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Mini-Reviews by Members / Searching emails with Archivarius
« on: April 10, 2020, 01:14 AM »
Given that Archivarius' developers apparently don't respond to emails (i.e. provide support), does anyone here know how to search email messages with Archivarius?  I use a European domain called Yandex, and it isn't listed on the Archivarius website, so I don't know if I even have the potential for this to work, but assuming that my email client was compatible, how would I use Archivarius to search emails?

At present, I don't download or save my emails.  They are just in the Yandex server.  So what are the steps that I would need to take to be able to search all of my emails using Archivarius?

Thanks for any help,

Living Room / Archivarius questions (help using)
« on: February 26, 2020, 11:58 PM »
As it has been pointed out on this forum previously, those who run Archivarius don't necessarily respond quickly.  Can someone familiar with the program answer these questions (or any of them) please.

1) Can the "hit highlighting" color for the primary search results be made different from the color of Ctrl+F (Find on Page) results?  In other words, I search for the word "Netherlands" and all the results are highlighted in a color of my choosing.  But currently, if I then use the Ctrl+F locator to search for other words, they get highlighted in that same color, making for some ambiguity.  Is there a way to make the colors different?

2) Can I specify a proximity search other than 10 words apart?  So far, I only see an option to search for words that are 10 words apart from each other.  But what if I want 25, 50, or 100 words apart for my search terms?  Can this be done?

3) I can't seem to do a simple "Exact" search.  I've search with quotation marks for "Nazarenes" and I end up getting results for "Nazarene" (in the singular).  Please tell me that this amazing program can do the most simple of things in the world: an Exact search.

4) Is there a way to run a search on only one kind of file type?  I have sticky notes in many of my pdf's, and I'm not sure, but I wonder if these are a specific file type.  How could I run a search that finds hits *only* in my Sticky Notes (i.e. comments) within pdf files?

Again, I've written their Support, but haven't gotten any response.  I would greatly appreciate if someone on this forum can advise regarding these questions.


After searching indexed PDF's in Archivarius 3000, I scroll down the "Found Fragments" view of search results, and then try to open a particular hit in "Full Text," it opens the full text at the very first search result (i.e. the beginning of the document), instead of the "fragment" that I'm interested in reading more.

Can't I open a "fragment" (particular result) into a fuller context so that I can read before and after it?  Is there no way to do this?

Also, can Archivarius combine Boolean and proximity search to find: (manager OR director) WITHIN 10 WORDS (promoted OR fired)

Also, does Archivarius have a PDF viewer so I can view search hits highlighted within the real PDF itself, instead of just plain text?

Thank you for answers to these questions.

Please advise, as I'm going dizzy searching, reading, downloading, and testing various Desktop searcher programs, such as Qiqqa, Mendeley, dtSearch, Archivarius, Lookeen, etc.  What program for Windows 7 (my OS) can do all of the following things:

#1) Index and search multiple PDF's quickly (the first and most basic requirement)

#2) Use Boolean search operators, and preferably including a "WITHIN" (proximity) function that can be used in conjunction with AND / OR / NOT functions.  Here's an example search I'd like to do:

(director OR manager) WITHIN 10 Words (promoted OR fired)

#3) Has a real PDF viewer to view search hits, versus just displaying search results in plain text, as Archivarius seems to do.  Qiqqa and Mendeley have some sort of a PDF viewer which highlight the results within the PDF itself--again, not just plain text.  But Archivarius can't do this, can it?

4) Has a Ctrl+F "Find on Page" locator to further "drill down" and locate information following the initial search results.  ( Qiqqa doesn't seem to have this, which surprises me.)

5) Can search not only English, but also Hebrew and Greek in Unicode (Archivarius does this nicely).

Please advise which software can do *all* or at least most of the above.  So far, Archivarius seems to do #1, #2 (but can it do proximity in conjunction with Boolean??), #4, and #5 (but it has no PDF viewer, does it?)

Thank you so very much for your advice.

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