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Living Room / M-Discs; any experience of these?
« on: February 06, 2024, 03:10 PM »
I only recently heard about M-Discs, M-DISCw, which are claimed to be much more durable than standard CDs/DVDs.

Does anyone have any experience of these, please?

General Software Discussion / Undelete utilities - differences?
« on: December 05, 2023, 04:45 PM »
A number of utilities claim to be able to undelete deleted files.  Some claim to retrieve data from formatted or even damaged media.

Apart from things like cost, speed and convenience, is there much difference between the various programs?  Are they all using much the same methods, with much the same results?

010 Editor: Pro Text Editor
Edit text files, XML, HTML, Unicode and UTF-8 files, C/C++ source code, PHP, etc.
Unlimited undo and powerful editing and scripting tools.
Huge file support (50 GB+).
Column mode editing.

010 Editor: World's Best Hex Editor
Unequalled binary editing performance for files of any size.
Use powerful Binary Templates technology to understand binary data.
Edit 250+ formats.
Find and fix problems with hard drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, etc.
Investigate and modify memory from processes.
Digital forensics, reverse engineering and data recovery.

20th Anniversary Sale

Way back on September 16th, 2003, 010 Editor version 1.0 was released. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of 010 Editor all licenses and upgrades of 010 Editor can now be purchased for 20% off the regular price from September 15th to 18th. If you have not had a chance to check out the brand new version 14.0, this is a great opportunity. In a world where technology is constantly changing, hitting a 20th anniversary is a big thing for a piece of software. We believe 010 Editor will be around for many more years and there are lots of great new features to come. To purchase 010 Editor with the discounted price see our store:   

Download 010 Editor for Windows, macOS, or Linux today:


View the latest features in version 14.0:


Thank you to all our customers!

The SweetScape Software Team

Zombies Need Brains (ZNB) is a US small press that each year produces collections of original (no reprint) short stories from a mix of established SF&F authors and new voices found through an open submissions call. Editorial standards are rigorous, and ZNB is a SFWA-qualifying market. Each year, these books offer high-quality reading, as well as the pleasure of encountering writers new to you.  This year's Kickstarter, running until 14th September 2023, funds the following the projects:

FAMILIARS  (approx. 14 stories)
Animals have been our companions since the dawn of time, but in science fiction and fantasy, often that bond is taken one magical—or technological—step further. ...

LAST-DITCH  (approx. 14 stories)
In the heart-pounding world of espionage, it’s the spy that gets the dirty work done. ...

Ampyrium, city of a thousand wonders! Powerful magicians called the Magnum have created a massive city contained within eight walls, each with its own portal to another world. Here, eight different magical lands collide. ...

ZNB 2023 Kickstarter
Blog post by Juliet E. McKenna (a favourite fantasy author of mine, and a contributor to ZNB anthologies)
Zombies Need Brains home page

Possibly as a result of a botched install of Battery Limiter, every time I boot up now I get a File Explorer window pointing to the Battery Limiter folder.  It's annoying me, and I don't know how to stop it.  I put in a PTFB Pro macro to close File Explorer, but I really want to stop it popping up in the first place.

Any ideas, please?

General Software Discussion / Listary 6 released
« on: October 10, 2022, 04:55 PM »
In case nobody else has noticed, Listary 6 has been released, after a four-year gap.

From the download page:

What’s new in this version?
If Listary 6 is not working correctly after upgrading from Listary 5, try to uninstall it, reboot, and then reinstall. (10/10/2022)

New: Support Windows 11 multi-tab File Explorer
New: Add a beta channel option for updates
Improved: Improve Action stability and performance (5/25/2022)

New: New user interface – Elegant and effective, beauty in every pixel and color
New: New search and sorting algorithm
New: Web search with live suggestions
New: Preview
New: Full HiDPI support
New: Execute a search result using Ctrl + Num hotkey
New: Show Quick Switch folder after opening a file dialog
New: Disable double Ctrl automatically for full-screen games and apps.
New: Customize folder priorities and file name priorities using regex.

Still the same very generous license; free for personal use, $19.95 for advanced features and use in workplace; lifetime free updates; installation on up to three computers owned by you allowed.  In my opinion, incredible value for an incredibly useful program.

So jolly well yah sucks boo to the naysayers who said Listary 6 would never be released  8)

Here's the sales pitch:

May Sale - 20% OFF!

Buy WinCatalog 2021 until May 22, 2022 and get a 20% instant discount and:

    All minor upgrades within 2021 version
    Free upgrade to the 2022 version when it will be released
    Massive discount on future major upgrades
    Unlimited installations and activations
    90-day money back guarantee

We offer an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee.
License price includes free technical support via email, all WinCatalog 2021 minor upgrades, 50% discount on future major upgrades.

