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Living Room / Re: People are really (really, really) stupid
« on: March 22, 2010, 06:23 PM »
WOW. Just.... wow. OK, so the method of typing in a site's name or even URL into Google to find it, I get that it's common, and maybe it's not totally retarded.
Actually, it's not retarded at all. If you don't have a bookmark for a site, it makes sense to Google it. This way you don't accidentally get a phishing site because you didn't get the URL exactly right. This is particularly true when the most reasonable address has been cybersquated by some dirtbag.

What IS retarded is to just click on the first hit without actually reading it -- and not using bookmarks.

The way I deal with this is to open an application (any re-sizable app will do), re-size it to full width and no height, and then use PowerMenu to make it partially transparent and always on top. You can then position it wherever you like on the screen and either scroll under it or move it around while reading.

Klugy, but it works.

Belkin pleads for mercy over paid Amazon reviews deception

Unfortunately, forgery and extortion are common business practice with unethical businesses. MicroShaft and Outtel are famous for having "supply-line problems" with customers who have the temerity to also make computer systems using competitors' products. The only effective way to deal with these companies is to take your money elsewhere.

Flattr: New Micropayment System - Gets the Model WRONG

As a consumer of web content, I have absolutely no interest in this model. THIS is the model I would support:

  • I create an account on SpendMyBux and put some money into it
  • I upload my personal recognition image
  • I specify an amount to donate per click
  • I see the donate button on a site I like and I click it
  • I get a secured popup window from SpendMyBux that displays my personal recognition image and details about the site I'm donating to
  • I click on the PayThem button and the popup closes
  • If there's no money in my account, the popup would say so and refuse the transaction (no overdrawing allowed)

SpendMyBux would get paid by a flat monthly fee and a small transaction fee for each click. Users and sites would still have the option of using PayPal for donation of specific amounts.

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