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I can across a program that makes some nice Polygons and Stars, as well as a number of other interesting patterns. I made a few modifications to make the screen bigger. The program lacks the ability to change colours, line and fill styles, as well as the ability to save the graphics. You will have to do a print screen to save. The program was compiled on Net 2010, so the Net Runtime libraries are needed.

poly star.jpg

I have been creating, modifying and playing around with NET programs lately (creative streak I think), so this is the last program to upload at the moment. I hope people enjoy some of my uploads. This NET programming is harder to understand (A steeper learning curve).

Anyhow, BYE for now my fellow Donation Coders.
Hope this year is better than the last one (2012)

Regards ED.

This program may come in useful for students that need to practice their Algebra skills. The program makes some harder Algebra equations that you need to solve. Once you solve the equation, you put the answer into the program to see if it is correct. The program was made using VB Net 2010, so you will need the Net Runtime library. Hopefully the screen capture below shows what I mean:

equation gen.jpg

For some reason the program crashes on earlier versions of the Net runtime libraries loaded on XP, but works on Net Version 4 runtimes with Windows 7 loaded.

Have fun solving those damn Maths Algebraic Equations. Perhaps use a pen and paper, as some equations might be a bit challenging.

Regards ED

Sometimes I come across some nice colour schemes on the Net but I don't know their codes. With this program you can drag a cross onto the colour to find:

a)  It's Hex code (Html and VB)
b)  It's RGB colour (paint prgrams)
c)  It's integer colour (VB)
d)  It's HSL colour (photo editing software)

You can even save the colours as well as make the program stay "on top".

The screen capture hopefully shows the features.

color select.jpg

The program needs Net Runtime Library files to run. Created in VB Net 2010.

ENjoy your programming and ceates some good color schemes,

Regards ED.

This comes in useful if you may want to hide your REAL face. HAHA, just kidding. Being "different and unique" is better than keeping up with the Jones'.

Find a graphic file and open it in the program. Determine the size using a number in the columns and rows textboxes (roughly make one twice the size of the other). Adjust the threshold ( a higher value gets rid of the details in the image, so I normally have this quite low = 0 or 1 ). The program needs the NET Runtime library to run.


Have FUN making your own designs.

Regards ED.

This program moves and clicks your mouse with keyboard keys. It needs the NET Runtime and might come in very useful if your mouse plays up. It has an adjustable mouse speed as well as changing of key assignments. The screen shot below explains what I mean.


I hope people can  make use of it.

Regards ED

Finished Programs / Done: A program to make grids
« on: January 05, 2013, 10:38 PM »
Here is a program to make grids of various sizes. It is a "work in progress", so I'm still adding thins to the program.

var grid.JPG

You can change the size of the grid in pixels as well as in mm. The lines can be solid or dashed. You can change the colours of the lines and the background by either RIGHT or LEFT mouse clicking.

May come in useful for someone, who knows?



A little game for the Donation Coder community. Enjoy !

spider coder.JPG

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All on Donation Coder.

I hope everyone has a great start to the New 2013 Year.

Regards Eddie

Finished Programs / DONE: A program to make Column Graphs
« on: September 09, 2012, 08:49 PM »
Hi there guys. I have made a simple program to make Column Graphs.

Can people do a bit a Beta testing to see what could be improved?

g good graph1.JPG

I hope people like it?

Finished Programs / Ultimate Race: Come ON, Get in the race
« on: July 30, 2012, 08:49 PM »
Made for my students to investigate probability

A simulated race for up to 25 people.

You can type in names in each box and press GO


screen big.jpg

For those into electronics, a resistance colour code calculator.



Just a Birthday Program to find out what day were you born on?

Also able to find your other birthdays. Works with a html file.


Some nice plasma textures from a program I've been working on.

If you look closely you may see a face. Crazy eh?

bev face.JPG

Coding Snacks / Done: Bean Tripping?
« on: April 09, 2012, 07:51 PM »
Ah just joking around. Look at the icon and you'll see what I mean about BEAN!

Here is a program that I thought people might like to look at when they are feeling a bit crappy (best looked at in the dark).


Happy Trippin ...

Just another screen capture to MsPaint program.

download removed

You need to click the command button to capture the screen.

