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  • Monday May 16, 2022, 3:19 am
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I use a Notezilla note to automatically open them on a specific time & date, and it repeats daily, weekly, or monthly, as required. Since I always have Notezilla open any way, it doesn't use any extra resources that it wouldn't normally have already used.

+1 Thanks for explaining how you use Notezilla.

Hi Dormouse,

I am the creator of Notezilla. We do have an Android and iPhone version. We just added dark mode to the iPhone version. The Windows version doesn't support dark mode yet. But we are planning to add it in next major version. Let me know if you need any other help.

Gautam Jain


Hello Steven,

I don't understand the saving issues that you are having. Can you send me an email about what exactly you are facing, regarding data saving and data loss?



Thanks Steven for everything.

I doubt if anyone is reading our one-to-one conversation  :huh:

Is there a method possible to do any external linking or opening to a specific memoboard (or note). e.g. As a parameter on the notezilla.exe?

Not yet. Noted.

Hmmm.. import or export to Evernote?  (At this point I see a major place in the sun for both Notezilla and Evernote. ) 

Yes, I agree. I think they have an xml export version which Outlook uses which Notezilla also can use. Will think about it.

Gautam Jain


thus the dragging back up is laborious.

Just right click inside the sticky notes view in Notes Browser and choose "Arrange Notes" top bring all notes on top.

Gautam Jain


Hi Guys,

Get 40% off on Notezilla only on 2nd and 3rd Aug. Don't miss. Notezilla is the leading sticky notes app for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad. Download free trial today.


Gautam Jain


I will try the IP address. Does that have to be local on your network, can it work with something like VPN of Teamviewer or some general internet access.  Can you expound more excellently?

It can be any reachable IP address (any where in the world) where Notezilla is running.

(And I don't think you do mention IP addy at the entry spot or in the docs.)

Thanks will update the docs and also the UI in the next version.

You go into the notes browser and they may be way downhill.  It can be a bit of a hassle to bring them uptown.

Are you talking about the notes? or the memoboard? What will be downhill?

I think the only export that keeps the real Notezilla feel is .db .

Yes, correct.

At one time I mentioned the possibility of grid (snap to grid, or by numbers) options.

Yes. Have that in the to do list. No promises though  :)

Gautam Jain

Hi Steven,

Following are your replies to questions related to Notezilla.

(Remember, an option for the path to a note will be a nice improvement (it could be an option to check yes/no), it could at times make for an ultra-long "Memoboard" column, but that is up to the user... long or short names, 2 levels deep or more, where to place the column, you might make the Memoboard the last one.)

Yes. I had noted when you last suggested it.

In this nice vid you show a ! column and a Reminder Filter but now you have Due.  Is there a difference?  Did reminders become Due?  And what about "!".

This video is for the old version Notezilla 7. Please refer videos on this page:

Both Reminder and Due are same.

On the completed status, the actual header row can take a checkmark, that does not mean anything right?  Only the checkmark in an individual note, which leads to strike-thru. Correct?


You took .db files out of export.  That is because it is not necessary with the auto-backup to folders and the explanations of how to use a backup program?

.db file export was mainly to export specific Memoboards and import on another system. But this caused confusion and users often used it to backup their data. Plus we have syncing now. So we removed it.


Android has a user-accessible file manager.  Does it read the same .db files?  Could I copy over? 

No. Both files are different.

How about the pop-up stick to window features when using browsers in Tablets?  Is that gone-feature due to architectural differences?

Yes, architectural differences.

Can tablets use network transfer?

Meaning, sending notes over LAN? No. Only syncing via cloud.


Adding computers on a network

Is that awaiting names that we retrieve from things like HomeGroup?  Or do you have another access method?  If it is homegroup oriiented, could you read the data for us?  Or is there something akin to a VPN or whatever method something like Teamviewer remote access allows file xfer.

Don't know what exactly you mean here. But Notezilla requires computer names shown under HomeGroup etc. Or you can specify IP address also. We currently don't have a way to browse those computer names. We will add in future.

Gautam Jain


Thanks @Steven.

The column headers on each Memoboard - the ability to set that up globally, or copy a template.

Setting up globally isn't possible yet.

On the columns, a checkbox if a note is stuck to the desktop.

