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Circle Dock / manually positioning icons on circle?
« on: November 23, 2008, 06:02 PM »
i'd like to manually place where the icons/shortcuts get placed.  ie, the ones that i use most on my outer circle, and the items that i use less often, more towards the inner circle, and have them preset to an order that i find logically for me easier to use...  as you can see, i've got a few items on there, actually using it to replace my start menu.  if only i can get a floating systray now.  hmmm...  lol!  tia!!!  =]

Oh...  Heh...  Yea.  I had just installed it and was starting to use it.  I've had rocket dock for a long time now.  Always liked that, and yea...  My "circle" just keeps growing.  If I can find a good floating taskbar/clock then I think i'm just going to get rid of the start menu all together...  MMmmmm...  Thanks again!! 

Heh...  Well, funny actually.  I was thinking that with the CircleDock appearing when I moused over on the right edge of my screen was a glitch between RocketDocket and CircleDock, when in fact...  It was an oversight by myself, being that it is an option of CircleDock to appear when moused over on right and left screens.  Kinda funny, but PISSED myself off for such a huge mistake.  Its called "readme"...  hahahahahaha!  Ah well, I hope everyone else gets a good laugh at me, hehe

Circle Dock / Toggle visibility via mouse button?
« on: November 17, 2008, 02:37 PM »
Heya again.  ^^

Trying to move away from a hotkey, and use the extra mouse buttons that my mouse has.  What is XMouse1 and XMouse2?  Couldn't find anything in the documentation anywhere...  TIA!

Circle Dock / Re: Issue with Rocket Docket.... =[
« on: November 17, 2008, 02:17 PM »
Wow....  =[  I feel dumb.  As I look thru the options...  Toggling > Show Dock When I Move My Mouse to... > Screen Left Edge and Screen Right Edge

I apoligize for my...  Well, lets be PR here...  I apologize for wasting everyone's time who happens to read my whole post.  =[

UPDATE:  You can delete this thread...  As its pretty silly of me to have posted it in the first place!  LoL!

Hello all.  First off.  This is starting to become one of my ESSENTIAL applications that I doubt I will be ever able to live without?  =]  Thank YOU for your work!  But, as my subject states.  I have a slight issue.  See screen shot...

My RocketDocket is docked to the right side of my right monitor, and everytime I try to mouse over there to bring up my menu (its hidden) the circle dock appears.  I have my mouse programmed to use the thumb button number 1 as a keystroke of ctrl+alt+shift+F10 to bring up the circle dock.

Windows XP Pro SP3
RocketDocket v1.3.5
CircleDock v.9.2 Alpha 8
UberOptions (for setpoint software) v4.60.3b2

If you need any further information, I would be happy to provide you with those details.  Thank you again!!!

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