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Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Polywick Story Server
« on: August 23, 2018, 09:47 PM »
It may seem daunting, but getting good use out of Ecco would seem to necessitate that you have an Ecco mechanic on hand to follow you around everywhere, to support Ecco's kludgy idiosyncrasies.
Nan nah nah, you guys have this all wrong... Both Ecco and InfoQube are dead simple.
The database contains items and each item can have any number of user-defined values. Other than values, items have parents and children. That's it !
Grid / notepads / calendar and other UIs show a sub-set of all items in the database, based on their values.
The rest is icing on the cake, to ease viewing / filtering / sorting these items.

(Similarities between IQ and this tread: of all posts ever written on DC, this thread shows a list of posts that share something... in this case, they share a parent subject)

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Polywick Story Server
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:22 PM »
I am dreaming of a product that takes the best of Ecco and InfoQube and puts them into one product  ;)
LOL... when is the last time you tried InfoQube ? It has evolved so much...
and can be made to look so similar to Ecco:

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Polywick Story Server
« on: August 22, 2018, 09:47 PM »
It looks almost identical to Ecco Pro 8)!
An indispensable program which I am using daily together with Ecco Extension.
@ viking, I notice that they're from the Philippines... could they have obtained the code Sally worked on back then ? Wasn't she also from that country ?

IQ Designer

My pleasure dantheman,

For the record, the chosen approach was to use a Google spreadsheet with 2 sheets.
The first contains the data (the who, what, when)
The second contains a pivot table to summarize. It was setup as a year/month view of $, but could slice and dice on other fields
Since Google pivot tables (unlike Excel) cannot group by dates, 2 calculated columns were added to the data sheet: Year, Month (using built-in functions)

While Google spreadsheet is not as powerful as Excel, it does provide these easy to use features, which could be useful, either now or down the road:
- Sharing (View, View and Edit)
- Mobile apps (phone, tablets)
- History with easy revert back, in case of mistakes
- Chat window
- Live collaboration
- Browser-based and free (so nothing to install)

Pierre Paul Landry
IQ Designer

General Software Discussion / Re: Anyone familiar with Excel?
« on: November 10, 2017, 12:13 PM »

The use of tabs and moving items from one to the other just doesn't seem right. Is there any reason you approaching this in this unusual way ?
Would it not be simpler to have a flat list of items, with or without dates and use filters and/or pivot tables or other means to see monthly / yearly reports

General Software Discussion / Re: Anyone familiar with Excel?
« on: November 10, 2017, 10:30 AM »
Hi dantheman,

I'm very fluent in spreadsheets and Excel in particular. I looked at the dropbox file but fail to see what you're trying to achieve. My feeling is that you're starting on the wrong foot altogether, so if I were you, I'd start by detailing here your objectives, typical information flow and analysis / reports you want.


General Software Discussion / Re: Anyone familiar with Excel?
« on: November 09, 2017, 06:22 PM »
So far, i've had to copy/paste from the reserve onto the specified month then clear the reserve items, thus leaving a space of many items that can not be deleted without breaking code.
It is not clear to me why copy / paste does not do what you want. Are the equations row-based ? Do you also have column equations ?
Row equations copy / paste correctly. As for column equations, the trick is to insert blank lines in the specified month and then paste the recurring items
Perhaps share with us more details about the equations...

Pierre Paul Landry
IQ Designer

General Software Discussion / Re: I Think I did
« on: March 19, 2017, 03:18 PM »

InfoQube designer here...

IQ has 2 built-in methods to manage task dependencies. Gantt chart (MS Project-like) and IQ's own method

Check out this doc page describing IQ's own method:

I'll update it with Gantt chart dependencies


Details here: http://www.sqlnotes....index.php?q=node/632

As tomos said, there lots of options, namely Small Business @ $99 per seat and:
"Basic concept: If you, yourself, must pay for it (and you can't write it off on your income tax) then a personal license will do


No need to worry about FB... @Jibz and @wraith808, both or you are in of course. Share with your friends and relationships whichever way you can, and request your personal license !

Christmas promotion !

In preparing for InfoQube v1.0 official release, we'd like to create a buzz around advanced information management tools...

In these days of simple single focused apps, isn't refreshing to see a new full featured information manager come to life ?

And what better ways to create a buzz than to offer free stuff... So from now until the end of 2015:

Everybody that likes the InfoQube Facebook page will have a chance to win an InfoQube lifetime professional license ($250 value)
Everybody that likes the InfoQube Facebook page and writes a small "I like PIMs and why" message will be entitled to receive a free InfoQube v1.0 personal license ($50 value).

