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Let me revive this thread then, no point in posting the very same thing i a new thread.

Its on again at BitsDuJour. The Pro and the Ultimate edition. Links from the OP below are still valid.

I have been using xplorer² for years now. Since i don´t have a lifetime license i am still on version 2. And to be honest v3 has no feature that i really absolutely need at this point in time but for the half price i just swept in and bought a new license anyway.   :)

Xplorer2 pro is one of the best file manager for Windows, if you ask me.  :P
It's not often discounted, but now it is 51% off!  :-*

The link is here :

xplorer2 home page:

If you are anything like me and collect desktop icons like nothing else in the world ... i definately recommend getting the first tier of the bundle with Fences.

Especially at work im piling up stuff on my desktop (less program links but often all kind of files) . And for 1$ its a no brainer for me    ;)

Thank you very much mouser ... this is what i needed    :Thmbsup:

but the outcome seems less than usable -- files you expect to be found are not found.
for example if you search for "firefox" it won't find "Mozilla Firefox".

This would have been already perfect for me i guess because the way i use this function is

- alternate mode initiated with a different hotkey
- limited to just 20-50 aliases i define especially for that mode
- and more importantly i just know the exact word i want it to execute something on. So in these clean defined aliases i would never search for "Firefox" by Mozilla to keep your example.
  I would always type Firefox. I would always type "Word", "Excel", "Powerpoint" and never "Microsoft Word"

The outcome being less than useable for you was because you were using it in the default search bar and not in a secondary one especially for this if i guess correctly.
Which leads me to think this is why this might not be perfect for (most?) other users yet.

Don´t get me wrong ... at this point i am happy since i got what i needed to do what i wanted. I am really thankfull that you added this and the way you did it works well for me. End of story. So thank you very much!.

However (ah there he goes again ...) thinking about how you ended up modifying your first attempt because you found it less than usable got me thinking:  There might be some added value if these settings were not (only) global but instead could be used as "Special search modifiers" like +sall and the others.
That way any user wanting this only in some cases like me (albeit for me its the primary way) could still retain the full power of the "normal" search. Since you already have the mechanisms in place (different hotkeys and modifiers) i would guess its not to far away. Just a thought. Again personally i am a happy camper already the way it is now  ;-)

Since you were recently mentioning further releases ... any chance something along the lines of that force matching the first letter(s) might sneak in there?     ;)

Yeah, there's currently no way to force it to match the first letter -- though that's an interesting idea..

Lets keep the show moving ...   :)

The bad news is that Vivaldi is being created by some of the folks who created Opera, who stubbornly resisted add-ons.  Of course, Opera had many features built in that were possible in other browsers only via add-ons, and perhaps the Vivaldi team will apply some of that same ingenuity to the new browser. 

Well the new Team is not locked in the ways of the old team. AddOns will come. They are talking to the users. They are communicating changes. This is a whole new show and i have high hopes for it.
Also not relying on AddOns for most important features is actually why i will love this browser as i did the old Opera. AddOns become abandoned. Or you might need to wait for an update after a browser update. I understand why people might love updates and i use some in other browsers too but i will feel far more "secure"  with builtin features.

Living Room / Re: New square monitor (27" 1920x1920)
« on: November 24, 2014, 02:07 PM »
Had they released this monitor 2 years ago i would have been interested.

These days with 2560x.... and 3840x2160 i have to say i have moved on.

If they were going to release 3840x3840 however ...  hmmmm - maybe in two years.   :D

Of course the format is not for gaming or videos but for websites its just great. Seriously all those websites wasting space to the left and to the right but making you scroll down.
Just because it looks sleek? Thanks for having DonationCoder still using fullscreen by the way.

This needs to spread  :Thmbsup:

Screenshot Captor / Re: Can not run CS on Win 8.1 64
« on: July 14, 2014, 04:43 PM »
Windows 8.1 Pro German  / SC 4.8.5 (portable) - no problem here

Hi Mouser,

quick question:  is my assumption above correct that i cannot "force" Farr to respect the first letter within the current feature set of the programm?


Thanks. Thats does it..

However now i found what feels wrong for me before i left.

If i only type m in the above example it will execute the filemanager. I guess thats because m is only present in that word Filemanager.
However if i press o which is only present in firefox it does nothing. So that explanation doesn´t really hold up.

Actually i don´t want that behavior anyway. Can i force matching to start at character 1? Because otherwise typos at letter one might fire something i don´t want at all.
This gets more unlikely if you mistype at a later character so thats not a concern anymore.

I see there is "Leftmost Match Bonus" in the manual. I guess i am looking for something like a "Leftmost not match penalty" i could set like -10000.   ;)

Another option is you could make ONE alias (group) called "ax"
and put firefox and all your other common programs in that alias as results.

then you would type:

+alias +launchone ax firef...

the only thing to remember in that case is that just type "firef.." alone will NOT find the firefox entry you create..  only typing the name of the parent alias group would show the results contained in it.

Hi Mouser,

sorry was absent for work for a while. So this is quite a late reply. Appologies for that.

This last suggestion seems to work for me. I tested it before i left and there was an issue which i don´t remember just now.

One thing i am not sure about is: it does only execute after the second letter of the unique match for some reason.

I will attach the description as a screenshot


I find aliases that use repetition of a single key quick to type and easy to memorize. If you like me want this immediate launch only for a few programs/folders then it won't take much time to set it up.

Hi Nod,

thank you for your suggestion. In the long run i will have a lot of shortcuts in there so this one letter way won´t work for me.
I know the program names and don´t want to think about which shortcut it was.