I made a different version, that saves to a file when PrintScreen is pressed. It is here:


Finished Programs / Done: Printscreen to Ms Paint
« on: March 04, 2012, 06:32 PM »
Just press Printscreen to get a screen capture to Ms Paint. Tested on WIndows 7 and on Windows XP.

download removed

Customised for Donation coder

Finished Programs / Done For the "BEVEL in YOU" Enjoy
« on: February 24, 2012, 05:48 PM »
A compact 3D picture Bevel Maker for all to enjoy. 41 kB in total size!

3D Bevel DC.jpg

The picture hopefully shows what the program does. Autonumbers and saves a beveled picture to BMP. Can be used for web pages, phot albumns, class rolls.

If people could leave a message of thanks and the countries that they come from. I'm really curious to see how far my programs reach.

I really like making very small programs. I hope that people like and appreciate my programs. I like sharing and helping people out.

In order for the program to work please make a folder called pics, as shown in the screen capture.

Regards and best wishes to all,

I have created a capture program that captures regions/ sizes that you specify. All you do is resize the capture window and save to JPG or BMP. It also auto numbers the picture files. Enjoy my fellow members.

Now customised for Donation Coder

region grabber.jpg

My program is a whole 23 kB in size. Nice and compact.

I've had an idea for making a program that makes wordlists from web pages. I've added some more features like a wordsearch creator and an online google dictionary facility. Hope you like it.

What the program does:

You basically copy and article of the web or from a document on a topic you may be covering. My program splits up the words, gets rid of duplicates, and puts the word in alphabetical order. From there you can drag and drop a word list into MS Word or wordpad. You can also make a wordsearch with those words, as well as access the web to get their meanings. As an added bonus, you may chat with you peers over the net and upload your wordlists or other files to them (once you know their IP address). Hopefully the attached pictures describe all of this.



I have custemised the program for donation coder. Sorry about the wait. Enjoy!


I would like to hear from the locations that people come from. I'm just interested to see how far my program travels, and to what use it is being used for. I work for a school, so I created the program for the literacy program at the college where I work at. Please send any bugs that you may find, so that I may fix them.

I've had this idea for a while, where one can draw a number of straight lines on a variable-sized grid (similar to Coordinator).
The coordinates for the endpoints and the equations for each line are listed dynamically (as shown in the diagram below).
Lastly, the intersections are also shown.

sim eqn plan.JPG

I have attached some VB6 code that works out the equation of a line from two points, and some more code that marks the intersection of 2 lines.

My problems so far are:

1.  How to create a variable snap to grid with cartesian coordinates (0,0) at the the bottom.
2.  How to change the origin position.
3.  How to list captions on the ends and in the middle of straight lines.

If someone could help me out, it would be well appreciated.


I've been looking for something like this for a while. Ive started playing with a vb program by Anton Venema,as shown below


I'm half way there, but need help on how to:

1.   List the outliers
2.   Put the original values in ascending order.
3.   Accurately plot a boxplot with outliers

I'm thinking of putting the answer values into a rich textbox so that I can include a boxlot sketch.

What the program does so far:

After inputting some numbers (seperated with commas) the program works out statisical values like mean, median, mode, range, etc. It then outputs the results into a text box and adds the next results to the text box after the next number values have been entered. Lastly the results can be dragged and dropped into Word for Windows for additional editing.

Next RTF version coming soon (I hope).

I have an idea for a program to record the coordinates of an adjustable grid to a text file. A transparent image could be loaded under the griid, so that important points could be recorded.

I wanted to have an adjustable grid setting.
I would also like to put in my own points in with right click of the mouse (and perhaps remove a point with a left click).

I've seen some code for a basic paint program, but I was stumped on how to record the (X,Y) position of a mouse into a textbox or text file.

The picture hopefully describes what I mean.


I have found this: Simple Image Mapping Utility   (seems interesting)


There are now two different versions available:

A Net version  (A real nice app with lots of features- shows and saves points, calculates distances, point can be moved)
Thanks cbbibleboy for all the great amount of effort that you have put into the project so far.

A Vb6 Version  (Not so professional - no points shown on screen, but can save to file or use OLE, calculates areas of enclosed shapes)

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