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Somewhere in the last few months, I saw info about a resident battery utility that could automatically turn on and off charging at user selected levels, so that for example the battery would always stay within 15 and 85 percent of capacity.

I am unable to remember the name or where I found it. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

It would need to work with either Win 7 or 10, as I do most of my computing on a Win 7 VM running in a Win 10 host.


I have a bunch of old .wav recordings which I would like to convert to a compressed format so I can email them to some family members who have slow (rural) net acess.

But because the dates have some sentimental value (kids' musical and voice performances from 1997-2004) I want to keep the original file dates and not overwrite them with the conversion date.

No conversion program I currently have will do this.  Can anyone help?

LaunchBar Commander / Pane obscured in LBC configuration screen
« on: February 10, 2019, 01:20 PM »
Hiya Mouser, long time no post.....

Noticed that the upper right hand pane in the config screen is being partially covered by the lower right (see attached screenshot)

Can't seem to do anything with screen resolution or dragging windows to fix this (the border between the upper and lower panes is not click and draggable)

Any ideas?   Thank you!

Screenshot - 2_10_2019 , 2_14_42 PM.jpg

I'm looking for something which will help us get several years of home-based business paperwork digitized. 

Must haves:
Recognize and work with any TWAIN-aware scanner (I have three, each is best at a different thing)
Automagically name and classify the resulting scanned documents (most pdf, some jpeg) using dates/labels/keywords for easy retrieval.
Purchase, not subscription.
Local storage - not the #*@&!! cloud.

Stand alone software - not bundled with yet another scanner I'd have to buy.
Installable on 2-3 computers without extra cost.

Any suggestions????

I notice that when launching LBC with the -nodock and -nowindow arguments (that's the way I like to use it, as a flyout from the taskbar) it seems that the -readonly setting is also applied, I can't enter the preferences screen.   Is that intentional??

Let's say I have a directory containing 80-90 self contained applications, along with an install of LBC set up to access them all.   This is what's on my wife's computer under her E:\ drive.

Now she wants to replicate this functionality on her new laptop which has only a C:\ drive.  As far as I can tell there are three ways to get LBC to replicate the menu:

(1) repartition her laptop to C,D,E which is kind of overkill I think.
(2) set up a folder on C: which maps to E: on startup
(3) manually edit every entry on the LBC menu, changing every E in the program and icon location fields to a C.

Is there a plan (4) - a way to globally edit the menu and change pointer at once using search and replace?  It doesn't appear so.

Firefox Portable is located on a USB stick mapped to drive L:\  and is in the subfolder L:\KeyApps\FirefoxPortable

I want to run the program with a command line argument forcing it to use the (relative) profile on that stick located in \KeyApps\FirefoxPortable\Data\Profile

When I navigate to the folder where the executable is located and enter

 FirefoxPortable.exe -profile "Key Apps/FirefoxPortable/Data/profile"

it works fine, but when I place the following in LBC as the command, nothing happens -

%APPDRIVE%\Key Apps\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe -profile "Key Apps/FirefoxPortable/Data/profile"

Am I missing something??

LaunchBar Commander / Mouser - question about LBC backups
« on: January 25, 2013, 08:58 AM »
I have three copies of LBC (on the hard drive and two different USB sticks) in a folder which contains many other portable programs as well. 

Because I add to/upgrade these programs periodically, I like to keep the folder synced.  However, doing that seems to occasionally toggle the LBC backup option back to "fill the drive with .bak files" which is what I don't want.

Can you tell me:

1 - in which file LBC stores the selection of backup frequency?
2 - what that selection looks like inside the file?
3 - once I have it set for no backups, can I write protect that file without affecting my ability to edit and save entries in the regular launchbar?


Are they available on this site or anywhere else??

Hi Mouser, the subject line tells it all.  Is there a full list somewhere? 


If you're not familiar with this, "god mode" in Win 7 allows the user to access a whole truckload of configuration options from one screen.

It is enabled by creating a new folder named


I have this folder on my desktop, but I'm a little OCD about wanting a super clean desktop, with all my command launching coming from the taskbar or LBC.

So far I have been unable to figure out a way to call "god mode" from within LBC.  Can you take a look?



When "custom fonts" are selected in the menu configuration dialog, the flyout menus do not display the menu items correctly while the cursor is hovering over them.

Using default fonts, the menu item appears in a light color which contrasts with a dark color bar that follows the mouse cursor.

Using custom fonts, the menu item appears in black which is impossible to read while the dark color bar is superimposed over it.

See the attached illustration

It would be neat to have different menu files set up for different groups of tasks.   

And I have menu files on my desktop's hard drive which are different from those which are on my various USB devices carrying portable software.

It appears that launching LBC always launches the most recently closed .mcf file.  What I am suggesting is a command line argument that would permit pathing to a specific .mcf defined in the command line, regardless of what was closed last.

thanks Mouser again for this great proggie....

Is it still the place to go for that sort of thing??  I have one of each....

15 my antivirus app, Vipre Antivirus Premium (Sunbelt Software)

Since I have no reason to mistrust anything downloaded directly from Donation Coder, I disabled the virus scanner, downloaded and installed.  Did a system scan just afterward and everything was OK, including all the new LBC files.  So it appears to be something that's only in the installer itself.

