try this. Better search forum for "ie7pro" because some more than hints it is connected with Spyware. I cant make sense out of any of those accusations, except the one about promoting/spamming software on forums. Is not even Adware but you be the judge.

I dont think Firefox is "slimmer" than IE7 - but know for sure it can sprint on an "old" AMD Barton 3200 cpu, 512mb ram. Feels faster to me when it comes to GUI - Tab shifts in IE7 just give wrong impression, not snappy as in Firefox. All that about loading times is mostly nonsense to me though of course you can pick some sites and notice differences - in general they are so close you need benchmarks to "clearly" see X is faster than Z - because they repeat whatever a million times in order to not output similar results. Some truth in there but not something to worry about.

May be K-Meleon is better for your computer - or Opera. Have to settle with what works if computer is that slow. Lots of video viewing is probably not the best for cpu regardless of browser. Be sure to get latest plugins, flash especially.

General Software Discussion / Re: Firefox
« on: May 18, 2007, 04:14 PM »
Not so much screaming since IE7 and I believe activex is still not working in IETab.

cmpm, how many extensions you use dont matter that much except for longer startup time (not much). Depends more on what they do, how buggy they are. Some are to be avoided that is for sure. Does not take more than 1 bad to kill the fun. You should not notice any change in speed unless there is a problem.

One of the reasons Profile Manger is useful http://kb.mozillazin...file_Manager#Windows No need to uninstall/reinstall really. Use their knowledge base for questions - and I almost said dump cool lists. It is all there.

Best to use almost default Firefox for a while. Find out what blows and then fill out the holes. You dont need to tweak anything except what is in options already. If you download user.js from that list then be aware those settings are still active after you delete user.js and every about:config must also be reverted if you want to go back. Again use for a new profile. Not default settings are in prefs.js btw - can be edited with closed Firefox.

Think you should either get a used socket 478 cpu or dont upgrade. New motherboard also means new video card and new memory - perhaps also new power supply.

If going new do get Core 2 Duo or a cheaper AMD X2. If you want to assemble and save money look for a motherboard/cpu bundle and get a case with installed power supply. Also a nice way to get rid of bad products but you can get lucky. Add may be 90-100$ for decent video card and 40/70$ for 1GB/2GB DDR2 ram and you can compute/game a lot faster.

May be set up an account at Newegg and use their wishlist feature to get on top of total cost and relationship between different combinations. 1300 is a slow card so may be the very best onboard video will be ok until you have money for real card. Must pay a little extra for motherboard then.

Living Room / Re: Picnik -- online 'picasa'-like webapp
« on: May 17, 2007, 08:08 PM »
Yep, it is great. Tight integration with Picasa Album too, download/upload. Feels a bit like Picasa online, smooth once loaded. Extension makes it all online

Is this thing free?
All Picnik’s features are available for free during the beta. After beta we will offer a free version with basic photo-editing, and a premium version with advanced editing features, more tools, more fun, increased storage, and greater content.

General Software Discussion / Re: Web Mail Recommendation?
« on: May 17, 2007, 05:41 PM »
Must remember that loss of email happens very rarely. If same amount of people had emails on their hd more would be lost! Last accident? , I think connected more to a Firefox flaw than Gmail, hit 60 people. Same probably goes for other major services. Dont remember Yahoo or Hotmail disasters at least. Very important services so dont worry too much, not like they will stop caring.

"speed & reliability" are of course also keywords for Gmail ;) Let you log in with https for example More importantly I doubt you can say service has a history of failures, more like the opposite.

If organizing in folders not tags is a must forget about Gmail. Most noticable difference to Yahoo, MS. Well read about here but really has to be experienced.

I heard in some podcast MS will release new email client next month or so - to replace Windows Desktop Mail. Free and no advertising, replacement for Outlook Express I guess. Well, if Gmails interface feels hopeless, though nice spam filter and "reliability", it can be used as a POP machine with Outlook Express, Thunderbird or whatever is prefered.

