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Screenshot Captor / Re: version 4.39.0 ?
« on: December 16, 2020, 08:56 PM »
Mouser, thanks for update on versions.

Please note beta download link still (for me, tested from two PCs) the 4.39.0 installer.

Screenshot Captor / Re: version 4.39.0 ?
« on: December 08, 2020, 06:15 PM »
Bump. No comments from Mouser?! :tellme:

Screenshot Captor / Re: version 4.39.0 ?
« on: November 09, 2020, 05:45 AM »
The download link definitely gives a new version 4.39.0 and have it appears to work fine  :up:.
Haven't spotted any changes yet.

I don't have any high resolution monitors but have been running the new beta since it was release and it has been working without issue.

Mouser, can confirm new version works. Many thanks for that.

Wasn't expecting any response or action right now so the lighting quick one I got was a very pleasant surprise.

No I don't. Reverted back to 4.31.2 and it works fine.

Thanks for the update. However there is a small problem with this update, it does not work with XP. When you run it you get the an error 'Failed to start because DWMAPI.DLL was not found'.

If you are dropping support for XP that is fine. If not, then can you fix this. According to one post I read "... it is possible to have an application using dwmapi that will run on XP - you just need to disable the dwmapi parts using DelayLoading".

Screenshot Captor / Is there any plan to update to ScreenShot Captor ?
« on: September 09, 2019, 08:44 PM »
Just asking as the last update was back in December 2018.

The Windows Snipping tool "overlays" the entire screen with a "shadow" (not sure how to describe it) and the selection you make is "clear" making it maybe a little more obvious what region is being selected.

IMHO what SSC does is fine and perfectly clear. However if the user is used to one method they may be resistant to change. SSC does so much more than the Snipping tool.

Thanks for updates. Really noticed the better performance/more responsiveness.

Just wondering if you have any idea on how long on when you think you will have time to make the changes to the toolbar I requested i.e. add buttons for

 Pixelate Inside selected region
 Splice out strip by selection -Deluxe effects
 Splice out strip by selection

Original request

Really like the new changes. Any chance of these Toolbar change being done ? Requested something along these lines before.

If would be really nice if we could select and add "any" of menu options from Edit, SpecialFX1, SpecialFX2, Objects or Tools menus to the Toolbar.

I do realise that could be really hard so I would be happy if we could just add in this "order of priority"

 Pixelate Inside selected region
 Splice out strip by selection -Deluxe effects
 Splice out strip by selection

Minor feedback. The version displayed when installing the latest beta (and the prior one) still says 4.26.3.

Haven't had a chance to test any of "the new features" yet but the region capture is working a lot better. I use that 95% of the time and now it runs very smoothly vs. before it stuttered or hesitated a lot for me.

No real bug fixes (well aware of some "oddities" in the way it works and steer around them). Was hoping / waiting for some updates to the toolbar.

Do we have an idea when the next update will be made available ?

Would like customise the toolbar to add specific functions to the toolbar e.g. 'Special FX1 -> Pixelate inside region' and 'Special FX2-> Splice out region special effects'.

Any plans to add customisation to toolbar ?

So here we are in February 2017 and still no updates released.  :(

Thanks Mouser.

Long time no updates. Any time line when an update is planned etc ?

This 4.9.6 update seems to have fixed issues I had with it

- "Hesitating" when selecting the region to capture (I use 'Grab selected selected region' as the default action)
- Delays in display and scrolling with the main window displayed as I have thumbnail window displayed

I thought it was my PC at fault (and it still might be) but all good :Thmbsup:

I have just downloaded the portable version & can confirm it is OK. Suggestions

a) Try clearing browser cache (has worked for me with having problems with downloads from sites)

b) Try another browser e.g. if using IE try Chrome or Firefox

And besides that, the download speed for SSC is horrendously slow, ~30 kB/sec, and that's not something I saw happening before from the DC servers...

Download speed is fine for me. Shared ADSL2 connection in Australia, around 45 seconds = 190kB/s which is nothing fantastic but means slow download speed may specific to your connection or PC.

Downloaded and installed new version (which reports itself as 4.8.9) and it has fixed the two issues I reported.


When using beta software I do expect the occasional bug or three.

Upgraded over the my existing 4.8.8beta and found two bugs

1) Minor - Captured a selected region, it displayed a dialog reporting the region was not solid. Clicked OK & the image was captured OK.

2) Major - Captured active window and it seemed to "lock up" i.e. the task bar icon changed to red and then would not respond. It did capture the image correctly.

a) I have the Print Screen key set to capture selected region & used the mouse. Shift/Print Screen captures active window.

b) Killed the ScreenshotCaptor program, installed the previous beta over the top and all seems fine. Had been using the previous beta with no issues.

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