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T-Clock / Re: The Extremely Unofficial T-Clock Page
« on: January 28, 2014, 09:13 PM »
Back in 2009, when Stoic Joker's website was -- at least for me, using my AT&T DSL connection, using either AT&T's or OpenDNS's DNS servers -- only working about half-or-less the time, I, being such a fan of his version of T-Clock, created what I hoped, back then, would be an only temporary and very unofficial T-Clock page where people could, whenever Stoic Joker's site wasn't working, find a place to download his excellent T-Clock.

I posted about it in a few places, and it ended-up developing far too big a following, for my tastes; resulting in my kinda' not being able to take it down because it was appearing so high in search results, and also because people were finding it from old forum threads, and comments beneath articles about T-Clock, etc. And I told Stoic Joker about it; and it links to this forum thread, where I also posted about it; and it sings Stoic Joker's praises, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I still get an email or two or three per month, thanking me for having it; and I also get, as I got today, emails telling me that it's not working in Win8, and asking me if I know what to do. Today's email caused me to take a look at my server logs (which I rarely do), and I see that it's still getting a surprising number of hits and downloads each week; and all of that then caused me to update my page, today, to reflect the general state of things as I understand it from reading, here.

Of course, I wrote on that page that I can't provide support; and all I've ever done, there, really was simply explain how I use T-Clock (my settings and stuff), and that's it. When asked, today, how to make it work in Win8, I came here and read from around the middle of page 17 of this thread all the way to its end (at least as of this writing) here on page 21...

...all of which I then sorta' summarized as an update to my page regarding Win8, dated today, 28 January 2014.

It ultimately links everyone to this very spot in the forum thread, so that if anyone adds anything here about T-Clock, just generally, after my today's page update, those reading said page will know where to begin reading around here.

I'm just posting, here, that I updated my page, 'cause it's been a while since I've so done.

Here's my page:

If anyone here sees any misinformation or anything that I should change/improve, please let me know.

Thank you, those of you who are trying to take the version 98 code and make it work in Win8.

And, Stoic Joker, we sure miss 'ya keeping T-Clock up to date. But as someone with pushing 40 years in IT, and who's within throwing distance of his 60th birthday, I know, better than most, how tired of this sort of thing one can get, and how short is life, and how it begins to dawn on one that one needs to carefully pick his projects, and then do other things with one's life before it's too late. Believe me, I get that! I just wish someone who's really skilled at this would just forget previous code and begin from scratch and build a new version that does everything yours does, and more; and which honors, on its "About" panel, your having taken T-Clock to such an amazing place!

Thank you!


Gregg L. DesElms
Napa, California USA
gregg at greggdeselms dot com

T-Clock / Re: T-Clock 2010 (download)
« on: January 30, 2011, 05:35 PM »
TO:  Stoic Joker

I'm the guy who did this...

...and you and I have had brief (and pleasant) email chat about it in the past... though I'm having trouble remembering how it ended.  I think we both just got busy and never completed it... but, again, I can't remember.

You've mentioned/complained in this thread, and back in our email chat, that your hosting is unreliable.  And it's true that I, for one, can't get at your site half the time, for whatever reason.

Interestingly, today, I tried to get at it and it failed; but succeeded when I used a proxy.  That's a new one.  Any light you can shed on that would be helpful.  It was only from deft Googling that I stumbled onto this thread today.

The reason I'm posting is to ask if you need more reliable hosting; and to make my official offer (and I think I offered it in our previous email chat, too) to let you have some hosting for free.  I mean, your gift of T-Clock to the world is really nice, and so the least I can do is offer you a free hosting account on one of my servers...

...which are located in the big Peak10 data center in Jacksonville...

...and so, believe me, it would be reliable.

It would be a standard cPanel type account... nothing fancy.... but fully functional in every possible way.

My only proviso would be that it would remain free for only as long as it doesn't use-up so much bandwidth that said bandwidth starts showing-up as its own line item on my monthly data center bill.  At that point, we'd have to discuss your defraying the cost somehow...

...though, frankly, since it would be at my wholesale price (I'd only charge you that... with no profit to me), you'd get, for $5 or $10 or $15 per month (whatever it came out to) that which any other hosting provider would charge three to five times as much.  Or, if the bandwidth was mostly just from all the downloading, it would be easy to find an alternative method of providing downloading bandwidth... from such as cNet or SnapFiles or MediaFire or whatever.  But we can cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

I'm not, to be candid, really in the hosting business as my means of income.  I only have professional servers in a rack in a big, high-end data center, with cPanel -- and am as serious about it as if I were in the hosting business -- because back in the late 1990's I wanted a way to help-out my management consulting clients who needed web sites and hosting, and I got tired of referring away the business.