This is shown, now in the column. But when you select the note in the notes list, the top toolbar button will indicate. Make sure you are using the latest update of Notezilla 8.


Gautam Jain


Thanks Steven. A couple of weeks back we made Notezilla apps for Android & iPhone/iPad completely free. Just FYI.

Gautam Jain


Excited to announce that Notezilla's Android and iPhone apps are now made permanently free.

Notezilla is a sticky notes app for Windows & Phones. You can sync your sticky notes & reminders on Windows with Android/iPhone/iPad apps.

More about Notezilla -
For support -

Gautam Jain

Hi All,

Happy to inform you that we have slashed Notezilla's yearly subscription renewal fee from $29.95 to just $14.95. Only for the first year you pay $29.95. From second year onwards it is just $14.95.

Notezilla is a sticky notes app for Windows & Phones -

Wish you the best!

Gautam Jain


Thanks Mouser. I have now edited one post pointing to this page.

Also, I have left this announcement as it is: https://www.donation....msg397228#msg397228 since it is members only zone.

Kindly delete our conversation related to spam (including this post) above since all visitors will come to this thread.

Gautam Jain

Sorry @Jibz. Those threads were discussing about Copywhiz (Piky Basket). So I posted. Should I link those posts to this thread? Please do suggest.



Just launched Copywhiz 5! (Earlier known as Piky Basket). Official announcement and discount coupon code on this page:

Gautam Jain

Hello Everyone,

We just launched Copywhiz 5 (which was called Piky Basket some years back) -

All DonationCoders get 30% off :) Please use the discount coupon code CZ-30-DCODER.

Copywhiz enhances your file copy experience in Windows. It offers more flexibility when copying files by letting you choose which type of files to copy & which to ignore.

- Copy only new or modified files from a folder.
- Copy files based on file name or extension.
- Copy files based on file size.
- Easily exclude folders that you do not wish to copy.
- Collect files from different folders and paste them all at once.
- Copy files to multiple folders simultaneously including network remote folders.
- Save project & re-run it for manual file backup.
- Save project & schedule it for automatic file backup.
- Copy files without folders.
- Copy only folder structure without files
- Do not keep empty folders
- Replace files on reboot.
- Copy locked files (files in use).
- Review list of files that will actually be copied.
- Retry or skip a file on error.
- Auto-rename duplicate files.
- Skip files if identical.

All these features are designed to make your file copy, file sharing and file backup tasks enjoyable and efficient. Copywhiz works from within Windows Explorer. Also supports other file managers like Total Commander, xplorer2 , Directory Opus (dopus), RecentX, XYPlorer and ExplorerXP.

To know what's new in this version please visit:

Gautam Jain


Hello Friends,

Our product Copywhiz is a time-saving & innovative file copy tool for Windows. With just few clicks it helps you pick selected files from several thousand files. Features include: Copy only new or modified files, copy files by file name/type/size, copy files to multiple folders, Exclude/include folders when copying files, pick files from different folders and copy all at once, auto rename duplicate files and many more.

Only Tomorrow - 10th Feb, it will be available on BitsDuJour for just $17.95 instead of $29.95 (40% off).

Also, next month we will be launching the new version of Copywhiz. Upgrades to the new version will be free to all customers who purchase from BitsDuJour tomorrow on 10th Feb.

For information on this BitsDuJour page.

Gautam Jain


"note, or document, behind the note"

Steven, is this like linking 2 notes so that you can jump from one to another?


Hello Steven,

Thanks for the suggestion. But Notezilla cannot get the url from the browser. However, we are planning to write some extensions for the browsers so that this is possible.

By they way I tried to contact you several ways (via your pure**** email address) and also sent you private message. Please reply to that earliest.

Gautam Jain


Yeah. That will be a nice feature to add. I have noted this down. Thanks :)

Any suggestions on Messenger programs, preserving RTF?

No really.


You can using Notezilla's Export and Import feature. That might work.

Go to Notes Browser and click on File->Export. You can selectively export notes from old database and then import them in your new latest database.

Gautam Jain


Notezilla already searches inside titles when you choose "Look In: Content". Do you want a "Title Only" option?


Thanks Steven. I have taken note of your showing "full path" request when searching notes in Notezilla.

Regarding your subscription, I have sent you a separate email.

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