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1 is alive again - must learn to be patient...

Tried just now, without success.

Living Room / Re: ImgBurn - full of OpenCandy and other crap
« on: May 21, 2014, 12:15 AM »
Guess I got lucky... installed from img site a while back, with appropriate 'deselecting', and - as far as I can tell - nothing untoward has been implanted. Probably will decline future updates, given what has been revealed here. That said, the prog does do its job well...

Sparkle at age 2 (she's coming on 12 now).  She's a field-bred English Springer Spaniel.

Sparkle Dec 2001 Side.jpg

Great!  :) :) :) I plan to put Surfulater to good use.

Thanks for the newsletter - always interesting and valuable :) - and thanks for the app updates, mouser.

Thanks very much for arranging the software for the draw. I am delighted  :) to win Linkman! Thanks to Outertech for their generosity.

Here's the page (no "USED to" about this one):
If the page belongs to the same guys as, you would think they would be smart enough to have a URL redirect to their new site, rather than leave the old page up as is...

That's weird... especially since shows BetaClock on the page as if there is a connection, linking to the latest version.

Super, how does BetaClock (now Freeware) relate to AlfaClock Free in features? The latest BetaClock install file is ~42% the size of that of AlfaClock 1.99 (on; shows 1.90 on, but that does not necessarily mean anything... BetaClock may just be "leaner & meaner".

Forgot the IE7Pro URL:

With IE, I'd suggest getting the very useful IE7Pro add-on which, among other things, has crash recovery of opened tabs or simply of tabs open when the browser was last closed.  Anyway, to the point... IE7Pro includes an optional user script for downloading YouTube videos.  This script puts a direct download link to the right of the YouTube video window - the video will be downloaded to the destination of your choice (as, if I recall correctly, getvideo.flv, a name which you can change; there is no need to even play the video).  If you don't want to install the IE7Pro add-on, you can find the YouTube video, after playing it, in your Temporary Internet Files folder, here assuming the boot drive is C:
C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
(sort by size or date to bring the video to the top or nearly so)

It must be OK, my brain doesn't hurt when I'm finished reading the newsletter and making side trips to linked pages. This porridge is just right.

Mouser, please, be advised that, as per my numb duh ploom, I am definitely the craziest person on/in/of/with DC, and, also, I use the, most, commas. So, the search(es) is/are over...

Living Room / Re: Acceptable expletives
« on: September 03, 2007, 10:41 AM »
I have fairly often heard people say "shoot" (with or without a verbal !). Maybe it could be further pacified by spelling it "chute" (except, perhaps, for the extremely creatively minded...).

Living Room / Re: Dumpr - Automatic Photo Manipulation
« on: June 29, 2007, 04:49 AM »
In case someone does not notice the URL in the image, it is
(definitely not ".com"!!)

In the Screamer Menu Options pane, I set the path to screamer.exe and check 'Start Screamer Radio' - however, that does not 'stick', at least on my PC (nor does the default choice of 'Stop Screamer Radio'; interestingly, clicking the close box on Screamer Menu does not close it or Screamer Radio).  When I close Screamer Radio (which 'closes' ScreamerMenu and gives the message later in this sentence), then click ScreamerMenu.exe, I get the notice 'Can't connect to Screamer Radio!'  Any ideas why this is the case?

Really thorough review, Carl - thank you!  :)

I think I'll give it a try!

emerald222... welcome, and you will - after a respectable wait for an answer, of course, and assuming the negative - reveal the source of your avatar, eh... (being mildly OCD about such things, I did try to locate the source)

Apparently I joined DonationCoder on 18 Dec 05, so maybe it's about time I dropped something here, eh... (I just finished reading the whole thread - some very interesting people have been kind enough to share a bit of themselves - thanks!)

If you were to click on the "pink document icon" over to the left, you would see something like this:

Have not done any programming since (very) long ago.  My first programs (some flavor of Fortran) were in 1967 for a chemistry course.  By 1969 I had written a number of games in APL (yes, APL!; and, yes, at times I suffered from the "one-liner syndrome", for those of you to whom that has meaning) - even had a working APL chess program back then (it had very little AI, if you could even call it that, but at least it followed the rules... :)).  Had a very short stint with Assembler when I was - briefly - a qualifying computer science grad student.  Have been a chemical technologist (food chemistry) for coming on 35 years on 1 Dec 07 - could have taken early retirement in 2002 with a so-called "full" pension but, for some reason, I'm still workin' on...  Was a very active chess player (never higher than "expert") and organizer for about 25 yrs, but gave up that activity about 15 years ago.  Reading? - if it's a book, it's SF.  Most of my spare time is spent - overspent? - sitting here in front of the PC (something like 50-60 hours a week, I'd say). Oh, yeh, I was born in and still live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and am called "Len" (in polite company).

Living Room / Re: poll: how old are you?
« on: April 22, 2007, 10:23 AM »
I, too, am reasonably advanced in age and think my ability to cogitate clearly is as good as ever - of course, I'm thinking that with fewer brain cells...
(general concept taken from a quote, uh, um, ah, I can't remember, um, where I read it...)

Yup, BRU is a very worthwhile and capable program!  Not that long ago, when I was making particularly heavy use of BRU, I finally got around to sending Jim a donation.

Hey, nudone... please do move the "comment" (assuredly long!), which indeed eventually asked a question or two, into the natural place, i.e. the "ask" page - let someone else make a "real" comment (hopefully not too long, eh). I'm in a wordy mood today, as this very sentence proves.

Way to go nudone! Looks good!

I left a long-winded comment for Cody, which is awaiting moderation it would appear. Moderation? Never! Pass me another brewski! [I did notice one thing... I foolishly put in an HTMLish "<comment here>" (without the quotes), which got replaced by a single space after posting. Obviously, I should have used some other type of "bracket".]

Hi, Jens.

This is just another thank you for creating and maintaining JC&MB Quicknote (I have previously donated).  I find it invaluable, and use it numerous times every day.


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