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Screenshot Captor / Enhancement - upgrade to Modern Annotating UI
« on: December 10, 2021, 04:20 AM »
SC is great, but its annotation tool is out of date. So a modern, high res annotating UI would be really cool!

Add a new button: Grab and Stick (or Paste?)

The original post is here.

See a demo gif here
It grabs selected region then sets it always on top using a simple photo viewer(I guess so).

Cons: The title bar on the screenshot is meaningless and ugly, remove it.
And don't forget... Move it around with mouse dragging on the screenshots.

NlotePad++ can do a batch search & replace in multi text files,
But it can only search for one string at a time.

I need to S&R nearly 100+ text files, and there are many strings need to be S&Red(400+)
settings → 设置
check for update → 检查更新
profile → 资料
introductory offer → 试销

Then I have to repeat it 400th times!!!

So is there any tools can do it at a time?? Thanks.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Need help: CHS database is broken.
« on: March 17, 2020, 02:53 AM »
I use CHS portable version. Today I download CHS from here, and I overwrite it to the latest version 2.46.01

I launch the new version 2.49. Everything is fine at first, then it shows me pop-up errors. All of the clips are gone and all the right click menu is broken(555.jpg)... I can't open "Option and Preference" page, so I can't even export my database.
I also tried to go back to the previous version(re-overwrite it with 2.46.01), but it also shows me the same errors.

What should I do to get my database/clips back??

Sometimes I totally don't remember the item to be searched, But I still remember other items which is close to the target.

So if I can just highlight the result should be really helpful!!!

Clipboard Help+Spell / Multi-language support possible?
« on: October 13, 2019, 11:35 AM »
Is there any plan on multi language support?

I almost translated this software into Chinese language, but unfortunately I can't translate the whole part.
I'm using Sisulizer. I don't have the delphi DRC file of CHS.

So can you make CHS multi language support?
It would be much easier to finish my work.

I have been used SC for years, never get any errors. But today I get this(see pic) when I start my PC.

Actually I don't know whether this is a SC bug, because my desktop folder is read-only and I can't change it successfully(it restored to the read-only after I change it)
I also change the permission in the safe tab of properties dialog, also didn't work.
I even found I can't move files to the desktop folder or edit a ahk(but txt files is OK) file on desktop(other folder is OK)

I changed my desktop folder to E:\desktop and nothing wrong for years until today.

I'm using windows 10 1903 x64

Any suggestions? :huh: :huh:

Post New Requests Here / what if a clipboard manager like this?
« on: February 21, 2019, 05:39 AM »
My idea comes from clipstep, CCCCtrlC and Klipp3r!
They have similar and different features. But they should be better ;).

I don't need any search feature like Ditto do, because I use hotstring for my most used text and cmd... And I think searching for clips means slow and inefficient. because most of the time we copy text when we just only need it! If it deserves you to search it, it should be in your HotString.

CCCCtrl usage:
How to copy? --- Hold both Ctrl and C first(don't release!), then select any text. A popup will be display in you bottom right of the screen(just like C _ _ C _ C C)
How to paste? --- Hold both Ctrl and V. A popup also will be display in you bottom right of the screen. The highlight switch between C _ _ C _ C C. Release Ctrl V until the target one is hightlighted.
CCCCtrl is great, but it seems a little difficult to handle it. Just like playing Piano tiles :D, I'm not good at it.
Even thought I can slow down the CCCCtrlC's scroll speed but I can't figure out what exactly I'm chosen(C _ _ C _ C C);
Clipstep only show one popup clip item when I hold the Ctrl key.

I think
The clipboard content should be divided into four parts.
  • normal
  • private(should be delete after paste it), such as when you fill the excel Mike, 84997979, [email protected], Los Angeles...
  • enumeration
  • Sequential(Stack, the first coped one should be the first paste one)

To the normal, just click Ctrl+c/v/x like what we do on Windows.