Share this with as many of your friends as possible, that's what creating a buzz is all about !
p.s. I hope this post falls in the "OK to promote one's product, once in a while" category...  ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: RightNote version 3.0.0 released
« on: January 27, 2014, 02:29 PM »
You see, Pierre Paul has got sw that for any mention of his prog, wherever that might be, he's informed of it, and pronto! Neville should have similar, so no prob for discussing sw within threads named for different sw. ;-)

No special monitoring software... simply using Google !

- Could we have a (short, schematized, but nethertheless) real-life example of where recursion in IM would really be useful?

In IQ, hierarchy is something that is added to items. It is sometimes shown, sometimes not. Closer to a hyperlink than to a disk folder structure.

Items exist in the database, like you and me exist on this earth. If a parent is deleted, its sub-items are not necessarily deleted. Same for you and me... if your father dies, you don't automatically die with him.

So items exist in the database. At any moment, you may want to show an item as a new child of another item. For whatever reason. Why prevent this for the sole reason that somewhere up the hierarchy chain, that item is also present ?

Another example is any good old web page. It may link to sub-pages, and these will typically link back to the main page. A nice convenience and something we don't even think about. The same can be done in IQ.

So, there are at least 2 cases where this is desirable: (1) The hierarchy is deep and (2) To bring a parent close to an item.

Regarding sloppy IM and programming, I believe that IM software should not constrain users.
If recursion is supported, it is certainly not because of laziness, but as a feature. Example of this: IQ support hierarchy equations (i.e. such as value=SUM(children)) and inheritance. Both of these require that recursion be handled correctly to ensure that one does not get into infinite loops !


General Software Discussion / Re: RightNote version 3.0.0 released
« on: January 27, 2014, 11:15 AM »
Most outliners, once you clone an item, will NOT distinguish anymore between the "original" and the "clones", whilst conceptually, there should be an (updatable) difference, and which I call "natural parent" and "adoptive parent" - name it as you like, but it's evident any item in a tree hierarchy should have a "natural/main context", and then, perhaps multiple, "additional contexts" - and be it only for avoidance-of-recursion reasons: btw, I mentioned this problem within a discussion of InfoQube in the outlinerswforum, where the developer of IQ, Pierre Paul Landry, suberbly said (I'm citing from memory), "IQ allows for recursion"... when in fact, recursion is a PROBLEM of IM, and which has to be avoided/contained, and certainly not a feature of IM (development illac ;-) ).

Hi Peter,
re: natural Parent: Agreed: In InfoQube, an item has a "Main Parent" and any number of other parents. Users can change which item is considered the main parent. The "Main Parent" is used to show hierarchy in grids.

re: Recursion: Why do you see recursion as a problem for IM software. In InfoQube, it is a very useful feature. This ensures that items can be moved around in the hierarchy without limitations (only limitation: an item cannot be a child of itself)


IQ Designer

Exactly. Conceptually, hierarchical tags can be used in exactly the same way as folders

This is true only for container-type folders. Item is in the folder or item is not in the folder.

However, value-type folders carry a new dimension. Much like a database field, an Excel cell, an Ecco folder, URp attributes, or in my own InfoQube (where they are called fields), you can put text, dates and numbers in a folder. Tags don't support this.

General Software Discussion / Re: web clipping
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:50 PM »
I'm using InfoQube - when I add a clip from FF (or via paste), a dialogue window opens with the web-clip. If I leave it open, I can add multiple clips to the first.
Which is grand (for me). When I eventually click on OK, the clip gets added to my inbox. I go to my inbox later and can move it around or give it whatever properties I want - which means it will display in different 'grids'/under different tabs.

If I copy a new clip, I am unable to add it to a previous clip (unless I go find it, and paste it in that saved clip - I'll prob have to also go copy/paste the url).

FYI, the latest version (v0.9.26PreRel6) can join items and merge their HTML content into a single item. This should help in the situation you just described.



General Software Discussion / Re: web clipping
« on: December 04, 2012, 05:53 PM »
I can send you a free personal license if you want.  :Thmbsup:
That's very gracious and generous, please do!  I can't promise to make any genuinely useful comments, though.

