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  • Tuesday May 28, 2024, 6:28 am
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there's no shortage of duplicate file programs, even xplorer2 has a duplicate cleanup module, but now there's another one :)

download i-DeClone trial:


i-DeClone can find exact duplicates, but also similar files in many categories. It uses some AI algorithms for these hardest to discover duplicates, things like:

* The same song stored with different bitrate in several locations
* The same song available as MP3 and also FLAC
* The same movie stored with different quality in several external hard disks
* A photo that you shot 10 times in quick succession and clogs up your phone (similar pics)
* Text documents that are slight revisions of each other
* The same document in DOC and PDF format

some scans take longer than others but in basic trim it should be quite fast.

It has been tested already, but the bug bounty is still on: if you discover any bug you get a free license

thanks for any feedback

recently I added some functions in xplorer² that should help detecting (and removing) bad quality pictures from your collection, e.g. blurred or near-duplicate pictures:

I am not a photographer, and neither are most of xplorer² users it would appear, so if you are into photography and would like to have a go with the picture cleanup tools, and tell me how it goes, it would be great! As usual you can claim a free license for useful feedback


when I first saw this post, I thought I wasted my time creating a shell extension to do just the same thing!

however it seems that this GeoLocate.exe tool has a bug with pictures in the southern hemisphere, e.g. a pic from Sydney shows up next to Hawaii!? Looks like it gets the negative longitude and latitude coordinates with the wrong sign. Anyway, the tool I made works as expected, regardless of the location of the pictures

it works for me... but I don't see any obvious reason why it shouldn't be working for you!?
after the failed search, if you extend the ADVANCED search panel, how does it look like?

sorry, I should have clarified that XX is the plain number of the media, not the serial number. So in your case try 4 for your first medium

btw, I have released deskrule v2 so please get that one to continue your tests:

you have also earned a free unlock key, please email me for more details :)

I will fix the problem with resizing, if any rule boxes get squashed I will do an automatic rearranging.

it's hard to say why a particular import doesn't work whereas your others do!? What kind of searches are you trying? Did you add only basic information in the catalog or full properties + preview?

here's a tip: as a search path use "dr::catalog\XX" where XX is the number of the problematic import (as seen in MANAGE MEDIA dialog). Then do a basic search like having a ? in the filename box (will match any name). This will show you all files imported from this external storage. Is there anything found?

the mystery not finding files is probably explained because in screenshot #1 you are searching for infoQube in file contents (text inside file), and then you are searching for filenames. Be careful which box you use for your search conditions. Also, right click on a search toolbar and pick Autoarrange from the menu to tidy up the search boxes

regarding the "advanced search" tab, that's not showing when the advanced search panel is extended and fixed (docked). These tabs are there only for implementing the autohide mode. Perhaps this demo video will clear things up (it is from xplorer2 but it works the same)

if you don't like deskrule's talking error messages, use OPTIONS toolbar button to turn it off

"computer says no" means that nothing can be found matching your search parameters :)

dr::catalog is the special "path" that tells deskrule to do a catalog search (as opposed to C:\windows or other regular search path). You either type it or use the catalog button next to the addressbar

deskrule works better with windows index but doesn't need it. And regarding the new offline catalog, that is an index on its own so the windows index isn't required. For more information using the catalog please watch the demo video in the blog page above or see the documentation (press F1 key in the program and search for CATALOG)

there is no difference between full and trial version. The trial version will stop working after a few days but while it does it is full power. However here I'm not trying to sell a program, just to get beta testers!

Here is the beta direct download link: https://www.zabkat.c...krule_setup_beta.exe

Hi, I've added a catalog search feature in Deskrule, the desktop search engine. This is meant for people with lots of movies or any documents kept in removable external storage media (USB hard disks, DVDs, thumbdrives etc).

After inserting your external devices to the catalog, you can do fast searches by name and advanced attributes (author, tags etc) to discover where are your archived documents, while the actual external device is offline (not connected). Deskrule will then guide you to attach the appropriate medium to open the file found.

Please see here for more information including a beta version to download

I am looking for testers to try out the new feature. If you contribute significant feedback you will get a free license for the full version.

Thanks for testing!

part 2 blog explains how to write Store licensing check code

things are becoming a little clearer!

Deskrule is a generic windows desktop search engine that can query for hundreds of windows properties and file attributes. One of them is geolocation data stored in photos you shoot with your GPS enabled mobile phone. Searching for particular latitude and longitude by number is awkward to say the least

I have added a map helper to deskrule that makes this process much easier. Now to find a photo by location all you need is to open a (google) map and point it to your desired location. Then deskrule will find all your pictures that were shot there, e.g. in New York or even in Central park.

for more information please see here

if any of you are photographers that travel a lot I'd love to hear your feedback

I joined the "project centennial" list but never managed to get any decent information out of them. It's not just converting (wrapping) the software to be included in the store, there are all sorts of other things, e.g. licensing, that will probably need to change completely for existing shareware programs

btw the later 7z.dll versions include RAR5 support so you shouldn't need to bundle unrar.dll

you wait ages for a bus to come then two come along simultaneously

I wish I saw your work one year earlier so I wouldn't have to waste my time on my partial solution :)

a little update, now this plugin works for windows XP.SP2+ too but only within xplorer2.
You can read all about the coding mini-adventure here :)

may I recommend DeskRule, now with its unique desktop detective mode? :)
see for the latest beta
it uses the windows search index so it can do the usual PDF/DOC easy

the end user running windows 7 or later will see many installers that appear untrusted, so he will probably just not install your program. It is dead serious

most people are not aware that there is a big shake-down of SHA1 code signing certificates coming first thing in 2016. If you sell or distribute digitally signed software you must be aware of the changes and get prepared. For more information see here

please spread the word!
merry christmas

PS. i see there was a brief discussion about this but it affects everybody not just mouser

the pic looks allright
funny you brought up 2xExplorer, I was using it today trying to troubleshoot a problem with windows 10 copy progress bars

I fixed a few things with explorer columns and it now also registers better for windows 8/10. If you want to try the latest 1008 beta here's the direct download link (32/64 bit)

here's something that should interest people who use archives a lot, it extends the zipfolder principle built in windows to other popular formats (as supported by 7zip). The namespace/shell extension works for windows explorer and all compatible file managers: (freeware)

please feel free to spread the word :)

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