The official information might shed some light right down to weekly meeting notes or more directly the builds forum at Mozillazine http://forums.mozill...g/viewforum.php?f=23 Only for the very interested.

Firefox tweaking done properly - Lifehack top list must have taken 5 min. to spit out. Could have consisted of whatever. Direct link to user.js file which you can modify but remember not to touch about:config unless you know what you are doing! No. 12 has the year old wrong value of 30 - 8 is still max. Take seconds to research but faster to copy and paste. Ram vs. hd! Down with poor top lists made hoping to attract attention - such lists can be useful.

Which is why I installed Winsnap on my sisters computer and not SC. When Winsnap was free that is. As little as possible can be better.

Unfortunately I think you are right - may be reason why they keep setting hidden ;) Im wondering if it is a conflict with other extension or just build in bug. Search their forum for "image resize", may be "autofit" - where I found the setting. Did not find any complaints. Worth a test cause it does seem to work.

Image Viewer has been tested as Pro/Shareware but they went back to free. Dont remember if they kept a free version and only added "extra" features to Pro but same thing. Probably a bigger concern than the capture thingy, main functionality covered in Image Viewer already - or else where.

Matter of habits Curt, anyone can handle Screenshot Captor. Know what you mean though...

Actually it is just what he wanted. Install Image Zoom 0.3, restart - then go to about:config and type in imagezoom. Locate "imagezoom.autofitlargeimage" and make it true, doubleclick. Restart. Test page/image I tried previously does not break anything. Default is manual autofit, right-left click - dont know why this setting in hidden.

Resizing only work on single images not pages. Anyway, try look around at May be some take care of vbb etc. claims to do so but I could not get it to work on a vbb forum. 

Living Room / Re: Microsoft takes on the free world
« on: May 14, 2007, 04:57 PM »

You have to be 1. Registered user since it was called Windows Commander and 2. TC freak to understand. Two great timesaving, "productivity" increasing ideas meet and they must marry, that is their instinct - may be something good will come out of it :) I cant really see it happening though. Something like a mini virtual folder based on copied files/folders? I think better to spank author for not implementing that very much wanted feature in core already.

Spyware Terminator is made by former adware makers and still "recommended" every where. Im not so sure you should use FDM, DAP or Flashget either if you have too good memory.

All I will say about listing random findings from random versions is I believe such activities can always be proven and situation is today and todays version. Can take note of past all you like but this is what must be investigated. That thread on Neowin calms down fast does it not? You are looking for "proof" not proof and why I post.

They even use "Dont be evil" as motto and sing no spyware etc. so of course a big problem if not the case. I believe anything but not without proof. Orbitdownloader is at version 1.55 so start there and report result. I just installed it with no popups from Kaspersky but other programs might think differently. Featured at same Neowin btw possible they have a different web "culture". And this has what to do with programs? Members here use a billion of sites, programs - , make better safe than sorry/warning forum. Will be a busy one.

If banning those IPs stops the "wave" then ban away.

Well is that not stating the obvious. How many spammers would engage in IRC chat with ADM? Is he that dumb or new to the game?

Not hard to find stupid useless "reviews" on Betanews or where ever, spamming from developers or not. Comment section is not supreme court. As long as you dont know sender how can you know what is spam or not? - and does it really matter? I thought sorry state of most other software sites was one of the reasons most here liked DC. As you can see stupid promotion tricks dont work.

Eh, if you disregard softplatz site whatever that is your Google proof looks a bit thin, a handful of hits! - but I sure believe they, being them self and/or friends "spam". Try some other keywords instead of just that quote, may be they use more than 1 catchy sentence. Unless you plan to be 400 years old there is hardly a wave at DC btw.

Happens every day all over the place so I dont know why so upset. Im sleepy but if IP logs prove no ability to wize up xxxxx should be banned of course. Up to higher powers - however, I thought you were warning against programs as well? To hint security issues you need solid proof I think.