WinCatalog 2021 - Disk Catalog Software for Windows

Looking for a reliable and powerful disk catalog software to organize your huge collection of disks?

WinCatalog 2021 disk cataloger is a perfect solution! On the market since 2001.

Automatically create a catalog of all files, stored on your disks (HDDs, DVDs, CDs, network drives and other media storage devices): WinCatalog will automatically grab ID3 tags for music files, Exif tags and thumbnails for photos, thumbnails and basic information for video files, e-books, contents of archive files, thumbnails for images (pictures) and PDF files, ISO files, and much more.

Organize your file catalog, using virtual folders, tags (categories) and user defined fields, and find files in seconds, using powerful search, even when disks are not connected to the computer. Also easily use WinCatalog as a duplicate file finder. Your disk catalog can be automatically updated through Windows task scheduler.

And no matter how huge your collection of disks is - you will always have your file catalog on hand, perfectly organized.

MindVisualizer mind mapping software just received a rare update and has been re-released under a new name, FastMindMap.

Release notes:

Re-designed icon markers & new filter pane
Customizable Icon Names
Enhanced Dark Theme Support
Summary of other  changes
°   Large screen (High DPI) support.
°   Enhanced the overall user interface.
°   New spell check engine.
°   New mind map samples.
°   Modern Windows OS Support.
°   Full Unicode (International) support.
°   New "version check" feature.
°   New error report engine.
°   Many small fixes and enhancements.

FastMindMap is aiming at becoming the best tool for visually organizing your ideas, notes, to-dos, projects and writings.
(<sigh> Don't they all)

There is a  50% off coupon valid until the end of the month: CBNEAQ
Full price is $79.  License is perpetual for the version you buy, with 12 months of updates.  After that, there would be 50% off for a new version.

Found Deals and Discounts / Serif Affinity on 50% offer (again)
« on: May 16, 2022, 04:28 PM »
Serif Affinity offers:

*All apps and add-ons now half-price*



I didn't spot the exact length of time the offer is on.

Zabkat, best known for the xplorer2 file manager, are soon to offer Bits du Jour deals on two of their other programs:

i-DeClone 50% promotion
May 7 & 8
(Search and remove duplicate files)

DeskRule 50% promotion
May 12 & 13
(Advanced desktop file search)

I use The Bat! Pro on my main laptop, but now have a budget ultraportable (Xidu Tour Pro) as a back-up.  It only has a 128Gb SSD (though it has a slot for a second one, which I haven't looked into).  I'm looking for a compact, lightweight email client for it.  A quick search turns up TheBat! as "lightweight", but recent versions have jumped from about a 40Mb download to 120Mb.  I could use The Bat! Voyager on a USB stick as the Pro license covers this, but I'm wondering if there are other recommendations.  I briefly tried i.Scribe / InScribe and didn't get on very well with it, but might take another look.  Otherwise, the commonest suggestions seem to all be ports from Unix/Linux:

Is there anything else I should consider, please?

UK clocks have recently gone back for Daylight Saving time.  My Windows 10 Pro is still showing summer time, not winter time.  I went to Settings > Date & time.  The date is correct.  "Adjust for daylight saving time automatically" was On.  I clicked "Sync now" and had to elevate to Admin (Really?  Just to correct the clock?).  Time server:  Waited and waited while the little dots trudged around.  Eventually, "Time synchronisation failed."  Tried again with "Adjust for daylight saving time automatically" Off, same result.  Tried again with it On, same again...

Please, is there any way to set the clock MANUALLY?

<rjbull seethes with frustration>

e-mail received today, 2020-08-12:

Dear Valued Customer,
This note is to inform you of the upcoming End-of-Sale (EOS) and End-of-Life (EOL) dates for the F-PROT Endpoint Antivirus products.
F-PROT endpoint has had a long and successful history, and we thank you for your support as a Cyren customer. There are many other options in the market for endpoint AV, and Cyren has decided to focus on enterprise solutions. As a result, we can no longer support the F-PROT Endpoint product line.
The following dates will be in effect:
°   1-Aug-2020 - End-of-Sales Date (the product cannot be ordered from Cyren beyond that date)
°   31-July-2021 End-of-Life Date (last data when the product will be supported and signature updates provided)

We thank you for your support and commitment to Cyren and F-PROT.

Cyren team

I presume 'Endpoint' is jargon for individual users.  I used F-PROT for years on DOS and then Windows.  Shame to see it go.