Simply PM me with your name and email (used in generating the license key) and I'll have IQ send you an email with the licensing info it generated  8)

General Software Discussion / Re: web clipping
« on: December 02, 2012, 10:29 PM »
I didn't realise it was still in beta.  I seem to recall that beta testers were offered a fairly good deal, but would still like a good idea of what it's going to eventually cost.  However, I think my days of major data munging are over, it's just personal interest now.

I can send you a free personal license if you want.  :Thmbsup:

IQ Designer

General Software Discussion / Re: InfoQube rocks as a CRM
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:34 AM »
- right now all the G+ circle contacts are sent by google over the gmail contact api. This is really bad for people sync'ing with phone or outlook. They are contact with no information and just 1 name, the G+ handle. No information anywhere (like a URL or tag) to identify where they came from and that they are G+ circle people. Google doesn't connect them with the contact if you also has the person as a contact, so you also end up with duplicates. Hopefully there is a way via the API to limit, but if you don't use G+ you might miss it.
- somehow with the recent gmail update, it lost the format awareness so that on sync what was earlier sent as firstname lastname was now sent as lastname, firstname - without some kind of indication for the sync tools. result? 3000 duplicates. Not sure what it means for people developing sync but might be useful to know

I tested and the above has fooled plaxo, funambol, and a couple other tools. It has fooled Gist too but at least Gist filed them as low value to i's easy to find them and clean up.

Thanks a million iphigenie. I'll look into this and do extensive tests !

General Software Discussion / Re: InfoQube rocks as a CRM
« on: February 12, 2012, 07:20 PM »
Thanks urlwolf !

Interestingly, the very first application of IQ, was exactly that, CRM.

If you have a web site where customers can register, IQ can connect to the web-site server database and import new contacts / updates.

Yes, 2-way sync with Google services (Calendar, Contacts and Tasks) is coming soon (all I/O is fully working now). And then onto your mobile devices.

You're welcomed !

Make sure you download the latest version of InfoQube. Version v0.9.25R has improved Gantt charts and coming up in v0.9.25S are many UI improvements, namely changes to fields and some program actions which previously required closing grids and / or IQ are now applied immediately.

Hi rgdot,

OK, got it now. Menu.dat contains the customization of the menus you've done. Dock.dat contains the current placement of the various panes. Options.ini contains the options set in tools>>options

The best for you would be to force a given user name. Check the file InfoQubeForUser1.bat in the main IQ folder. Main line is:

start InfoQube.exe /user:User1

Change User1 for your preferred user / account name. IQ will use this, instead of the Windows logon.

Then, start IQ using this .bat file. I'll add the option to use a user.ini file which will override the Windows logon, while still starting with the InfoQube.exe file.



Hi rgdot,

A few questions for you...

1- Where did you copy the portable package ? The portable version must is copied to a non system-protected folder.
2- If I understand correctly, the IQPath\Users\yourLoginName folder was not created ?
3- The IQBase (.sndb) file contains everything entered in both the grids, the calendar and the rich text editing pane. The one exception is when this rich text content is saved as MHT or as HTML, an IQBase.files folder is created and contains this content. Other than this, there are files used for program settings. The master copy is in the IQPath\AppData folder. Each user's settings is saved in IQPath\Users\yourLoginName folder. Does this answer your question ?





InfoQube licenses (qty=5) were offered as part of the 2011 Fundraiser Giveaway Extravaganza. Special thanks to the DonationCoder Team for including IQ in their Extravaganza !

While in beta, InfoQube is free to download an use. Initial release is planned for Q4 2011.

It comes in 2 flavors: Installable and Portable. Both have identical feature sets, so users are encouraged to use the Portable one, as it is standalone and requires no admin right whatsoever.

An IQCommunity has been setup to allow users share tips, solutions, and yes, at times, bugs  :huh:
Community-based documentation is available both online and as an offline CHM Help.

The latest version (v0.9.25P) is very stable. Work has begun on v0.9.26 which will include a revamped Calendar with (yes!) Google Calendar Sync. Stay tuned !

Should DonationCoders have any IQ related questions, feel free to post to this thread.  :Thmbsup:

Pierre, IQ Designer  :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Drupal is f*cked
« on: September 23, 2010, 01:30 PM »
there is just no way to express in a human language how horribly horribly wrong configuring and maintaining drupal is.. i've experienced few things that are as convoluted and guaranteed to end in frustration and anger.

Details ? Perhaps I can help ...

General Software Discussion / Re: What HTML5 can do -- cool site
« on: September 14, 2010, 07:48 AM »
This is also a good example of what HTML5 can do:

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