To the private(maybe email, password or something important), just like what CCCCtrlC do——Hold the Ctrl+C first then select the target text. But this kind of clips content have no influence to the normal one(as I said, they are divided.) Hold the Ctrl+V to paste the content in private part.
In this way the clips content will be auto deleted when we finish the paste action(PRIVATE!!!).

To the enumeration, just like what ClipStep do——Click ctrl+c to copy the text, hold the Ctrl key then tap V/C(v to forward, c to backward) one by one until you find the target and then release the Ctrl key.
But ClipStep has a big drawback, thinking about that you copy and copy, and paste and paste continuously, tap the C/V to switch your target...... then you have no idea where you are!!!

So we need a list(configurable number to display, maybe can have multi column to display more content.) My idea is that when we hold the Ctrl and tap C for once, it comes out a popup list(highlight the current one and blur the others). Then we know where we are and thus we can still tap C to navigate or simply click the desire one. The popup lost disappear when we complete the paste action. Or you can just see the picture below.

To the Sequential, maybe we can use the ctrl+,(to copy) and ctrl+.(to paste). namely 111(ctrl+,), 222(ctrl+,), 333(ctrl+,) then (ctrl+.)three times output is 111 222 333 but not 333 222 111

this is just my idea, but not a request.
sorry for my English.

Any better way to improve?

General Software Discussion / my solution to Virus Totaluploader
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:20 AM »
I'm not a programer, but I like to handle some awesome program to solve my daily problems.

Virus Totaluploader seems to be discontinued, it still works like a charm but one thing annoy me a lot——it use the old VT but not the  new VT by default. and...
  • It seems the old VT  don't have reanalyze button
  • and the new VT has modernize UI and much better layout

so how can I upload files to the new VT? I tried to solve my problems in several hours.

what I need?

problems I got
  • can't get the HashTab's element through QuickMacro
  • don't know how to insert # in texter's script mode
  • don't  know how to make these three steps to one
(maybe you can help me)

  • analyze the new VT's URL structure
see pic VT_URL.png
  • In texter I can use{#}/file/^v/detection{enter}
    ^v means paste, "\" is not work here, so you should use {#} instead!! (i found this by myself :D :D)
    also see pic texter.png. my hotstring is vt111 ;D
  • so the only problems is that how can i get the sha256 value (this time QuickMacro rocks)
        a. send alt-enter key(property)
        b. get the HashTab tab and click it
        c. get the sha256 listmenu and click it(there are many way to do this but i just show you the normal and fast way)
        d. send Cc(ctrl+c) key(copy it), this value used for the ^v in texter
    see it in pic QuickMacro.gif
    be careful you must set wait time(mine 1,1,0.5) in case of the delay

so my solution(without virus Totaluploader) is to select file in TC——click the quickmacro toolbar icon(to copy the hash)——tap vt111+tab in browser.
Anyone can decrease these three steps to one?? :-\

PS:actually you can add %P%N as paremeter for VTuploader(select file + click VTuploader in TC toolbar)

Idk anyone here talked about this topic or not. but its my favorite topic for years.
Thanks for BGM's suggestion JetToolbar its a tab launcher. the only thing I don't like it is that it cant be active the tab by hover it, in this situation stablauncher is a great alternative.
Then I got an idea I always have. what about we share our software collection! :P
Idk what exactly less-known means, it can be really less-know or just less-known to yourself but great useful tools you have found. Or something like files2folder which is famous in the dc forum but may less-known outside.
But still I made some rules, the software must be:
  • Less-known of course!!(that means it is seldom mentioned in the blog site like Ghacks&lifehacker)
  • It should be old age(non-essential) but still works on the windows 7,8,or10
  • You'd better give the download location
  • Screenshot always welcome
  • A short description is needed

Now I provide parts of my list here(actually I don't know whether my list is followed the 4 rules above or not, but that should be a good start, hmmmm... :))

NetMeterEvo_200 network speed meter. portable with simple function

Pandoc the most powerful text converter but seems seldom mentioned(if it is really well-known then forget about this one)

texter from lifehacker my personal favorite text expander, written in AHK

clipstep Best simple clipboard manager!! its original from skrommel's AHK script, but l like this modified version. also you may say clipjump is better and more powerful. but i like something just simple and function.
I found another great alternative Klipp3r!, you should try it.