Get powerful software for restoring old photos at 50% OFF - Memorial Day special, live until May 25, 2020!

    Remove scratches, creases, stains, tears
    Colorize a black and white photo in a click
    Restore colors to faded & washed out images
    Add stylized text labels and date stamps

$56.00 $28.00

Sanity check - I received a notification for this, but I haven't tried it.  It's by AMS Software.

WinX Anniversary Special Pack: All-in-one Video Multimedia Toolkit Save More 75% OFF
    - Full Version.
    - Lifetime Free Upgrade.
    - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


DVD Ripper Platinum
5 min - rip DVD to MP4 and any digital. Strongest for 99-title disc and the latest DVDs.
Input: DVD disc, DVD folder, ISO image
Output: MP4/H.264, HEVC, MPEG, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, etc.

HD Video Converter Deluxe
All-in-one video converter, editor & downloader. Compress, trim, merge, crop, subtitle, and more.
Input: UHD/HD/SD MKV/AVI/FLV videos, photos
Output: MP4, MP3, H.264, AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, HEVC/H.265, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

DVD Copy Pro
DVD to DVD/ISO image. 9 DVD copy modes. 1:1 revive even old discs.
Input: DVD disc, DVD folder, ISO image
Output: Blank DVD disc, ISO image, folder, MPEG-2 file, ISO virtual drive, video/audio tracks.

More than iTunes alternative. Transfer & manage iOS files freely. No data erasing.
Features: Transfer, convert, manage, kill iTunes DRM
Supported files: photo, video, music, ringtone, ebook, voice memo, podcast, iTunes U, etc.

25% off purchase of SyncBackPro/SE new or upgrade licenses.

World Backup Day 2020 Special Offer

As part of efforts to promote World Backup Day, we are offering everyone 25% off their purchase of SyncBackPro/SE new or upgrade licenses.

This offer ends Friday April 3rd, 2020.


Affinity: Supporting the creative community

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have severely impacted people all over the world. To provide some support during this incredibly difficult time, we’re now offering a 90-day free trial of all the Mac and Windows versions of the whole Affinity suite. We’re also offering a 50% discount for users who would prefer to buy and keep the apps, including iPad versions.

Affinity Publisher
  Experience next-level professional publishing with this groundbreaking creative software.
     macOS    50% off - Only £23.99
     Windows  50% off - Only £23.99

Affinity Photo
  Create the perfect images with the fastest, smoothest and most precise photo editor around.
     macOS    50% off - Only £23.99
     Windows  50% off - Only £23.99
     iPad     50% off - Only £9.99

Affinity Designer
  Bring your visions to life with the ultimate graphic design and illustration app.
    macOS     50% off - Only £23.99
    Windows   50% off - Only £23.99
    iPad      50% off - Only £9.99

Affinity Workbooks
  The official guides to Affinity on macOS and Windows.
     Affinity Photo Workbook     Only £37.99
     Affinity Designer Workbook  Only £37.99

Living Room / Hotmail hates non-Hotmail: is there a cure?
« on: September 23, 2019, 05:29 PM »
I'm in a photography class, and send photos to the tutor's Hotmail address.  Most of the time my messages end up in her spam folder and she has to move them over manually, despite repeatedly telling Hotmail that my address isn't spam.  Now I hear from a friend who sends lots of emails to members of a club that all the messages that he gets returned as "undeliverable" also have Hotmail addresses.

Has anyone else noticed this?  Is there a cure for it?  And is Hotmail accessible by POP3, or web interface only, as it seemed to be when I tried year or two back?


TED Notepad ChangeLog

This listing describes all major changes between previous versions of TED Notepad. Minor changes that did not affect difference between major versions listed here are omitted.

