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General Software Discussion / Re: The Ribbon strikes again!
« on: January 05, 2009, 03:40 AM »
Well, I wasn't meaning 22 inch vertically.  :)  Although I guess you could get one of those screens that turn 90 degrees, problem solved, right?  :Thmbsup:

Seriously though, it's the diagonal, which does give some handy extra space.

And for the choice question, too much can be a problem too. I've taught and been taught, and there's enough of it with icons, menus, and shortcuts. Are we going to add the ribbon as well?

I guess so for some, but a lot of folks, good productive people, get lost in what went before and need a good, big, fat, visual cue. Not me though.  ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: The Ribbon strikes again!
« on: January 05, 2009, 03:13 AM »
I think one reason why the ribbon is with us is that screens are much bigger these days. I have a dell 22 inch which is their "standard" option now, and even laptops are pretty big too. So with all that extra space, it gives Microsoft a chance to at least try to make things more obvious.

I'm getting used to the ribbon on the desktop and prefer it, but on the 12 inch laptop it's xp, toolbars and office 2003 for sure.

Which says I guess we need more options...

(Great avatar BTW, Josh. Gets my fly swat out every time. ;D )

General Software Discussion / Re: Linotype fontexplorer x download
« on: April 25, 2008, 09:05 PM »
Thanks a lot, much appreciated.  ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: Linotype fontexplorer x download
« on: April 24, 2008, 07:03 AM »
The link to Wayback Machine doesn't seem to link to a page with a working link to the file anymore  :( Does anybody have another link to LinoType FontExplorer I can use? It's a free beta of a programme that will be free, but the final version is a long time coming. So you can post it, really, and still feel good.  :D

I bought a portege 3500 and spent the first couple of years wishing I'd saved the extra 3000 NZ$ it cost me over and above the regular price for a regular laptop of the same specs.  :(

Now, I wouldn't buy anything else  :D Here's why I changed my mind. Two reasons anybody will find useful, annotating webpages for later use and using a full featured laptop discreetly.

For the webpages: I surf hugely for my work, gathering pages for newsletters, for projects, whatever, some will be vital, maybe months later. My workflow is like this, I import the page into Microsoft Onenote, scribble with the pen a few notes as to how we can use the information that is on the webpage. And it's all there ready for when we need it. If I had to type, it would be like work, rather than surfing. So the 'freeform' nature of the pen means I write more, far more, than what I would when typing. Critically, the notes are there, and searchable, to tell me why the page is important. Otherwise, the importance would be forgotten and the webpage would be useless.

For the discreet usage: For me, I do work at home, in cafes, wherever. Many times I feel it would be too rude and intrusive to open up a laptop and start typing away. Too big, too noisy, too much like he's working. With a tablet, you just flip the screen over, tuck it on your knee, hide the pen in your hand and jot and tap away. It's great.

Also, it's faster, way faster to surf through lots of links. With it on your knee, you can really find and tap the link very quickly. It also gives an option for those who find a mouse uncomfortable.

Now I just have to justify buying a new one.  ;D My advice is to wait until those solid state drives arrive in a full featured Toshiba tablet.  ;) Then I'll be dropping hints about what would happen if I dropped my old one.  :D

General Software Discussion / Re: Opera Browser Power-User Mods
« on: February 01, 2008, 04:53 AM »
Hi Nontroppo,
Your for the 9.5 web dev toolbar doesn't seem to lead to a download. I looked around and I could only find "This project currently has no downloads".  :huh:
Unless I missed it, which is likely  ;D

Living Room / Re: Ideas to make DC even better
« on: December 26, 2007, 05:51 PM »
I think Mouser could be persuaded if adwords were more obviously financially worthwhile.

So why do you think you are right Veign, and Mouser is wrong? How would you do it differently to what has been done before? And in a way that is acceptable to DC?

I am in the same situation myself: I need a website, what to do?
If you want a customised site, the rate seems to be $4000 upwards. For people with mid-level skills there is an alternative: CMS style systems. Not easy to use, but not hard either. A few weeks of practice, added to templates available at next to nothing, and you'll have a website that would be way better than what you could afford otherwise.
Some links: for hosting and good CMS tutorials. for templates and a good tutorial book.
I'm not so sure about getting what you pay for, that is paying nothing and getting nothing. I've spent $$$ and used up hours and it seems to me that SuperboyAC could get a decent site for the price by adding some time with a CMS to a template bought off the shelf.
If you don't like what you end up with SuperboyAC, or your band makes it big time, then get some help then ;).