- Jones

Hi Mouser - I posted about this some time ago, it may have inadvertently dropped off your bugfix list.

When using the standard font, the selected item is properly reverse shaded in the menu flyout (see picture "flyout1")

But when using a custom font, the selected item keeps the same color as non selected items, making it harder to read (see picture "flyout2")

Not a four-alarm bug, take a look whenever......

LaunchBar Commander / Mouser - need help on LBC portable use
« on: June 17, 2009, 08:59 AM »
I tried using LBC as my portable launcher a few months ago (left a message upstream in the forum) but could not quite make it work.  So I tried some of the other portable launchers and found them all wanting in one way or another.  So here I am back again.

This is what I want to do (if it's doable).

I have LBC on a USB stick in an \LBC folder. I also have the portable version of Open Office on that same stick in an \OO3 folder.

I want to assign OpenofficePortable.exe to a button on LBC so that:

(1) LBC -always- goes to the program on the stick, -never- looking for the program on the HDD.  This is important because I know I have the portable flavor of OO on the stick and don't have to worry about where it is writing.  (for that same reason, I don't -think- have to worry about configuring LBC to tell the app which directories to use)

(2) LBC does this irrespective of whatever drive letter the stick may be assigned when plugged into different PC's.

In other words I want LBC to always launch relative (based on the stick structure), never absolute (using drive letters).

I've tried a few different ways of setting up the folder structure and app parameters and nothing seems to quite work.  So I'm asking for the "cookbook" instructions - thank you!!!

I have several hundred .tif files which were created by feeding pages into an office printer/scanner set at 600 dpi.  Each file is 30-50 pages long.

Now I need to downsample them to 300 dpi (don't ask why.....grrrrrrrr) and if possible I sure don't want to have to unpack each file into its separate pages, resample them one page at a time, and then repack.

Anyone on DC know of a program that will downsample a multi page .tif as a single file?  Doesn't have to be free but needs to be reasonable ($150 or less)


The problem:

I have two sets of Firefox bookmarks:  Set A is used at home and has over 500 entries.  Set B is used at work and is a subset of set A (does not include gaming, sports, hobby sites etc).   When I add a link to the "common area" (folders shared by both sets) I can't use any of the existing sync tools because they will sync everything in both folders, effectively creating two copies of Set A.  So I have to log in and out of Firefox with different profiles for the two sets of bookmarks, copying and pasting links one at a time, and hoping I remember to get them all matched up.

The solution:

If I could export Set A to homemarks.html and Set B to workmarks.html and then look at them in a two-pane window, dragging bookmarks back and forth, I could then re-import the files to their respective Firefox installs.

Screenshot Captor / New user - trying to streamline the workflow
« on: February 28, 2009, 07:04 PM »
Hi, can't seem to get exactly the right SC configuration to do what I want here.

What I'm doing is going to a large number of websites in succession, and each time:

(1) grab a "selected region" of the screen using Shift-PrintScr
(2) I get the "what now?" popup from SC and select "image to clipboard"
(3) go to another window which contains an open Corel Draw session and paste the image with Ctl-V
(4) go to another webpage for another capture

Where I seem to have my problem is when I get to Step 4.  Hitting Shift-PrtSc does not bring up the crosshair cursor unless I first mouse over to the taskbar, bring up the SC popup screen and select "Discard image". 

Is there an option setting that will tell SC to be ready to accept a new Shift-PrtSc instantly upon the previous capture's being sent to the clipboard?

It appears from what I've tried so far that it's risky to use LBC on a portable USB device when the host computer already has LBC installed.

I set up LBC on my jump drive and built nodes to some of the portable apps and utilities I keep on that drive.  Worked fine, except when I next ran the LBC setup which resides permanently on my C drive, the dock for that computer had been overwritten with that on the portable version. 

Restored from the backup with no problem, but I've put on hold the idea of running LBC portably until I can figure out how to keep this from happening again.

Love LBC, but I cherish every free pixel of my laptop's 12" screen, and run the program minimized all the time.  Is there a setting or perhaps a command line option to have it minimize on program startup??

Something that would be the free equivalent of programs like "Driver Genius"

thanks all!

Drag&Drop Robot / D&DR executable question
« on: June 04, 2008, 10:42 AM »
Yo Mouser,

Trying D&DR after you recommended it in the general software forum. 

It seems to be just what I'm looking for - if only it would accept the "built in to the OS" commands such as copy, delete, rename etc.

For example: copy *.mp3 e:\  returns "Error: could not find executable to launch"

Am I missing something in the configuration or syntax which would enable those commands, or can you suggest a workaround?


Back in the old DOS days (I used DR-DOS) there was a neat command called "xall" which worked like this:

xall copy *.m3u E:\     
(from the starting point, drill down through all subdirs, find anything with the m3u extension and copy to the root of E drive)

xall ren *.txt *.prn 
(do the rename operation all the way down the subdir path)

Xall is still out there on the 'net, but all I can find is a version that's long-filename-unfriendly.

Anyone know of a Windows version of this?  GUI or command line, either would be great.


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