Is it suspect not to charge for software? May be they have plans to sell parts of their code to other company later on, or make payware versions - or just want to attract attention/$$$ through popularity. Nothing wrong in that, no one knows.

More lack of experience and startup "problems" than evilness I think. How is the chronology in this? They wize up or not? How you know spamming is sponsored?

Marketing is not evil - ever heard of SpreadFirefox? No offence to DC but it is just another forum - you find such post everywhere. Does not have to be directly connected to developers. A few fanboys can create lots of noise, dont expect them to care about rules. I actually use IE7Pro so would like to see of what is "very unethically" - needs more than forum spamming to get upset. So same developers behind those 2 programs, sites look the same as well - and ?

Connecting to internet is not really disturbing if you have ticked "check for updates" - so not the case I guess? To be a valid disturbance I would like to see analysis of transfer. Much software connects, many sites collects info.

I wont let go of an opportunity to defend an IE7 addon  8) Well, it has lots of functionality for Firefox users who sometimes have to use IE7. Better to accumulate what matters in 1 addon than having to travel around. If supported/developed less risk of serious bugs - you see 1 line of last changelog was about compatibility issues with other addons. Easy solution for Firefox users like myself.

http://forum.ie7pro..../viewtopic.php?id=28 or http://forum.ie7pro....viewtopic.php?id=743 I think developers have the right attitude. Bugs are here to stay, what is fixed, what can be reproduced etc. - just like with Firefox.

They dont keep a forum for their own sake of course but a certain percentage of bug reports tells more about the user than "problem", like changing referer cause some sites to act strangely. All learn but in this case notice how they deal with reports. Seems good to me. You know there will be a new version out shortly, then 1 more etc. - how it is with these things. If that is big problem dont use addons, or find more "stable" ones.

Dont know about resource/cpu usage - adblock filtering noticable hit for a P3 perhaps. May be much more is killing cpu, Ive seen mouse movements task cpu 100% with a buggy Firefox extension so much is possible. Less is better with that cpu no doubt. Im not so sure Firefox is a relief to cpu usage.

If you know of any addon duplicating Firefox session saving and restore let me know. IE7Pro is on their way with crash recovery unless only taking advantage of build in features - I dont know IE7 in details.

Ton of bugs considering number of features? - I dont think so. Of course some but as with Firefox extensions you should focus on what is done about bugs not count them. And definitely disregard user bugs... When serious bugs become overwhelming and neglected you can start warning.

General Software Discussion / Re: PIM's
« on: May 09, 2007, 03:21 PM »
Ive used free EssentialPim for quite some time and it is ok. Some problems with database but with new 2.0 they change format, sqlite or something. I think they know it is "unstable", check their forums. Oh all you have to do is compact then exception errors dissapear and off you go - not really comforting. Fair price for Pro, more so with solved problems. Simple yet adequate is what most want from a PIM I think and why EssentialPIM is good.

Im still considering Lightning/Sunbird plus the new way of cooperating with Google Calendar as a free alternative - https://addons.mozil...underbird/addon/4631 I can see some possibilites with this, especially as a Thunderbird user - I guess more is coming Google/Mozilla... Not quite there though, where is search function?, so I probably go for EssentialPIM, Pro eventually. Rainlendar paid version can also work with Google Calendar, any compatible calendar format I think... Well, not only a question of features, Google notes already can take care of my notes, Calendar my todos etc., but more about using 1 program to keep things in place with least amount of effort! Where EssesentialPim get points. Appeals to those with simple needs or most likely majority - those feeling do-organizer is an counter-productive if not annoyance, besides way too modular pricing ;)

If you trial 2.0 beta of EssentialPIM be aware old databases will be converted to new format and you cant go back to 1.95 free or paid version! Only a good thing but I dont believe there is any warning about that change.

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