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I've been using the free version of Personal Brain for a while and I like the way it's always handy, but it can be cumbersome at times, the free version has some annoying limitations, and the Pro version is VERY expensive.

TopicScape is cool, but graphics intensive and cumbersome.

I've been looking at Surfulator and used the DC discount to buy it. It's great for organizing larger pieces of information, but not so good for tiny snippets.

I've never found one I really felt comfortable with. I'm going to try some of the recommendations here.

What I really want is an information manager:
  • that is always available, discreet, but pops up when I need it
  • that I can drag and drop URLs, images, text, etc, into when I want to make quick note of something,
  • that is easy to organize
  • that allows me to format entries in any way I like
  • that can cross-reference or cross-link items into multiple topics
  • that is quickly searchable
  • that can link topics to programs and files
  • that is easily navigated
  • etc, etc, etc.

Don't want much, do I?

General Software Discussion / Re: Do You Purchase Software on Impulse?
« on: February 23, 2008, 12:09 AM »
Wow!!! I'm not the only one! And I thought there was something wrong with me.

I prefer to download free software, but I'll buy it if I really want it (which I usually do), especially if there's a discount. DC and Iconico's Daily Deals have been very dangerous for me, but I've got some cool software out of it.

And, yes, I usually buy too much at the grocery store too. I try not to go near eBay more than once every few months.

I finally found everything I needed to run Barnacle and I thinks it's great. The compiled exe does not run on my Windows XP SP2 (I get "(null) is not a valid Win32 Application"), but the .ahk file runs nicely.

I got it to create a barnacle bar for EditPlus3, but I found that the class of the EditPlus3 window changes every time I run the program. Is there a way around that?

I also noticed that the toolbar runs over the frame of the window on the right side. Here's a snapshot of it: http://www.autohotke...ragon/Image-0001.jpg (I changed the background color to make it clear).

There is a problem with the ini file color parameter. The color code is interpreted as RBG order instead of the normal RGB or windows BGR format. For example, the color I used to create the green background in the snapshot above was: color=0001ff (the "Show Info" reports the correct RGB color code 00FF01).

After playing around with changes to my EditPlus3 ini file for a while I've also got a requested enhancement: could there be an option on the barnacle menu to reload it's ini files (to pick up changes or a new file), and/or to reload a specific ini file? It is tiresome to exit and restart barnacle every time I make a change to an ini file.

I'd also like to suggest that if there is no image specified for a button you load a default image of a blank button (it may already do this, but I didn't get any button images when I downloaded it). That way at least you could tell there was a button there, rather than just a blank toolbar.

Thanks for the great program!

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