Desktop Ticker RSS scroll on you screen

Link Shell Extension create hardlinks, junctions, synbolic links.... But i personal use it with dropbox!

Jasc Animation Shop it has not updated since 2004, but works fine on my windows 10 1809. Best gif editor in my mind

radial menu written in AHK, my must have app.

Pointofix it makes you easy to make a demo tutorial video. from Germany

quick macro AHK alternarive. aims to automates almost everything. sometimes I found it much better than AHK, its the free trail software.
Below is a demo about radial menu,Pointofix,and quick macro

Added in Date: 2019/2/19 (all from the reply)
Claim: programs are not list here doesn't means it it not good, the only way to get what you need is to explorer this topic.
Rules: short description - size -portable(USB) or exe(EXE)
and USB+ means both portable and installer support.

Page 1.
  • MassiGra really fast photo viewer and editor from Japan(and Japanese language only!!).   1.24M USB.
  • Advanced System Font Changer can easily change the font sizes in Windows 10.   232K   USB
  • RapidEE environment variables editor.   2.2M   USB+
  • bmap decent photo viewer(no edit). Use Wayback Machine to get the mousewheel support version!   208K   USB
  • Wayback Machine which can open some broken url and help you get the missing files!!!   add-on
  • XMPlay audio player, see pic below   330K   USB
  • Candy and RunAny run files/text based on its type with different popup menu.   AHK   USB
  • Link Snack shortcut maker. Use it if you got an error message "The operating system denied access to the specified file." from RocketDock   527K   USB
  • VirtualReg Manager creates and edits virtual registry files in XML format.   161K   USB
  • archive of lost AHK script all of the lost ahk script backup
  • Quick Pop Menu folder and shortcuts launcher, there are many similar programs below.   2.3M   USB+
  • PopSel launcher   128K   USB
Page 2.
  • MP3Gain adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume.   809K   USB
  • Cathy media cataloging tool, but it actually a file search program with filters. I think everything can already do it better, but...why not   67K   USB
  • Proxomitron Reborn universal adblocker and much more. I'm not a Proxomitron use, but such a great classic should really on the list!!!   144K   USB
  • RSSHub Everything is RSSible   web service
  • KillEmAll   kill all of the process except the system core process, and uninstall a software after it. should be useful when you get a virus.   8.34M   USB
  • Ultimate Imager modify img/iso files.   186K   USB
  • Spamnesty Too many spam email? use this to cheat with the spammer, waste their time as they talk to a bot! ;D
  • Carnac display what you are typing on the screen, should be helpful when you make a demo video.   559K USB
Page 3.
  • Claunch tab launcher from Japan(with English support) rich features   1.4M EXE
  • IconAnyFolder folder icon changer. It depends on the 1st exe files in that folder. See more alternative in page 3.   245K   EXE
  • QuickNote quick note popup small window with hotkey.   2.1M   EXE
  • Noah  smart unzip. extract archive files or compress non-archive files with same action!   84&311K   USB+

This is just begun, I'll update my list if anyone have interest.

