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Works perfectly fine, thanks! I only tried one of the links, I'll keep you posted when I come across something that doesn't work!

 :up: :up:

Hi mouser

Sure, sorry I wasn't really clear on that. I'm only using directory folder nodes, two of them. That's it. I created two of them, they're pointing to the root folder of my structure. Nothing fancy.

So my screen looks like:

File myfile.mcf
-- Dock
---- Folder
---- Folder



Hi all

Just tried LBC and started to love it, but there's one little glitch which keeps me from using it. In our company, we're developing software for corporate customers, which we sometimes also manage. I've got plenty of ".lnk" files which are generated to access these off site systems in different ways: Putty, SFTP, application GUI etc. The generated links make heavy use of environment variables to allow all employees use the same files. Example target content (Putty):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\putty.exe" -load %NCPROF% -ssh -i "%XCK%\keys\%NCUSER%.ppk" -X

Now LBC ignores this and sends the variables clear text, which of course messes up things.

Any chance this gets implemented? Could be a no brainer, but it doesn't have to ...  ;)




Just added my thoughts on putty and other launches:

Volunteers?  :D

Hi all!

I would actually favour another approach for putty. My farr coding skills are below zero, but maybe someone would like to volunteer.

Let's suggest we have a flatfile named "putty_sessions.txt" with some content similar to this:

My Lil Server;-load green -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk
Another one, production!;-load red -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk

In the farr plugin config, there's something like this:

Command=C:\Program Files\PuTTy\putty.exe

Now, the farr plugin of my dreams would parse the file and kind of compile an alias file out of it (on the fly of course):

^ssh (.*)$
My Lil Server | C:\Program Files\PuTTy\putty.exe -load green -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk
Another one | C:\Program Files\PuTTy\putty.exe -load red -ssh [email protected] -i C:\.ssh\myprivkey.ppk

This would actually be very easy to handle: Instead of adding 100s of putty sessions into the registry, just put them in the textfile in this format. The "-load red" loads the color scheme in my cases. I already have putty aliases similar to this, but they are quite hard to maintan.

What do you think? Is this feasible?



PS: To be honest, I'd already have other purposes than putty. E.g. Ora SQL logins etc.

Hi ewemoa

At any rate, I've got a preliminary version of a PuTTY plugin which seems to be working with the standard PuTTY.  I tested a modified version w/ KiTTY's registry-based sessions (the only relevant difference I noticed seemed to be the location in the registry) with some success.

If there is interest, I might put together a preliminary release for testing.

Sure! I wonder why there's so little echo on your posting. I'd love to test it.



Ok, cheers. Will build that into FarrMilk asap.

Cheers mate!

Any news here? Eager to use it  ;D

PS: We're neighbours  :up: Seisch wäni cha hälfe  :D

Ok, cheers. Will build that into FarrMilk asap.

Cheers mate!

I see! FarrMilk doesn't allow to specify a proxy yet. Would you mind to re-download the test tool with the above link and try like so:

C:\AuthenticationUrlTest>AuthenticationUrlTest.exe Proxy

where Proxy can be either a hostname or dotted IP address and port added the usual way (i.e. with : )


Tadaaa!  ;D  :Thmbsup:

FarrMilk authentication test tool version 1.2

Using proxy:

rtm.auth.getFrob returned:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rsp stat="ok"><frob>4269354f09f11304f8d37346873c6f4dfede585d</frob></rsp>

frob is: '4269354f09f11304f8d37346873c6f4dfede585d'

Authentication URL is:


FarrMilk accesses the Remember The Milk API via http REST requests ( If your proxy blocks http, you won't be able to use FarrMilk. I'll update FarrMilk to give a better error message (so thanks for your help!). Just out of interest, how do you access the forum?

Hi Philipp

Maybe I wasn't clear: There is no DIRECT way to go out  :D We need to go through the proxy to access the internet.

I don't know how libcurl gets to know the proxy settings of my PC. Does it take IE's settings?

On Unices, you have to set env vars to access the internet through a proxy on the command line (for tools like wget, curl etc). I don't know how FarrRTM does it.


Thanks. Could you re-download the test tool (now vers. 1.1) using the above link and run it again please?


$ cat result.txt
FarrMilk authentication test tool version 1.1

curl_easy_perform failed!
Error 7: couldn't connect to server

rtm.auth.getFrob returned:

frob is: ''

Authentication URL is:

Please note: I am sitting behind a proxy. No way to go out on port 80 or 443 at all. I have ran your exe from the command line without any other settings.




I'd like to use this, but I always get something like "Failed to generate authentication URL". Any ideas? Proxy settings maybe?



Rico, or anyone else with the 'Failed to generate authentication URL' problem, would you mind downloading a little tool I made from here:

then run it in a console window and send me the output.

If you need help with the Command Prompt application let me know. You can redirect the output to a file like so:

C:\AuthenticationUrlTest>AuthenticationUrlTest.exe > Output.txt


Sorry for my late reply. Here's the output:

$ cat Output.txt
FarrMilk authentication test tool version 1.0

rtm.auth.getFrob returned:

frob is: ''

Authentication URL is:



PS: Cygwin, therefore the cat.


I'd like to use this, but I always get something like "Failed to generate authentication URL". Any ideas? Proxy settings maybe?



FARR Plugins and Aliases / Text Replacement (to create text shortcuts)
« on: February 16, 2009, 05:02 AM »
Hi all!

I am looking for a way to use FARR to replace Lifehacker's Texter [1]. I use texter to quickly replace shortcuts by longer portions of text. One example (with Texter):

* I create a new mail
* At the bottom of my mail, I type "SIG" (without quotes)
* Texter replaces SIG by some text - my signature in this example

I could imagine that FARR could do the same, maybe in another way:

* Create new mail
* Hit the FARR shortcut
* Type the string (SIG)
* FARR copies the expanded text to the clipboard, changes back to the mail window and executes paste.

Of course, it should not interfere with KlipKeeper :-)

What do you think?

Thanks a lot!



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