Glad to help. 8)

You could try ClickOff at, but it may have the same problem mwb1100 mentioned. :-[

Okay, looks like the CPU problem is under control. :Thmbsup: 1.40a and 1.40b seem free of the problem (1.40b seemed to have a problem once, but can't be sure. I'd choose 1.40a to be safe). Well done. :)

The GUI cropping:

This problem:
about CAYT failing to reopen, did you close the compose window 1st or CAYT? i actually had put in a flag so that CAYT doesn't pop-up if it is closed while the compose window is open. the rationale was that the users need some breathing space..
Okay, I clicked the Close to Tray button of CAYT. Good point about the breathing space. If I click the button, I guess it says CAYT is not required, so it needs to stay in the tray.
But if I open up another message, save and close, then another, and another, CAYT stays silent until closed and restarted. I can imagine a user opening a new message, deciding they don't need CAYT, minimising, sending the message, then opening a new message where they want CAYT, and it doesn't appear!
Then the questions start, where is it, is it broken.... ;)
Then I blame the programmer ;D

Good to see you back, hope you haven't been too busy. ;D
Options look great, graphics are excellent, About tab is the best I've seen, particularly with my name smack in the middle (can you make it flash? Joke). ;D

To recap:
...don't forget to disagregate the balloon tips, it's the one that always tells you about what email programme it is watching I need to disable, the other balloons are great.
A suggestion: not for me at this point, but I can see it as useful, is it possible to make CAYT the only way to enter text into a New Message window, and password protect the options window? That way it could completely stop people writing huge emails when they don't need to
Any of this possible?

How is Outlook 2007 handled, is it to be added to that drop down list? Don't quite understand "To add more than one program split with pipe". Do you mean window not program? Can't read all your comments, so maybe I'm missing something:

Also, the 1.38 version seemed to be better than 1.40: the CPU problem is worse (under outlook its way high, under express its around 15%; 1.38 was at 15% for outlook, and great for express). :( Also, if I open a new message in outlook, CAYT starts, but if I close the message and open another new message, CAYT fails to open. :huh:

Living Room / Re: A joyful addition..
« on: August 25, 2007, 12:12 AM »
Yes, I absolutely second that, congratulations to all three of you. You are very lucky.
Just think, before long and with a bit more work, your house will be like this...

CPU problem: Check those 2 emails for details, the problem seems to be in the Outlook option.
Boy, that thread sounded like work. ;D My guess is a lot of people with similar but different problems that sound the same but aren't.
Great options, don't forget to disagregate the balloon tips, it's the one that always tells you about what email programme it is watching I need to disable, the other balloons are great.
A suggestion: not for me at this point, but I can see it as useful, is it possible to make CAYT the only way to enter text into a New Message window, and password protect the options window? That way it could completely stop people writing huge emails when they don't need to. :D
(Anyone know if Outlook has any sort of wordcount, can't find one, and if not then this programme looks pretty unique. :Thmbsup:)

Okay, I tried AHK and the script and it has the same problem. :(
Specifically, I start Outlook, then create a New message, CountAYT starts, CPU jumps up to 10 or 20% (which varies and seems high) and stays that way even if I don't type in CountAYT, close CountAYT to the tray or close the Outlook message. It only stops when I close Outlook.
The life of a programmer huh ...  :D

hehe you have an eye for details
I've heard that before somewhere, I'll have to watch that. ;)

cpu usage thingy.. are you running the ahk script or the compiled exe when the high cpu activity occurs?
The compiled exe. The problem shows when I have an open Outlook message and the CountAYT window open, with another programme on top. Instead of staying quiet, Task manager is showing CountAYT as wanting 8 to 14% of the CPU. Like when I am writing this message.

saving the last GUI position when exiting is probably the better choice ... have a check-box that will save the GUI position to INI file when closing
Yes, absolutely. Everybody's prefs are different, so this would solve it.

by autostart with Outlook, you mean to start Count-as-you-type with Windows?
Ideally, optionally, start just with Outlook ( or other mail progs) if possible, and then close with Outlook. Keeps the tray clear. Most people around these DonationCoder parts probably already have a too full tray as it is. ;D Otherwise, just start with windows I guess.

close button to minimize to systray - check..
Thanks :)

is there any particular messages that is bothering you or you hate them all equally?
;D This one:
when loading, it displays the current config settings
It's that being repeatedly told something I already know feeling coming back again. ;D Probably best to make each one optional, to please everyone...