NameDesc.SizeUSBLast UpdateCompatible
JetToolbarTab style app launcher1.81MUSB-2004-05-04Windows 10
ClaunchTab Launcher. Highly customizable, build-in search fuction.1.5MUSB+2020-07-05Windows 10
stablauncherJetToolbar Alternative1.23MUSB-2016-06-23Windows 10
NetMeterEvo_200network speed meter.4.02MUSB2019-10-31Windows 10
textertext expander, written in AHK. download16KBUSB+2007-11-06Windows 10
clipstepBest simple clipboard manager!! modified version of skrommel's AHK script.-USB-Windows 10
Klipp3r!Clipstep Alternative11.8KUSB2008-03-17Windows 10
Desktop TickerRSS scroll on you screen420/161KUSB+2019-02-16Windows 10
Link Shell ExtensionCreate hardlinks, junctions, synbolic links...3.28MUSB-2020-01-26Windows 10
Jasc Animation ShopGreat GIF editor10.4MUSB-2004-10-14Windows 10
radial menuConvinient App Launcher with gesture, written in AHK. My favorite AHK script.3.8MUSB2020-04-28Windows 10
PointofixGraffiti on Screen.1.3/1.1MUSB+2018-05-11Windows 10
DemoHelperPointofix alt. An annotation and screen zoom tool with KB shortcuts + Display keystrokes248KUSB2020-06-06Windows
quick macroAHK alternarive. aims to automates almost everything. Trailware.4.8MUSB+2020-01-23Windows 10
MassiGrareally fast photo viewer and editor from Japan(and Jp lang only!!).1.24MUSB2013-04-23Windows 10
bmapphoto viewer. Use Wayback Machine to get the mousewheel support version!208KUSBdateWindows 10
XMPlayDecent audio player.330KUSB2020-06-20Windows 10
RunAnyRun/Popup related menu based on files/texts type. Written in AHK.2.48MUSB2020Windows 10
Link SnackShortcut Maker. Use it if you got an error message "The operating system denied access to the specified file." from RocketDock750KUSB2012-09-13Windows 10
VirtualReg Managercreates and edits virtual registry files in XML format.92KBUSB2008-05-23Windows 10
All of the lost ahk script backup.----
SpeQ MathematicsA small, extensive mathematics program.606/520KUSB+2010-04-05Windows 10
----Popup menu, Apps/files lanucher----------------
Folder Menu 3Taiwan504KUSB2010-04-23Windows 7
Quick Cliq-1.85MUSB2018-04-16Windows 10
Chameleonfolder-1.89MUSB-2016-12-24Windows 10
Quick Pop Menu-2.3MUSB+2012-02-05Windows 10
PopSel-128KUSB2018-07-01Windows 10
QuickWayToFoldersFilter to display specified file type in folder1.34MUSB2019-01-22Windows 10
FlashFolderbonus!!!1.28MUSB-2012-07-21Windows 10
----Folder Icon Changer----------------
FolderIconToolHere803KUSB2016-07-20Windows 10
ImagesToIconHere1.28MUSB2017-09-08Windows 10
IconAnyFolderHere500KUSB-2008-02-04Windows 10
FolderICONHere127KUSB2014-11-11Windows 10
NoahSmart unzip. Here84/311KUSB+2017-05-30Windows 10*
WindowTabsWindows Sets alternative. DOWNLOAD this fork3.17MUSB2019-07-09Windows 10
coffeeOpen files with ur defined app instead of the system associated one with Alt key pressed.414KUSB2009-11-21Windows 10
HlineMake your cursor into a horizon line. Tips31KUSB2002-01-31Windows 10
Nyan Cat Progress BarIt displays the Nyan Cat over the top of progress bars.662KUSB2011-12-07Windows 10*
Security CheckIt checks your vulnerable applications for security.519KUSB2020-06-21Windows 10
MouseIMPscroll page with mouse in required direction + "autoShrink" only title bar remains.1MUSB-2013-08-29Windows 10
final: sorry for my English!!! please tell me if you have a better description for the programs since my poor English.

sorry to post in here.
   Im new here so i have no rights to post a topic, also my English is not so well.
i know there are many great developers here and i got an ideal (maybe someone already did this)
   Hope you guys can make an AKH script to do this:
when i press ALT+Win+Lbutton on a zip/rar etc file. it automatic extract it to the current folder.  But what i need is:
   if the zip file contains one folder or one file in it, then just extract it (like extract it here)
   if the zip file contains several files but not in a folder, then it creates a folder (based on zip_name) for it. (like what extract to xxx folder do)

thus i don't have to check each downloaded zip file whether there is a folder in it. then: right click - choose 7zip - and choose action
and i think it would help TC a lot

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