I've had servers (with cPanel) going in that data center (er... well... in a data center in New Jersey, at first, but then in Jacksonville) for pushing 12 years, now.  And now, ever since my ministry (of agency and advocacy to the homeless, disabled vets, the elderly, the prostituted, recent parolees, and others similarly in need)...

...has gone pretty much full-time, I kinda' just give away the hosting (and domain names... see the next paragraph) at my wholesale cost, no profit to me, to worthy not-for-profit organizations and others who are for whatever reason deserving.  And I figure that your gift to the world of T-Clock makes you deserving.

I'm also a domain name reseller for one of world's largest ICANN-approved registrars... I'm seriously like... literally... their reseller number 6 or something like that... signed-up right after they first launched their reseller program back in... geez... maybe 1999, or 2000, or something like that.  So I'm kinda' grandfathered-in to the absolutely lowest prices it offers...

...which I'd happily pass along to you, if you wanted to move your domain name over to an account, directly on the registrar's web site, but "beneath" my reseller umbrella (so that I may set your pricing down to my wholesale price, rounded-up to the nearest $.99, plus the registrar's mandatory roughly $1.30 in credit card processing and whatever other fees), which will allow me to charge you only around ten bucks a year for your domain name, if you want... again, no profit to me.

And I can pretty much guarantee that your site's IP address will not be on some kind of blacklist... which is what I'm now wondering might be the reason why I can almost never get to your site normally, yet I was able to get to it via a proxy (something I only tried for the first time) today (I'd have to look it up).  I'm a friend of the anti-spam community... (see the reference to me at the absolute bottom of the page) I can pretty much guarantee that none of my IP addresses are in any blacklists; and/or that if any of them end-up in one, I know how to get it out.

I'm not sure I ever explained it all to you in past emails as I just have, here, so maybe that's why you didn't take me up on it.  Then again, maybe I hadn't gotten to the point in our emails that I had even offered it yet... I just can't remember.

But I'm tired of people writing to me, in their emails thanking me for hosting an alternative place from which to download T-Clock, that they just couldn't make your site work.  So, I'm offering, now, to help you with that, if you're interested.  According to my server logs, I've already been hosting tons of T-Clock downloads on the unofficial page linked-to at the beginning of this posting; so I'm sure it wouldn't be that much more bandwidth to just let you have a full-blown hosting account -- at least for T-Clock, and maybe even for everything you do -- in a shared hosting account on that same server.

Let me know.

Keep up the good work, in any case!


Gregg L. DesElms
Napa, California USA
gregg at greggdeselms dot com

If you are not familiar with Maxthon you may want to check it out.  It has almost as many plugins/addons as firefox but uses the IE engine.  I'd be surprised if it didn't have an addon to do what you want.

Thanks, but alternative browsers (or even just plugins which make IE look like it's something else) are not an option.  I have Firefox installed and use it; but I must have IE8, too, for a variety of reasons; and I really need that feature if it can be done.  And maybe it can't, and that's okay, too.  I just thought I'd come here and see if someone was interested.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.  I've actually looked at  Maxthon, and it's certainly interesting.

There used to be a little freeware utility one could download and install and it would add "Open Frame in New Window" as a right-click menu item in IE4 or IE5.  I think it may have also worked, by hook or by crook, in IE6, but it for sure stopped working in IE7 and IE8...

...and I really miss it.  Just to be clear, if one were viewing a frameset, and wanted to open just one part(page) of said frameset in an entirely new window, one would simple right-single-click on any blank area in the desired page and select the "Open Frame in New Window" context menu item and, voila!, just that one page (part of the frameset) would open in a new IE window all its own.  It was, in effect, a break-out-of-frames utility, except that it allowed the user to be specific about precisely which part of the frameset he/she wanted to break out.

I know -- in fact, I just read about it a few weeks ago, though can't, now, remember where -- that there's actually a way to do it in any version of IE without adding any "Open Frame in New Window" type utility, but though I can no longer remember precisely the steps (and if anyone here knows, it would probably be interesting to the reader to post it here), I recall that as I read it I thought to myself that I liked the little utility method much better (or at least it was simpler).

For the life of me I can't find any utility like it out there anywhere.  So it seems to me that this is a nice niche that someone could fill if they wanted to.  There's just nothing like it anywhere (at least not that I've found) for IE7 or IE8.  (Of course, the way my luck goes, now that I've said that here, someone will chime in and tell me where I could have found it all along!)

At any rate, I don't know if anyone's interested in writing some code that will do it, but I think it would be a slick little utility... much missed since IE5/6, and much needed.

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