Version 6.2.1 (Aug 22, 2019)
    + Added: Text Coloring.
    + Added: Grep, Filter lines by Pattern tool.
    + Added: Visually highlight Current Line.
    + Added: Length of the Current Selection shown in the Status bar.
    + Added: Visible newlines based on actual newlines.
    + Added: Visible Tabs.
    * Optimized drawing long lines and lines containing surrogates, composite characters, clusters.
    * Left margin no longer obscures text shifted to the left by horizontal scroll.
    * Added hint to Replace All Abort dialog suggesting Extended Replace tool instead.
    * Changed default value for File size warning setting to 10MiB.
    - Fixed: Undoing all changes makes the document unmodified.
    - Fixed: Unicode and non-unicode version no longer share the same config when storing strings.
    - Fixed: Preventing one file operation to run within another one, e.g. auto-save while loading a document.
    - Fixed: Including an empty file no longer changes current document's newlines.
    - Fixed: Drag-and-drop editing and Right-click on a single-character selection no longer impossible.
    - Fixed: Longer lines were not fully drawn with larger fonts due to limitations in Windows API.
    - Fixed: Default font size, printing font size, and font sizing algorithms, better DPI aware-ness.
    - Fixed: Line lengths are no longer jumping back and forth when selecting lines.
    - Fixed: Resizing window height recalculates potentially changing size of the horizontal scrollbar.
    - Fixed: Horizontal scrolling no longer recalculates horizontal scrollbar.
    - Fixed: Printing leading line tabs with non-zero left page margin.
    - Fixed: Replacing text unnecessarily redrawing following lines.
    - Fixed: Tab size visual extent rendering.
    - Fixed: Replace tool zero-length matching after non-zero-length matches.
    - Fixed: Partial loading of files over 4GB large.
    - Fixed: Partial UTF-8 BOM recognition.
    Changes against version 6.1.1. (Dec 4, 2016)

TED Notepad home page
TED Notepad Download

until April 16th SAVE 40% ON *ANY* MOVAVI PRODUCT

Use code  NL2019SPRING  at the checkout


Movavi Video Suite

All-in-one product: edit any video formats; save video and audio for 200+ devices; rip, backup & copy DVD; split, merge, edit videos, apply special effects; capture screencasts including online clips and Skype calls; playback any multimedia files; burn Blu-ray Disc™, DVD, CD; create slideshows.

Personal license £59.95
Business license £129.95

Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter delivers effective video conversion capabilities, including DVD ripping and HD encoding. Leveraging leading-edge video-processing technologies, Movavi Video Converter offers users significant performance and usability benefits as well as support for an extensive range of mobile devices.

Lifetime license £34.95
Business license £59.95

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor gives you all the necessary tools for making your own movies. Upload your home video, cut unnecessary parts, join the fragments with stylish transitions, enhance video quality, apply filters and effects, add music, titles and more! Besides, you don’t need any special skills to work with Movavi Video Editor - the program’s interface is intuitive and easy to master.

Personal license £29.95

Movavi Video Editor Plus

This program includes all the functionality of the standard Video Editor, PLUS some exciting extra features. Use keyframe animation to make titles, stickers, and callouts move around the screen. Explore expanded built-in media collections – you’ll find even more sample video clips, stickers, and music tracks to enhance your video projects.

Personal license £44.95

Movavi Video Editor Business

Movavi Video Editor Business lets you create professional videos: tutorials, software presentations, marketing videos, and much more. Incorporate screen and webcam recordings into your video clips. Trim, cut, and merge video files. Use creative filters, transitions, titles, and callouts. Apply special effects: Chroma Key, Reverse, Slow motion, and more. Record voiceovers. Save your video in any popular format or upload it to YouTube.

Business license £89.95

Movavi 360 Video Editor

Immerse yourself in the creative process of 360° video editing! Import videos from a panoramic camera, cut and trim the footage on the timeline, and remove unwanted parts. Liven up your 360° movie with atmospheric filters, titles, and transitions, add your choice of music. Save the result on your computer at up to 4K resolution or upload it to YouTube right from the program.

Personal license £59.95
Business license £129.95

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Make movies from your photos in no time! Use Easy mode to quickly create a slideshow in three simple steps or work with your photos in a full-featured editor. Add your pictures to the program, link them with stylish transitions, enhance the image quality, upload evocative music, add titles, apply filters and, finally, save your photo movie in any popular format.

Personal license £44.95
Business license £74.95

Movavi Photo Editor

Enhance image quality manually or automatically. Fix color balance, reduce visual noise, and bring out textures in pictures. Erase unwanted objects from photos at the click of a mouse. Remove and change out image backgrounds in 3 simple steps. Retouch portraits and airbrush makeup digitally. Crop, flip, rotate, resize and straighten pictures. Remove scratches, stains, bends, dust, and other small defects from old photos.

Personal license £29.95
Business license £59.95

Movavi Photo Focus

The perfect tool for adding creative tilt-shift effects during post-processing – and it’s a lot easier than using expensive equipment and complicated settings while shooting. Add a smooth portrait blur or apply the macro tilt-shift filter to miniaturize your shot or experiment with the focus brush for precision blurring.

Personal license £22.95
Business license £44.95

Movavi Photo DeNoise

A smart noise reduction app that will help you smooth out grainy pictures that you might otherwise scrap. Use predefined denoise settings to improve the quality of your photos instantly, or tweak the denoise intensity and other noise removal parameters by hand for optimal results. Crop, resize, and straighten your photos, then export them to your desired image format.