Well done, it's the best yet, I tried to break it, different dpi, html, text, rich text, it picked it all up without restarts.  :Thmbsup: Perfect ... almost ... ;D :

Look close, real close, and you see the config screen vertical spacing seems off:
This is with the normal 96dpi, worse with 120dpi.

Uh oh, here's trouble, the task manager is showing 100% cpu activity with count as you type the culprit, it's happened twice so far.  :(
Just watching it now, the computer hasn't locked up, but count as you type is still at the top wanting 40 to 60% of the cpu  :huh:

Anyway, I've got some ideas for options:
Can you set the position of the GUI optionally? In the middle at the bottom is best for Outlook: less intrusive and keeps the right scrollbar and any left orientated toolbars clear. Bottom left is okay (might hide somebody's toolbar though) and bottom right not so good (hides the scrollbar). Best to make the position optional I guess?
Also, can you make an autostart with Outlook optional? So if Outlook starts (or Express, Thunderbird) then Count optionally starts as well and sits in the tray.
Also, the close button optionally minimises to the tray.
Also, the system tray balloon tip, best to make it optional.
Also, what about Outlook 2007, it's on the horizon for me I guess...
Phew, what a list ...  ;)

Very clever with that w00t in the GUI: change it to a Cody image and leave the button part as a link to the options and you pass the course. :Thmbsup:

Hi Lanux128,
Thanks for that help with Outlook... :Thmbsup:

i always forget maximised windows. in fact, CountAsYouType was programmed to appear on the right on the compose window.. this is fixable - in case of maxed windows, i'll just set it to appear on the center. is this ok?
That's fine. :)

That problem: I run my screen at 125% of normal size using the setting found under Display Properties, which makes CountAsYouType's font too big for its windows. Most, but not all, programmes can handle this. Be good if the programme's text could allow for this.

Here's the problem:

And the same problem in the Options window. :(

It's caused by this setting:

If I change it back to the Normal display setting of 96dpi CountasYou Type is fine. Is this fixable, why does it happen for some progs, but not others? :tellme:

The new GUI looks excellent, but how can you fit both Cody and the Options button in? ;D

Good work...

Sure, here is the screenshot. English is the language and deleting the ini file hasn't changed things. :(
Don't forget v1.3 works with express (not outlook) for me.  :)
Hope this helps...

Still no luck with v1.36, outlook or express. Real time word count would be nice, but button access would be okay too. Here's hoping...

Hi lanux128

Okay, v1.3 works well with Outlook Express (start a new message and your prog starts etc), but the options dialogue doesn't seem to make the change to Outlook 'stick'. So after changing the option to Outlook, whenever I reopen the options box it is back to Express again. Of course when I start Outlook and make a new message, nothing happens.

Tried v1.35, same problem. Also, Express doen't work either: start a new message, nothing happens.  :(

Also, is it possible to count words as well as characters?  ;)

lanux: just found the thread, can you make this work (exe and ahk)  for outlook 2003? I have to write to a limit so it would be so handy...  :)

Thanks David, Carl and Donation Coder: Boxer is a much appreciated prize. I was just testing it out when the winner notification arrived.  :Thmbsup:

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Microsoft OneNote 2007
« on: June 01, 2007, 07:43 AM »
I'll just add a plug here for using OneNote on a Tablet PC.
I save heaps of internet pages and emails, send them to OneNote, then write (scrawl!) all over them to let me know in the future why I thought they were important. Then I can pick up where I left off. As my writing is searchable, I can even find where I left off.
Tablet PCs are pricey and I doubted if I would pay the premium again. Now I know I would.

Sure does look interesting, but does anybody (Veign?) know the rough legal situation for this type of idea? I checked with my legal guy (in New Zealand) and it isn't possible to do what Openkapow RoboMaker seems to be suggesting: scrape and republish information from a website without permission.
I guess you could go ahead anyway, but unless you are a Google with deep pockets, be careful if the source of your information isn't happy with what you are doing...
Any thoughts guys?

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