Ah ... this looks much better. Yesterday after the testing i actually started doubting myself that i had seen it working in the first place.   ;)
This modified version does it correct now.

This brings up another question for me:  
Is there any way i can limit my searchresults further to a specific alias group for example with the options that are currently there?
(Question came up after i accidently ran one of the other included aliases)

I could think of a dirty workaround by naming my aliases with a prefix like e.g. "(ax)" so
the alias firefox would be named "(ax)firefox", an alias "filemanager" would be named "(ax)filemanager" and so on.

Then i would define the hotkey as "+alias +launchone (ax)" and could get what i want but i doesn´t really look too good.

Could i filter against the text "(ax)" for example in which case i could add it at the end of every alias i use for autoexecution?


Then there are the other options that would create work ...

- extend the +alias parameter to allow naming which alias lists to search through


However this would get clumpsy fast if a user would want to name more then one list of aliases

Another option would be to actually make this accessible per alias


However i guess i am just to blind to find a way with the tools already at my hand.

Hi, thank you.

This is pretty weird. I was about to write its working but now it doesn´t anymore.

I was testing with the portable version and added +alias +launchone to it. I created one alias "firefox" and with fi i had two results, once i typed the r it went down to one and firefox started.
But it did that exactly once. Since then i need to type the full word firefox until it launches.

I unpacked the download into a new folder, made sure there was no old process of Farr still running and tried again - same result - had to type the full word despite having only one result after the first 3 letters.

I will check this at my workplace pc tomorrow and post back.

That sounds right about perfect   :Thmbsup:

Sounds good but that would interfere with the "normal" Farr behavior if you use the normal names as alias.

Example:    i add the alias "Notepad++" to it for starting Notepad++. I would have to type it till the + because the windows own notepad would show in the search results until then.

Thats why i went for a second keyboard shortcut to invoke the Farr window where it would only do this alias matching and executing once its unique but ignore the other regular program logic you have now in place.
E.g. it would not use other search results (from folders...) except those from the alias names themselves.

The more i think about it the more obvious it becomes to me that this is really a separate thing to not interfere with other things. For example - regardless the way you implement it - you might not want this on all aliases. So a general option for this behavior (yes/no) would not work out i guess. So back to the suggestion from my initial post adding a checkbox per alias to include this alias for this new functionality or not.

Will send you a pm parallel to this posting.

Fully typing is a bit awkward again since you start creating short aliases again since you want to prevent yourself from the need of typing it all.
Then you have to start remembering the short ones again and so on. I know i wouldn´t use that.

I do understand your concern about accidental launching of things. So what about the option to put them into a seperate list and really go with a second shortcut to access them.

I could also propose that someone codes a launcher with just that - since its debateable to some degree if this extends Farr or is a bit too far off. Still i would really like to use the other Farr features and this addition. However that addition is what would make me use Farr in the first place. Basicly i suggested that same feature five years ago (gosh time is moving fast) in the Excecutor forum. It didnt get in (albeit there was less if any development to that one anyway over the last years) which is fine but shortly after i stopped using Excecutor and returned to TrueLaunchbar for starting things. Which is great and all but its klicking not typing.


Hi mouser,

Farr looks pretty impressive to me. I would like to propose a feature that i hope might find an open ear here  ;)

Auto execute on first (alias) unique match.
Anyone who is using the browser Opera (up until 12.x) as his browser and knows Shift+F2 knows immediately what i am talking about.
Just in case you don´t - let me explain what i am talking about:

Opera does allow to give aliases to bookmarks. This allows you to just enter the alias in the adressbar to execute a bookmark which is pretty close to (part of) what Farr is doing currently.

However it also allows you to use a key combo (Shift+F2) to call up aliases. The difference is that you just start typing the alias and once its uniqe it will execute the alias
no matter how many letters you typed so far. No need to press enter.

Lets say you have two keywords starting with fire:    "firefox" and "firewall".

Now when you enter any of those keywords once you reach the fifth letter it will execute since its a unique match.
- "firef" would trigger firefox to be started
- "firew" would trigger the firewall to be started

Basicly my suggestion is to add a secondary input mode (e.g.  activated by accessing Farr with Shift+Break instead of Break). If you call the window up this way it should just
run every alias once the name is unique.

I would come up with two ideas to store those aliases:

- keep them in a seperate list and kinda seperated from the others
- utilize what you already have and add a checkbox "allow unique instant execution" or something to the current definitions. Only if the user checks that box it will include this alias in the search of the alternate mode.

I hope this description is clear enough.

This is not about being a lazy ass (oh my ... he doesnt have to press enter to run it  :mrgreen:) its just very comfortable if you have multiple aliases that start
with the same letters because you dont need to remember how many letters you need to type to get the one you want quickly. I guess its hard to describe it properly
if you haven´t used it yourself. Its just this little difference putting something from comfortable to very comfortable if you get what i mean.   

regards and thanks for reading,

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 Release: Got Space?
« on: January 09, 2012, 01:47 PM »
Nice work Stoic Joker.   :Thmbsup:

Out of curiosity: The program you were using before? Disk Space Pro from Peter Pearson by chance?

As to feature suggestion: Completely unimportant stuff but i am kinda used to the very simplistic view from the above one.
An option to disable grid lines and colors? An option to disable and enable columns? (i don´t really need space used for example)
But again thats stuff because i am used to it that way. Maybe for a long cold winternight ... or just never.  ;)

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