Personal license £19.95
Business license £37.95

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Screen Recorder Studio is an advanced screencasting program which allows you not only to record anything that happens on your screen (video chats, desktop, online video, etc.), but also to create professional-like videos using a full-featured video editor.

Personal license £44.95

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a lightweight, easy to use application for creating screencasts. The program allows users to record what's happening on their computer screens. Video tutorials and reports are made by a mouse click.

Personal license £29.95

Movavi Screen Capture Pro

Capture screen and improve workflow with Movavi Screen Capture Pro. Show your colleagues what is happening on your desktop through screen video. Demonstrate errors and bugs on screenshots, add arrows, captions, and frames. Save important video calls and online job interviews. Save time thanks to intuitive interface, fast export, and quick sharing options.

Business license £39.95

Gecata by Movavi

A streamlined game video recorder that lets you capture HD video from PC games at up to 60 fps in YouTube-ready MP4. Record audio from microphone and speakers, add webcam footage to your gameplay videos, save audio and video as separate files for ease of editing.

Personal license £14.95
Business license £59.95

Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

Convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to video. Save PPT videos for use on portable devices or the web.

Personal license £22.95

Movavi PDF Editor

Movavi PDF Editor presents an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need to edit PDF files. This secure, easy-to-use tool lets you create a PDF from scratch, make any edits including text, images, page order, etc. With Movavi PDF Editor, you can view, update, and print your documents with no fuss.

Read more: https://www.movavi.c....html?asrc=main_menu ©

Easy Screencast Recorder / Display keystrokes in video?
« on: March 19, 2019, 05:17 PM »
I can't see an option to echo keystrokes to screen and have them captured in the video.  Have I missed it?

Otherwise, please can someone recommend a separate tool to do this?  I've tried those below in conjunction with FastStone Capture rather than ESR, but wasn't happy with any of them, and some are getting a bit old, too:

Automatic Screenshotter / How to capture a transient window?
« on: February 17, 2019, 04:33 PM »
I tried to install the TWAIN driver that came with my scanner.  All I got was a window that flashed up on screen, instantly disappeared before I could read it, and nothing else.  I'm pretty sure it was saying that the driver wasn't compatible with my old Vista, but it would be nice to be certain.

What's the best way to go about capturing such a transient window, please?

Living Room / Durability of USB ports and plugs?
« on: January 10, 2019, 05:11 PM »
Things like microswitches and camera shutters have a rated life of so many actuations.  Is this also true of USB plugs and ports/sockets?

Xycod Ltd. made PostWorkshop Pro, then renamed it PhotoDonut and made it a subscription program.  It's now been acquired by Smith Micro, who have dumped the subscription.  I don't know if they will levy a charge for later versions.  It's currently on 25% off launch offer, with a much better offer for people who registered before.

PhotoDonut - artistic effects for photos
PhotoDonut 2 - ON SALE NOW!

Transform your photos into beautiful art – let your artistic visions come true

Digital Copy $39.99 $29.99   

Windows version only. Mac version coming soon.

Get the Best Artistic Effects for Your Photos

Life is too short for boring. Let your artistic visions come true with PhotoDonut. Choose from hundreds of styles, browse the StyleShop for even more, or create your own styles.

See how easy it is to channel your visions into stunning artistic creations:

Explore PhotoDonut Styles:

Style Categories – From pencil, ink and watercolor effects, to magna and light leaks, explore the many possibilities and play with the settings until you create something you truly love.

Drawing – Create natural-looking drawings using pencil, charcoal, pastel or ink

Painting – Powerful auto-painting styles will help you create instant artwork from your photos in a fraction of the time, and without any mess

Photo Effects – Dynamic black and whites, retro colors, trendy effects, and more

Illustration – Use for websites, posters, brochures or newsletters; everybody uses the same stock photos…make them different with PhotoDonut
PhotoDonut is for Everyone

Just for Fun – for anyone and everyone who wishes to make family memories, enhance party pictures, create unique selfies, and more

Photographers – from Hobbyists to Professionals and everyone in between

Designers & Artists – create abstract illustrations for books or the perfect album cover or poster

Agencies & Businesses – make ordinary presentations extraordinary or ensure your advertising material is unique and stands out
PhotoDonut Resources:

StyleShop – Explore and find new style packs, textures and brushes for PhotoDonut

Tutorials – Everything you need from getting started to creating your own styles and more

Gallery – Explore some awesome examples of what you can do with PhotoDonut
System Requirements:

Windows: Windows 7 - 10, 64 bit only.

Mac version coming soon

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